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2018-03-14 05:04:16 UTC

(even if it is, it is a huge concern)

2018-03-14 17:37:09 UTC

"Shit we have to cross now! Have you seen those walls that they are planning on building???"

2018-03-14 17:37:48 UTC

We need to start using napalm on civilian settlements again to prevent this shit.

2018-03-14 17:37:57 UTC

Just fucking no man's land their entire border.

2018-03-14 17:38:02 UTC

If they won't control it

2018-03-14 17:38:04 UTC

we will.

2018-03-14 17:43:37 UTC

Mexico is already a no mans land.

2018-03-14 17:44:14 UTC

Then we need to make it to where they literally get cancer by trying to cross the border.

2018-03-14 17:44:39 UTC

Or just do what we did in the fifties and sixties and jsut give BP a shotgun, a partner, and an attack dog and jsut wait for them to try and cross.

2018-03-14 17:48:05 UTC

The biggest problem is that there is such a pull factor on our end. We need to start upping our birthrate so the cheap jobs are taken up by Americans, not foreign laborers. If we have a high enough birth rate, then it will be our people colonizing mexico

2018-03-14 17:49:31 UTC

White birth rates are just going above replacement level as of about last year,

2018-03-14 17:49:45 UTC

and because of multiple factors Hispanic birth rates are declining.

2018-03-14 17:49:55 UTC

*We've many reasons to be whitepilled folks.*

2018-03-14 17:50:06 UTC

But yeah we need to actually make it to where we can comfortably and easily say, literally

2018-03-14 17:50:10 UTC

"Fuck off, we're full."

2018-03-14 17:54:01 UTC

@(((The George Borjas))) also really retarded of the illegal immigrants

2018-03-14 17:54:20 UTC

crossing the border at the exact point where the entire country is watching

2018-03-14 17:54:24 UTC

they're really not sending their best

2018-03-14 19:08:32 UTC

why doesn't the right wing start mass propaganda events like the school walkout shit happening today for gun control

2018-03-14 19:09:59 UTC

today at my highschool (and a lot more around the country), kids are buying into the gun control shit because of the hype from the walkout (and all the teachers are pushing it during class but thats a different problem)

2018-03-14 19:10:41 UTC

i dunno, i feel like if the right was able to start good student activism like this it would help to get these people on our side

2018-03-14 19:17:07 UTC

I would do it at my school but im too dumb

2018-03-14 19:17:20 UTC

Bad optics for me to do anything

2018-03-14 19:20:34 UTC

it just gets me mad that the right is always on the back foot when it comes to shit like this. the left had the meToo shit a few months ago and now this shit for gun control, and all we seem to be doing is trying to defend against their movements when we can start our own.

2018-03-14 19:24:33 UTC

Well we aren't advocating for (government) action which isn't very appealing to a demographic that demands change ryghte neow.

2018-03-14 19:26:18 UTC

Advocating for more community could work though. I know that people at my school wouldn't want to go to church but fraternal groups could be a solution like I've heard Nick say before.

2018-03-14 19:27:07 UTC

But then again people don't want to hear that guns aren't the problem

2018-03-14 19:27:43 UTC

My sister told me that she doesn't care about facts and only goes by what she feels

2018-03-14 19:28:32 UTC


2018-03-14 19:28:51 UTC

I'm 16 she is 17

2018-03-14 19:29:11 UTC

Junior and Senior

2018-03-14 19:37:21 UTC

i feel like that sentiment is going to be true for a lot of highschoolers, at least more than the general population, which is why i really think that we need some highschool activism like the gun control shit, at least just to counter the shit that the teachers push on the kids. fraternal groups could be good, or maybe clubs at your highschool. i just feel like we need something, maybe its my location (nyc), but every teacher and student seems to advocate for the hard gun control shit. my history, english, and physics teachers praised the walkout movement going on. its just frustrating that the left's propaganda is being pushed on highschoolers and we have nothing to counter it, because that means that in <4 years when they start voting, they're gonna be voting democrat

2018-03-14 19:37:59 UTC

i feel like youth groups or highschool clubs would help a lot for shit like this

2018-03-14 19:45:14 UTC

Youth groups and clubs would definitely help in theory but getting kids to care would be difficult. Most kids I know would call it gay. Not much you can do about teachers either. All you can do is hope they will present the info somewhat balanced and not just blatantly indoctrinate kids that dont give a shit. College is the best place for action honestly. You'll only get people that give a shit and are informed there.

2018-03-14 19:46:14 UTC

I know a few right wing kids but most dont care too much or just get drunk or fried in their free time.

2018-03-14 19:48:11 UTC

kids cared enough today to go to walkouts and yell and protest and shit

2018-03-14 19:49:20 UTC

i dunno. maybe ill dig up some shekels for @Nicholas J Fuentes and ask him in a superchat

2018-03-14 19:49:58 UTC

Left wing shit is easy and consists of chanting and Che shirts.

2018-03-14 19:50:57 UTC

Well to be fair right wingers could do that too but overall protests are usually retarded

2018-03-14 19:52:17 UTC

the protests got the kids to care about gun control, so when they go to the polls in a few years (before college and whatever right wing activism is there), they will remember shit like the walkout and vote for people who want gun control

2018-03-14 19:56:17 UTC

I know but I can't think of anything about conservatism that would be appealing to people my age

2018-03-14 19:56:56 UTC

It could just be my specific area but overall i cant see kids favoring the right wing over left wing protests

2018-03-14 20:28:05 UTC

@Deleted User that seems right to me. Think of the social climate your average high schooler has grown up in. Most of these kids will have been blindly swallowing lefty narratives on television, radio and social media for their entire lives without ever once being cognizant of it. These are kids that just want to drink, smoke weed and have sex. Nothing about conservatism would be attractive to that kind of person until some years pass and they start to question why the lives of themselves and their constituents are seemingly empty and meaningless.

2018-03-14 21:36:18 UTC

@Polybius hopefully people will get their shit together.

2018-03-14 22:29:13 UTC


2018-03-14 22:29:23 UTC

Also, I have a question I need to pose to you guys.

2018-03-14 22:29:42 UTC

Should we allow experimentation on death row inmates? Is this ethical?

2018-03-14 22:29:51 UTC

If so, should there be further requirements?

2018-03-14 22:30:36 UTC

it could maybe be optional

2018-03-14 22:30:45 UTC

a "donate your body to science" type of deal

2018-03-15 00:12:04 UTC

@Thomas Without giving it a whole lot of thought I'm agreeing with Vin, if the prisoner agrees I don't see what the problem would be.

2018-03-15 02:15:27 UTC

We definitely need community organizing and youth outreach among high school and middle school students.

2018-03-15 02:36:50 UTC

I run my schools YAF chapter and this morning in the Groupme was a warzone. It all started when my borderline AnCap friend said "we need a primary in 2020". I launched into holy jihad with my chapter of over 3 dozen people. These armchair politicians don't take the time to familiarize themselves with the candidates, the districts, or the campaigns before they look at a headline and react. "Theres another defeat. See? Drumpf was a mistake. Its going to do damage to the party. We need something new in 2020"

2018-03-15 02:41:13 UTC

These people are retarded

2018-03-15 02:41:17 UTC

Smooth brain

2018-03-15 02:41:19 UTC

no manifolds

2018-03-15 02:41:20 UTC

very low IQ

2018-03-15 02:41:37 UTC

You mean a primary challenge to Trump? Libertarianism is a religion. A Jewish-invented religion that needs to DIE.

2018-03-15 02:41:56 UTC

Libertarianism - an ideology for people who hate being held accountable

2018-03-15 03:03:38 UTC

they don't look finnish at all

2018-03-15 03:08:45 UTC

I know. The father and the guy in the middle back kind of do look like a certain kind of Nordic though. I just LOLed.

2018-03-15 03:12:26 UTC


2018-03-15 03:12:33 UTC

Just looks like an elderly dago.

2018-03-15 03:12:52 UTC

*Letsa' gooooooooo, fix my broken hip.*

2018-03-15 03:29:24 UTC


2018-03-15 06:28:03 UTC

this is good

2018-03-15 06:28:43 UTC

Paul Ryan's SuperPAC campaigned for Conor Lamb

2018-03-15 06:28:46 UTC

for fuck's sake man

2018-03-15 06:29:51 UTC

what a guy

2018-03-15 06:29:52 UTC

paul ryan

2018-03-15 06:32:03 UTC

hes a

2018-03-15 06:32:07 UTC

goober ass nigga

2018-03-15 06:32:15 UTC

a traitor

2018-03-15 06:32:38 UTC

these gope hopes trumpism dies miserably

2018-03-15 06:32:50 UTC

and they can go back shilling as in the past

2018-03-15 06:33:01 UTC

lose elegantly with "a better way"

2018-03-15 10:12:21 UTC

i hate paul ryan so much

2018-03-15 10:12:50 UTC

his face is just so punchable


2018-03-15 11:27:31 UTC


2018-03-15 15:36:12 UTC

Fellas we gotta declare war on California

2018-03-15 15:36:45 UTC

That’s like trying to fist fight a tumor when you need chemo-therapy.

2018-03-15 15:36:59 UTC

Whole place just needs to be obliterated with napalm.

2018-03-15 15:37:15 UTC

Nothing of value.

2018-03-15 15:37:16 UTC

Radiation treatment for California? I'll accept that as well.

2018-03-15 19:04:55 UTC

just gas the major cities tbh

2018-03-15 19:05:09 UTC

Fort Worth is still okay.

2018-03-15 19:05:09 UTC

"When California sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're degenerates. And some, I assume, are good people."

2018-03-15 19:05:14 UTC

But everything else is shit.

2018-03-15 19:05:18 UTC

Tarrant county went red.

2018-03-15 19:05:23 UTC

It'll be America's new capital.

2018-03-15 19:05:49 UTC


2018-03-15 19:06:14 UTC

Yeah that's some big league horse shit for all the farmers.

2018-03-15 19:06:30 UTC

Imagine having a government that hates you so fucking much that they'd literally pick non-citizens over you.

2018-03-15 19:09:43 UTC

and then they try to ration/overcharge their water as they destroy reservoirs during a draught because muh fishies

2018-03-15 19:10:23 UTC

literal psychopaths

2018-03-16 01:59:15 UTC

rumor has it mcmaster is being replaced with john bolton

2018-03-16 02:14:50 UTC


2018-03-16 02:15:01 UTC

he may be even worse

2018-03-16 03:45:35 UTC

It’s either Bolton or Keith Kellogg a much safer pick tbh

2018-03-16 03:46:03 UTC

mcmaster is out!

2018-03-16 03:56:23 UTC

If you keep shuffling the cards, every joker thinks he's an ace

2018-03-16 04:53:43 UTC

kinda spooked hes gonna put bolton as national security

2018-03-16 04:53:48 UTC


2018-03-16 04:53:59 UTC

walrus lookin ass nigga

2018-03-16 05:01:49 UTC

kelly should stay tho

2018-03-16 05:22:02 UTC

Kelly’s gay and isn’t part #DirtGang RT

2018-03-16 05:22:10 UTC

Part of*

2018-03-16 05:26:53 UTC


2018-03-16 05:27:09 UTC

powerful endorsement

2018-03-16 05:32:38 UTC

Wtf I ❤ now

2018-03-16 14:52:16 UTC

This is just really sad at this point

2018-03-17 02:20:09 UTC


2018-03-17 02:22:38 UTC


2018-03-17 02:22:40 UTC


2018-03-17 02:27:41 UTC


2018-03-17 16:51:13 UTC

ryan dawson is fucking impressive

2018-03-17 16:51:19 UTC

nick was spot on

2018-03-18 10:44:31 UTC

Sorry but we’re taking them all

2018-03-18 12:41:15 UTC

refugees welcome

2018-03-18 18:02:41 UTC

REEE stop interfering with us killing whitey, racist

2018-03-18 18:03:02 UTC

"many white South Africans, fearful of South Africa’s new democracy and the prospect of having to live alongside black people in genuinely equitable relationships, fled the country."

2018-03-18 18:03:09 UTC

Lol nice strawman ya got there

2018-03-18 19:50:42 UTC

First GOP meeting went great

2018-03-18 19:51:22 UTC

Explained how it takes 7 hours to burn a body and there were only about 10 ovens at auschwitz

2018-03-18 19:51:39 UTC

Really relatable topics for the average white working class man

2018-03-18 19:51:42 UTC


2018-03-18 19:51:49 UTC

Got a few weird looks

2018-03-18 19:51:58 UTC

Mainly when I was getting escorted out

2018-03-18 19:52:00 UTC

Thanks for saving the white race fam

2018-03-18 19:52:17 UTC

you're a hero

2018-03-18 19:52:28 UTC


2018-03-18 19:52:52 UTC

If you want to fuck my mother in law its only fair and I understand

2018-03-18 19:53:13 UTC


2018-03-18 19:53:35 UTC

You can stand on a box and watch if you want

2018-03-18 19:53:48 UTC

Also can she send nudes to like 20 other guys?

2018-03-18 19:53:58 UTC

can she mass text nudes

2018-03-18 19:54:00 UTC

its a bit too late to stop that

2018-03-18 19:54:28 UTC

I also dont know what the box part is related to except that its in that story somehow

2018-03-18 19:55:37 UTC

Tbh I need to know what the best place for alt right gossip is

2018-03-18 19:55:56 UTC

Isnt there like a weekly sweat discord?

2018-03-18 19:55:56 UTC

Do I just browse the Chans or does daily stormer cover it or what?

2018-03-18 19:56:02 UTC

Idk is there

2018-03-18 19:56:09 UTC
2018-03-18 19:56:17 UTC

Is there a weekly sweat discord?

2018-03-18 20:32:24 UTC

@Broseph what server are you already in?

2018-03-18 20:32:59 UTC


2018-03-20 14:49:48 UTC

Windy City Times: You call yourself a 'liberal Republican.' Could you explain what this means?

Tom Hanson: I typically just say I am willing to make compromises. I'm for equal rights and for gay rights. I am for women's choice. I'm for immigrants becoming citizens but I'm not for amnesty. I'm willing to cross party lines, as John McCain has done many times, to make things happen.

2018-03-20 14:50:05 UTC

The republican candidate running for congress in my district.... JUST

2018-03-20 15:11:04 UTC

What district?

2018-03-20 15:11:15 UTC

Please tell me that it is a heavy blue district

2018-03-20 15:24:16 UTC

What a fag

2018-03-20 16:33:43 UTC

Yea, 5th district

2018-03-20 16:36:02 UTC

Ah I see.

2018-03-20 17:14:58 UTC

Rocked the MAGA hat to my polling place, nothing but Dem signs outside and a cohort of black, hispanic and white lib women inside.

2018-03-21 01:40:13 UTC

Anyone watching the IL primaries? Rauner with a 5pt lead

2018-03-21 01:40:15 UTC

Fuckin gay

2018-03-21 01:42:11 UTC

nick wants

2018-03-21 01:42:18 UTC

Ives i think her name is?

2018-03-21 01:42:22 UTC

thats about all i know lol

2018-03-21 01:45:15 UTC


2018-03-21 01:45:40 UTC

Rauner is the incumbent cuck Gov. that turned IL into a sanctuary state

2018-03-21 01:55:00 UTC


2018-03-21 02:25:25 UTC


2018-03-21 02:37:58 UTC


2018-03-21 02:41:43 UTC


2018-03-21 02:41:53 UTC

Everybody press H for honor for PA GOP

2018-03-21 02:41:59 UTC

This is how you fight back

2018-03-21 02:42:21 UTC


2018-03-21 04:00:22 UTC

Is that actually good for them? Won't that mean the Saccone/Lamb race goes from 'well we lost but ultimately inconsequential' to 'oh fuck we lost and now it matters' ?

2018-03-21 12:36:07 UTC

Finally somebody is picking up the story

2018-03-21 12:36:13 UTC

Miami Dade is the same way

2018-03-21 16:27:01 UTC

@Nicholas István Well 17 of those kids wont be going to prison now will they.

2018-03-21 16:27:42 UTC

Seriously makes u wonder where Obama learned to have so much sympathy for the Devil.

2018-03-21 16:31:29 UTC

@Barry N. Terdastein i say that bc a reoccurring theme for him was being sympathetic to criminals first and having a clear disdain for our laws and judicial system.

2018-03-21 17:07:05 UTC

@thanosvontitan#6401 also don't forget that trayvon Martin isn't going to prison for being a violent delinquent because he got shot in self defense instead of being set straight

2018-03-21 17:07:09 UTC

Miami had the same policy

2018-03-21 17:07:29 UTC

trayvon lived in Miami where he fought and stole before he moved to central Florida

2018-03-21 19:01:01 UTC

@Deleted User RIP in piece Emmet Till


2018-03-21 19:02:24 UTC

emmett till 63 years crime free you did it

2018-03-21 20:56:43 UTC

<:deusvult:402379066986070018> It Is Time

2018-03-22 17:14:06 UTC

NYT just released some edited security cam footage of Paddock

2018-03-22 17:14:21 UTC

At least they confirmed he did indeed receive COMPED sushi

2018-03-22 18:47:52 UTC


2018-03-22 18:48:10 UTC

@Nicholas J Fuentes have you seen this yet big guy?

2018-03-22 19:35:23 UTC

@KiltedKaboodle his brother is finally vindicated. Ah fwew.

2018-03-22 20:01:10 UTC


2018-03-22 20:01:14 UTC

Searched for Festival lineup and expected attendance
>Life is Beautiful Festival
>Route 91 Harvest Festival

2018-03-22 21:27:44 UTC

South has the majority of black and hispanic population

2018-03-22 21:28:54 UTC

actually the blacks in detroit, chicago and baltimore who turn these cities from top metropolitans to shitholes originally come from south (the black belt)

2018-03-22 21:29:18 UTC

this is also the reason why southern states always rank in the bottom of statistics

2018-03-22 21:29:50 UTC

the whites in deep south is not obviously lower than national average in IQ or income

2018-03-22 21:31:58 UTC

blacks are only ~12% of Ohio population

2018-03-22 21:31:59 UTC


2018-03-22 21:32:39 UTC

Ohio is dumber than michigan 😔

2018-03-22 21:56:49 UTC

read siege

2018-03-23 04:17:18 UTC

why didnt we elect rand paul

2018-03-23 06:07:10 UTC

fukkn Drumpf

2018-03-23 14:22:00 UTC

@🎭🎵 This is typical of he what did during the election on some issues.
He hits from the left and the right.
No amnesty.

2018-03-23 16:37:44 UTC

Give me the rundown on (((Bolton))) character please

2018-03-23 17:03:03 UTC
2018-03-23 17:50:41 UTC

All Peterson addresses really is their IQ. Doesn’t address any of there shady demographic replacement activities

2018-03-23 18:36:41 UTC

Right he just straw man's the entire alt-right (or 'right wing ideologues') position that jews only populate these positions of influence because it's a vast jewish conspiracy, then proudly claims that there is no conspiracy because ashkenazi jews have high IQs! Racists btfo!

2018-03-23 18:38:28 UTC

While like you said doesn't touch at all upon the types of policy these people advocate for once they're in these positions, let's not quite go that far goy.

2018-03-23 19:20:17 UTC

did trump get scammed with this omnibus bill?

2018-03-23 19:20:22 UTC

im hearing only bad things

2018-03-23 19:34:50 UTC

If people didn't autistically berate Peterson for not throwing his career away on attacking Jews then he wouldn't be attacking the alt-right

2018-03-23 19:36:02 UTC

Talking about high IQs will lead you to the truth anyway because there are still roughly 15x more intelligent whites than intelligent Jews, and yet Jews often outnumber whites at crucial influence levers such as Wall Street, academia, the bureaucracy, Hollywood, etc.

2018-03-23 19:36:29 UTC

You can't explain most of the overrepresentation by merit alone

2018-03-23 20:29:44 UTC


2018-03-23 20:49:28 UTC

@Solipsistic Vinarchy he didnt get scammed as much as congress dropped the ball. Trump put the Dems right where we wanted them, and the Republicans basically passed a 2nd version of Obama's Omnibus spending bill. Trump has to sign it because of how he framed the debate, and he cant go to war with his own party. Shits not good, but it could be worse.

2018-03-23 21:02:19 UTC

<:blackpill:402367968362758144> Cant believe he signed that shit.

2018-03-23 21:03:15 UTC

<:whitepill:402381740443959296> <:whitepill:402381740443959296> this better fucking motivate ppl

2018-03-23 22:50:23 UTC

Wow @BottomoftheNinth the only other person on here who can think

2018-03-23 22:50:25 UTC


2018-03-24 01:27:43 UTC

With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice, that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country, to one united people; a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established their general Liberty and Independence. - John Jay

2018-03-24 01:27:48 UTC

2018-03-24 05:59:11 UTC

lol they're slowly being forced to confront the reality of race

2018-03-24 06:33:12 UTC


2018-03-24 08:42:00 UTC

from /pol anon:
But this is what he was saying the whole time, he can't get shit done and needs his people to win in the midterms. This shit right here proved his point.

Democrats shot themselves in their own foot with this bill. What seems to be wekness right know can be used against all people responsible for this before the midterms. He can support his people by calling out the people who voted for this bill. Democrats and Republicans.

I see no other comfortable option in this situation. He got some money approved and can get shit done that people will see. He know has the military on his side, a veto would have probably pissed them off. He can start building the wall. And all the liberal bullshit that got approved he can delay, use the law against it (for example sanctuary cities), highlight the problems not inlcuded in the bill (especially DACA is going to hurt the Dems).

Considering his position he was in I think it was the right choise to sign it.
But if somebody has a different opinion I would like to hear it.


2018-03-24 14:24:45 UTC

no. i think trump was very misguided by his loyalty to the military. it was important for him to get that money for north korea but the bill did literally nothing else good. jordan lebanon egypt and tunisia get border security money. we get $1.6 bill that says explicitly the money CANNOT BE USED for concrete wall. US taxpayer money for scholarships in lebanon. LEBANON.

2018-03-24 14:26:13 UTC

in no way was trump signing this some sort of strategic victory. the only thing is that if he vetoed it it’d shut the govt down and start all new ugly budget negotiations, which you could consider good or bad, maybe an unneeded distraction rn. ryan and mcconnell deserve 100x the blame trump does but it would have been powerful if he vetoed

2018-03-24 14:27:39 UTC

trump has been talking a lot about how our border apparatus has to be “see through” so you can see what’s on the other side. he’s said that more than just a couple times lately. i really hope he’s not trying to justify fencing in areas where there should be a wall

2018-03-25 04:42:51 UTC

>voting for obama ever

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