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2018-01-14 07:42:03 UTC

@everyone New general

2018-01-14 07:50:07 UTC


2018-01-14 07:50:13 UTC


2018-01-14 07:50:44 UTC

Shiieeeet I was looking for a good photo to be first

2018-01-14 07:51:39 UTC

2018-01-14 07:53:07 UTC

replace women with thot and its pretty accurate for me

2018-01-14 07:54:10 UTC

Where's the lie?

2018-01-14 07:58:59 UTC

2018-01-14 08:42:45 UTC

New general, new me

2018-01-14 09:24:15 UTC


2018-01-14 15:40:07 UTC

Are there any more links to the "Patriots" poster? Was thinking it looks really good.

2018-01-14 15:40:47 UTC

it's pinned in <#364051970409103362>

2018-01-14 15:50:29 UTC

@Chris GA Thanks.

2018-01-14 16:53:49 UTC

2018-01-14 16:53:50 UTC

We should post this type of shit

2018-01-14 16:59:28 UTC

2018-01-14 17:29:34 UTC

God damn do i love this "shithole" fiasco

2018-01-14 17:30:06 UTC

2018-01-14 17:33:42 UTC

I'm thoroughly enjoying it

2018-01-14 17:36:44 UTC

Guys these places were you have to boil the sewage water to make it potable and children eat dirt cookies to survive is vibrant not shitty.

2018-01-14 17:37:22 UTC

Also please ignore my previous judgements of fly over country

2018-01-14 17:39:26 UTC

There's no way to boil sewage water into drinking water unless you're collecting the condensed steam. You can kill the microbes but the inanimate chemicals and toxins will still mess you up.

2018-01-14 17:40:33 UTC

It would mess us up but these people literally eat dirt

2018-01-14 17:41:17 UTC

This is true.

2018-01-14 17:42:06 UTC

You see how they were making them too? Some village ladyโ€™s just mixing them up with her hands, which without a doubt have all sorts of shit and piss on them. Then they lay them out on the ground, where thereโ€™s shit everywhere. Iโ€™m pretty sure they have intestines of steel.

2018-01-14 17:43:04 UTC

2018-01-14 17:43:07 UTC

2018-01-14 17:43:30 UTC

Im not sure which is better, im thinking the nevermind brand

2018-01-14 17:43:56 UTC

First one I'd say.

2018-01-14 17:44:38 UTC

We found these in Arlington today

2018-01-14 17:47:39 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX you need a pair of these

2018-01-14 17:48:10 UTC

@Chris MA the thing I noticed about that video is that all the hatian sheboons are simgle moms too

2018-01-14 17:48:21 UTC

@SonderSchutz TX Make sure they match your red suspenders.

2018-01-14 17:49:01 UTC

@Thomas Ryan oh of course, wouldnt want to leave the house lookin like a doof

2018-01-14 17:50:38 UTC

Butttt the one thing i will say about the 1.0 boot is 1- they are fucking cozy, and 2 they have many uses that can benefit anyone in the movement

2018-01-14 17:51:06 UTC

Is there a bottle opener on the sole or what?

2018-01-14 17:52:47 UTC

Gotta say I prefer my 9.11s

2018-01-14 17:53:03 UTC

No they are steel toed, which is great for self defence/ work safety if you work a mans job, and also the nevermind boots are hand made by our guys in europe

2018-01-14 17:53:35 UTC

I counter signal steel toe

2018-01-14 17:53:37 UTC

@SonderSchutz TX >190 bucks

2018-01-14 17:53:55 UTC

Buy them for me with all your bitcoin gains then

2018-01-14 17:54:11 UTC

Sorry, fucking pounds.

2018-01-14 17:54:20 UTC

Im all for it, boot parties are a valuable defense technique

2018-01-14 17:54:31 UTC

And i might see about that @NDO Eric - TX

2018-01-14 17:56:11 UTC

They are heavy and fatigue your feet more

2018-01-14 17:56:15 UTC

Don't buy me boots you fool. Buy a house.

2018-01-14 17:56:38 UTC

@Goodest_Boy only if you're a weak little girl.

2018-01-14 17:57:17 UTC

The only downside I can think of is, instead of crushing your toes, the steel would bend in and cut all of them off. But if the weight's heavy enough for that you're screwed either way.

2018-01-14 17:58:36 UTC

They can also wear the leather out faster.

2018-01-14 17:59:43 UTC

Cowboy boots should mandatory 2.0 wear

2018-01-14 18:00:28 UTC

The newer boots are using composite toes instead of steel

2018-01-14 18:01:07 UTC

I would imagine that it wouldn't bend in like steel

2018-01-14 18:01:51 UTC

2018-01-14 18:20:31 UTC

I might be moving to south texas this year

2018-01-14 18:20:45 UTC


2018-01-14 18:20:53 UTC


2018-01-14 18:20:55 UTC

No like conroe

2018-01-14 18:21:48 UTC

That's not South Texas fam.

2018-01-14 18:21:56 UTC

That's east.

2018-01-14 18:22:01 UTC

South of where im at lol

2018-01-14 18:22:08 UTC


2018-01-14 18:22:16 UTC

All TX is South TX to us.

2018-01-14 18:22:59 UTC

Dats riight

2018-01-14 18:35:58 UTC

You'll be right by me @SonderSchutz TX

2018-01-14 18:36:22 UTC

@Goodest_Boy those composite toe boots aren't worth a fuck. I've seen a casing spool crush them.

2018-01-14 19:21:51 UTC

2018-01-14 19:36:43 UTC

@Thomas Ryan flints wifu took way better pics

2018-01-14 19:37:29 UTC


2018-01-14 19:49:34 UTC

2018-01-14 19:54:40 UTC

The MD goys?

2018-01-14 19:55:13 UTC

Undisclosed guys in an undisclosed location doing undisclosed things.

2018-01-14 19:55:26 UTC


2018-01-14 19:56:17 UTC

It was a Shlomo Shekberg awoke to check his mailbox and found that his โ€œrufugees welcomeโ€ sign posted on his lawn had been replaced with racist white nationalist hitlertrump extremist hate propaganda.

2018-01-14 20:04:25 UTC

Just bordd at work thought id post a doodle

2018-01-14 20:05:00 UTC

We got pulled over so the rest of our plans are done for the day

2018-01-14 20:07:23 UTC

2018-01-14 20:12:12 UTC

2018-01-14 20:12:40 UTC

@Chris7577TX I'll take your word for it.

2018-01-14 21:48:23 UTC

When guys are out doing activism and haven't sent in photos in 12 seconds.

2018-01-14 21:53:31 UTC

>when you are out doing activism and you can't move your hands enough to send photos.

2018-01-14 21:54:43 UTC


2018-01-14 21:55:03 UTC

Cold af outside, take your hand out of your glove and you'll get instant frost bite.

2018-01-14 22:09:23 UTC

2018-01-14 22:09:30 UTC

@Chris MA Where is this?

2018-01-14 22:16:33 UTC

Best movie without a doubt

2018-01-14 22:17:04 UTC

Official PF movie night movie.

2018-01-14 22:18:57 UTC


2018-01-14 22:19:15 UTC

@Thomas Ryan Chicopee MA. Also you might like the one with the sun/flag.

2018-01-14 22:19:37 UTC


2018-01-14 22:23:25 UTC


2018-01-14 22:24:01 UTC

I love how throughout the movie there is some boon doing a shitty commentary the whole time

2018-01-14 22:24:10 UTC

That was my idea. #artsy

2018-01-14 22:48:40 UTC

Springfield, MA

2018-01-14 22:49:55 UTC

Is it Springfield or Chicopee?

2018-01-14 22:50:53 UTC

Chicopee actually my bad

2018-01-14 22:59:24 UTC

Itโ€™s not a memorial btw itโ€™s just a tank in the middle of a park.

466 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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