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2017-03-07 02:35:34 UTC

Wyatts only going to blackpill you

2017-03-07 02:35:48 UTC

Domt do it

2017-03-07 02:35:50 UTC

Its a trap

2017-03-07 02:35:54 UTC

this healthcare bill drafted by these cucks is complete shit

2017-03-07 02:35:59 UTC

fuck Paul Ryan

2017-03-07 02:36:05 UTC

its fucking hilariosu

2017-03-07 02:36:09 UTC

keeping the enforced mandate

2017-03-07 02:36:14 UTC

i want to see it get raped in the senate

2017-03-07 02:36:15 UTC


2017-03-07 02:36:17 UTC

and again

2017-03-07 02:37:50 UTC


2017-03-07 02:38:19 UTC


2017-03-07 02:40:17 UTC

studcarmichael is strongest

2017-03-07 02:41:42 UTC


2017-03-07 02:42:33 UTC


2017-03-07 02:43:59 UTC


2017-03-07 02:48:53 UTC


2017-03-07 02:49:21 UTC


2017-03-07 02:55:35 UTC


2017-03-07 02:57:35 UTC

I got John Burk to listen to an episode of the warroom lol. Can't wait to hear his reaction

2017-03-07 02:57:35 UTC


2017-03-07 03:03:42 UTC


2017-03-07 03:07:34 UTC

@everyone ya son dis voice channoo is bumpin son, git up n dis shiet

2017-03-07 03:08:33 UTC

Dunno if I wanna dig out the headset for voice, but I see Prince Hubris there. Major fuckin' props for triggering Rick Wilson

2017-03-07 03:10:43 UTC
2017-03-07 03:10:53 UTC

thot gets patrolled hard

2017-03-07 03:11:00 UTC

yanked off stairs

2017-03-07 03:11:12 UTC

@HeliRidesOfPeace I do what I can

2017-03-07 03:11:30 UTC

ayyy you dat milk nigga

2017-03-07 03:13:47 UTC


2017-03-07 03:17:43 UTC

Hubris get some shots of that waifu w/ some milk

2017-03-07 03:18:16 UTC

While reading Mein Kampf

2017-03-07 03:19:16 UTC

not true, dmarcus is actually a black jew i done seent him

2017-03-07 03:20:51 UTC

Oh shit thats a good idea

2017-03-07 03:22:03 UTC

Get Ricky Vaughn

2017-03-07 03:22:21 UTC
2017-03-07 03:23:19 UTC

cool ac bro is my nigga

2017-03-07 03:24:18 UTC

Micro seems like he's delivering some major shit about Obama, Lynch, & Clinton in this Wikileaks drop

2017-03-07 03:24:45 UTC

Not Lynch, Jarrett I meant to say

2017-03-07 03:24:49 UTC

I just listened to white hot takes entire discog.

2017-03-07 03:24:50 UTC


2017-03-07 03:26:51 UTC

FTN was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than altrightnews

2017-03-07 03:31:58 UTC


2017-03-07 03:32:38 UTC

saw that yesterday

2017-03-07 03:32:41 UTC

good channel

2017-03-07 03:32:50 UTC

the grills are qt

2017-03-07 03:33:29 UTC


2017-03-07 03:33:51 UTC

Jews = Skeksis


2017-03-07 03:35:21 UTC
2017-03-07 03:35:51 UTC

hmmmm Jazzhands used to mention DC/media sinecures often

2017-03-07 03:36:01 UTC

jazzhands feeding the tuck fresh bantz

2017-03-07 03:36:03 UTC


2017-03-07 03:36:18 UTC

or maybe that was kersey

2017-03-07 03:48:22 UTC

White pill. I guess vapid fornication finally got old.

2017-03-07 03:55:06 UTC

That is good to know. Maybe (our) people will get to having kids also

2017-03-07 03:58:59 UTC

A Trump baby boom would make Shlomo kvetch.

2017-03-07 04:02:28 UTC

It's going to happen

2017-03-07 04:03:16 UTC

> asians can't be white nationa-

2017-03-07 04:07:50 UTC


2017-03-07 04:09:05 UTC


2017-03-07 04:10:42 UTC


2017-03-07 04:12:12 UTC


2017-03-07 04:12:26 UTC

@Mitch Hoob thanks fam

2017-03-07 04:12:51 UTC

Why is someone pretending to be Jazzhands?

2017-03-07 04:12:58 UTC


2017-03-07 04:13:06 UTC

Not pretending

2017-03-07 04:13:09 UTC

That is jazz hands

2017-03-07 04:13:14 UTC

This is Jazzhands

2017-03-07 04:13:18 UTC

Whaaaaaaa..............I'm starstruck

2017-03-07 04:13:20 UTC

hi, hello sir

2017-03-07 04:13:24 UTC

oh damn ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2017-03-07 04:13:25 UTC

oh geez don't hang off his nuts

2017-03-07 04:13:27 UTC


2017-03-07 04:13:27 UTC

Oh gawd

2017-03-07 04:13:29 UTC

Dude I cry every day in your absence

2017-03-07 04:13:39 UTC

Jazzhands, hop on voice if ya can!!!

2017-03-07 04:13:42 UTC


2017-03-07 04:14:21 UTC

Jazzhands I think you're sort of an alright guy and it wasn't entirely terrible having you on my show or meeting you IRL. I suppose you'd have a place in the ethnostate

2017-03-07 04:14:33 UTC

I think of ways to hit myself in the head to damage my memory so I can forget FTN existed because its absecense is too much for me to handle

2017-03-07 04:15:20 UTC

Sorry I wanted to balance out the hero worship

2017-03-07 04:15:22 UTC

Alright relax. It was a good show but let's not get carried away :^)

2017-03-07 04:15:47 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz you're not so bad yourself, for a nigger

2017-03-07 04:16:02 UTC

NiggKike*, please respect my intersectionality

2017-03-07 04:17:27 UTC

@SwiFT we will be back this fall. If you're going to feel sad about anything, one neat trick to cheer yourself up is to just remember you could always be @wyatt

2017-03-07 04:17:48 UTC

@WACRx let's get carried away

2017-03-07 04:18:25 UTC

Hope you guys do what's best for your lives, but I believe you and Halbastram were on the cusp of becoming something really big and transcending TRS

2017-03-07 04:18:36 UTC


2017-03-07 04:18:52 UTC

jazz stop

2017-03-07 04:18:53 UTC

holy shit

2017-03-07 04:19:13 UTC

how's that for a whitepill, mr. blackpill?

2017-03-07 04:19:32 UTC

i talk to jazz all the time he is bullying me to fit in dont believe the lies

2017-03-07 04:19:32 UTC

BTW, what's the best way to tell a presumtive waifu you're a Fascist? Asking for a friend

2017-03-07 04:19:33 UTC

@wyatt say pls

2017-03-07 04:19:54 UTC

^young huwhites rss link

2017-03-07 04:19:55 UTC

1) get her pregnant

2) tell her you're a fascist

2017-03-07 04:20:10 UTC

Not trying to fanboy too much but I really can't express how much I loved FTN. You are a really talented radio host and your show helped me understand a lot about politics

2017-03-07 04:20:44 UTC

@HeliRidesOfPeace just tell her. When my fiancรฉ was reading the stuff about Mike being a nazi, she was like, "the only thing Hitler did wrong was he didn't finish the job."

2017-03-07 04:20:45 UTC

Shit, Jazzy! Wazzup! No fanboi, BTW

2017-03-07 04:20:59 UTC

LOL, that's awesome.

2017-03-07 04:21:10 UTC

@SwiFT you didn't lick my taint quite this much when you were telling me how much you loved IAR. I feel hurt

2017-03-07 04:21:15 UTC

Loved fash the nation @Jazzhands McFeels

2017-03-07 04:21:50 UTC
2017-03-07 04:22:19 UTC

Also this is great news about the show @Jazzhands McFeels is this on the DL though?

2017-03-07 04:22:43 UTC

@Jazzhands McFeels It's o.k., 90% of the compliments for my show were either my lowbrow impressions of niggers or Ken's epic monologues

2017-03-07 04:22:55 UTC

were for*

2017-03-07 04:22:57 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz Did you guys have an episode with Andrew Anglin on? First time I remember hearing "Yo this is D'Marcus LIIEEEEEEBOWITZ" was some podcast that had Anglin on.

2017-03-07 04:23:01 UTC


2017-03-07 04:23:08 UTC

trump just stuck his cock in the norks ear

2017-03-07 04:23:15 UTC

The guy you had on to assist the Jim Goad interview was pretty good D Marc

2017-03-07 04:23:30 UTC

@SwiFT much appreciated. The hiatus definitely wasn't planned, but we do have some life shit to sort out in the meantime. I'm getting married in August, among other things, so that's why we are targeting this fall. We also want to see where the chips start to fall with Trump.

2017-03-07 04:23:35 UTC

@SwiFT I went on several Daily Stormer live shows. Also had Anglin and @Jazzhands McFeels on one episode

2017-03-07 04:23:41 UTC

Jim Goad's a great dude. I remember reading Redneck Manifesto and learning a lot back 10 years ago almost

2017-03-07 04:23:49 UTC

yeah you were good on that episode @WACRx

2017-03-07 04:24:02 UTC

lol holy shit trump actually put THAAD batteries in SK

2017-03-07 04:24:14 UTC

@HeliRidesOfPeace it's not really DL, but nothing is set in stone yet. So we will see.

2017-03-07 04:24:20 UTC

norks are probly shitting bricks right now

2017-03-07 04:24:23 UTC

china will be MAD

2017-03-07 04:24:35 UTC

China is already mad

2017-03-07 04:24:41 UTC

Cool. How's our Official Voice of The alt-Right Halb doing?

2017-03-07 04:24:56 UTC

dude thad batteries in SK is like ..... as close as you can get to provoking war

2017-03-07 04:25:05 UTC

without outright shooting at them

2017-03-07 04:25:06 UTC

If they had it their way, they'd bring KJ Ill back from the dead

2017-03-07 04:25:17 UTC

@HeliRidesOfPeace he's doing good. Talked to him last week.

2017-03-07 04:26:05 UTC

Great account. A Japanese lady that hates Jews and Koreans and is red-pilled on WW2. https://twitter.com/jackiemopsy

2017-03-07 04:26:33 UTC

Fuckin' A. I miss his drops. "These fuckin'... JIGUHBOOS". Glad you guys are thinking about coming back. I'm sure 100K others wil be happy as well

2017-03-07 04:26:43 UTC

@wyatt not quite preemptive strike "provoking war" though

2017-03-07 04:27:10 UTC

@Jazzhands McFeels Do you agree with Tucker Carlson that virtuall all Federally elected Republicans hate Trump more than the Dems do?

2017-03-07 04:27:22 UTC

dude that batteries means "lol nork missles invalid"

Putin flat out said if we put thaad batteries in eastern europe or poland he would nuke them

2017-03-07 04:27:24 UTC

That they're hiding it

2017-03-07 04:27:34 UTC

Good question @SwiFT They probably do

2017-03-07 04:27:42 UTC

@SwiFT not all of them, but most

2017-03-07 04:27:43 UTC

its basically checkmate for their shitty ballistic missles

2017-03-07 04:27:55 UTC

they can still toss nukes with planes though

2017-03-07 04:28:39 UTC

Steve King and Dana Rorhabacher are the only GOP officials I trust. I trust Rand but don't like his Libertarian politics

2017-03-07 04:28:39 UTC

I think we will go to war this year with either iran or north korea. trump needs a distraction. And nuking pyongyang would be 4th of july as fuck

2017-03-07 04:29:21 UTC

I can't believe I ever made fun of Steve King. Then again, he was backing Cruz 15 months ago

2017-03-07 04:29:26 UTC

Oh hey @Jazzhands McFeels , what do you think of Trump talking about a merit based immigration policy? TBH it pissed me off because even though we're kicking out beaners, it sounded like it was opening the path to bringing over gooks and dotheads. He praised Canada and Australia for their immigration policies.

2017-03-07 04:29:38 UTC

@wyatt and China?

2017-03-07 04:30:05 UTC

And beaners aren't taking my job, but Asians can take engineering work.

2017-03-07 04:30:08 UTC

I dont think china would side with the norks. They would be mad. But they really dont gain anything from that alliance. They already stopped buying their coal

2017-03-07 04:30:23 UTC

I think china is seeing the writing on the wall

2017-03-07 04:30:28 UTC

@WACRx it could be good, but I think it allows for too much flexibility with future admins

2017-03-07 04:30:30 UTC

in regards to norks

2017-03-07 04:30:57 UTC

Gotta have a height requirement too, @WACRx so no Azns lol

2017-03-07 04:31:05 UTC

pretty wild trump would just plop thaad missles into SK a few hours after they test shit

2017-03-07 04:31:10 UTC

huge nuts

2017-03-07 04:31:39 UTC

Trump admin basically needs to put in so many immigration regulations that it just becomes a nightmare and extremely expensive to move here. That way you can claim that it's open to everyone while still bringing it to historically low levels

2017-03-07 04:32:22 UTC

@WACRx and it's to open to poointheloos and slants, which is a problem. If combined with something that effectively kills H1-B visas then it could be better.

2017-03-07 04:32:57 UTC

Good video Ordo. I know that guy. South African fellow

2017-03-07 04:33:00 UTC

Points based would just flood the country with chinese

2017-03-07 04:33:14 UTC

oh really?

2017-03-07 04:33:16 UTC

It's a major improvement to the "diversity quota" that effectively makes it impossible for Europeans to immigrate here

2017-03-07 04:33:23 UTC

ya huge improvement

2017-03-07 04:33:28 UTC

yeah Ive been listening to his stuff for a few weeks, seems like a smart guy

2017-03-07 04:33:40 UTC

I can't stand Asians, but Asians > Niggs/Spics/Muslims

2017-03-07 04:33:51 UTC

he deserves more views

2017-03-07 04:33:57 UTC

Orientals also have far lower birthrates than whites or any of those other minority groups

2017-03-07 04:33:58 UTC

Question for @Jazzhands McFeels, do ya think anything can happen refugeewise for the South Afrikaaners since the gov't there is fucking with them or do ya think RaHoWa starts there soon?

2017-03-07 04:34:12 UTC

It has to be combined with other pro white measure to be effective

2017-03-07 04:34:34 UTC

Yeah @Jazzhands McFeels you're right. Trump mentioned some book called "Green Card Warrior" which sounded gay as fuck. So that had me worried.

2017-03-07 04:34:36 UTC

Well since we now know that Steve Bannon is a big fan of this book, let's hope Bannon and Miller keep their power over Trump's policies.


2017-03-07 04:34:46 UTC

@Jazzhands McFeels nigguh jus git in da chat unless u hidin power levelz from the family or sumpin

2017-03-07 04:34:50 UTC

@HeliRidesOfPeace no idea fam, I hope to god that's on someone radar

2017-03-07 04:35:07 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz nah dude I'm multitasking

2017-03-07 04:35:29 UTC

I want to see rand paul and freinds bully paul ryan into suicide for his shitty healthcare bill

2017-03-07 04:35:39 UTC

I hope Trump's paying attention at least. Ya feel horrible enough for the white families down there and now they're having more land being taken away from them for nothing

2017-03-07 04:35:57 UTC

I'll hope in there tomorrow when I'm on my ride home from work

2017-03-07 04:36:41 UTC

@HeliRidesOfPeace it's time to go to war

2017-03-07 04:37:02 UTC

Maybe dump some ammo in the squatters camps

2017-03-07 04:37:49 UTC

Camp of the Saints is about how Europe and the rest of Western Civilization is ruined by just one country cracking the door to the third world hordes

2017-03-07 04:37:56 UTC

It's a novel

2017-03-07 04:38:12 UTC

It's a great book

2017-03-07 04:38:17 UTC

Should be required readinf

2017-03-07 04:38:24 UTC

Written in 1973, right? My folks used to have it on their bookshelves back in the day

2017-03-07 04:38:38 UTC

That Bannon has referenced it not just once, but like a dozen times, is very whitepilling

2017-03-07 04:38:43 UTC


2017-03-07 04:39:12 UTC

Whoa a living legend is here

2017-03-07 04:39:31 UTC

Dude bannon referenced fuckin Evola

2017-03-07 04:39:38 UTC

He's on that esoteric hitlerism

2017-03-07 04:39:47 UTC

This is just the pleb stuff he drags out when he needs mass appeal

2017-03-07 04:39:50 UTC

@RING Yeah, Jan Lamprecht. He wrote a very eye-opening book about being a white in Africa called Government by Deception: Psychopolitics in Southern Africa. Great stuff

2017-03-07 04:40:12 UTC

Bannon is great. I saw today things aren't going well for Rinse Penis. Maybe he'll get ousted.

2017-03-07 04:40:48 UTC


2017-03-07 04:41:14 UTC


2017-03-07 04:42:13 UTC

I want to see Ryan get booted out of his speaker's chair... i loathe him more than anyone in the GOP

2017-03-07 04:42:15 UTC

@Jazzhands McFeels What time will you be on tomorrow? EST?

2017-03-07 04:42:31 UTC

oh geez @SwiFT

2017-03-07 04:42:34 UTC

@Jazzhands McFeels Breitbart is strange. The English chick DM'd me one day with a link from a very anti-semitic site. She seems pretty cool. But then they get some weirdos like Brandon Darby, who's an ex-leftist and also a federal informant that shit talks white nationalism. Not sure what's going on over there.

2017-03-07 04:42:35 UTC

>gotta set 8 alarms

2017-03-07 04:42:36 UTC


2017-03-07 04:42:42 UTC

Me too @D'Marcus Liebowitz Hate that jug eared Shabbos Gioy

2017-03-07 04:42:45 UTC

@SwiFT is going to have a body pillow made of @Jazzhands McFeels's avatar

2017-03-07 04:42:51 UTC

@around 3:30 EST

2017-03-07 04:43:23 UTC

@D'Marcus Liebowitz Don't be jealous, I can have more than one Nazifu

2017-03-07 04:43:27 UTC

Question @Jazzhands McFeels are ya coming back on Twitter or do ya think it's too risky with the ever going Shoah TaySachs Jack is brining on the AltRight?

2017-03-07 04:44:19 UTC

@HeliRidesOfPeace I think I have to get a smart burn phone for that

2017-03-07 04:44:31 UTC

With all the Twitter safety shit now

2017-03-07 04:44:39 UTC

Jack isn't actually a Jew, but Gays are basically Jews

2017-03-07 04:44:58 UTC

I think as long as you don't use slurs you're pretty much fine on Twitter

2017-03-07 04:45:07 UTC

slurs are pretty much how they're getting everyone

2017-03-07 04:45:14 UTC

Yeah, I feel ya. I've gone through so many burner phones from the Kroger's here, they probably think I'm a drug dealer or something lol

2017-03-07 04:45:16 UTC

@SwiFT I'll be targeted tho

2017-03-07 04:45:36 UTC

They shoah'd my third account 12 hours after I made it

2017-03-07 04:46:05 UTC

Yeah I mean I'll give it a shot

2017-03-07 04:46:05 UTC


2017-03-07 04:46:21 UTC

@Jazzhands McFeels if that's really you

2017-03-07 04:46:25 UTC

I fucking miss you

2017-03-07 04:46:26 UTC

it is slug

2017-03-07 04:46:27 UTC


2017-03-07 04:46:30 UTC


2017-03-07 04:46:34 UTC


2017-03-07 04:46:38 UTC

say you're sooooory @SLUG2_

2017-03-07 04:46:49 UTC

I already did you fucking moron :^)

2017-03-07 04:46:56 UTC

say it again leaf!

2017-03-07 04:46:58 UTC

He'll always beat you to it @YUGE

2017-03-07 04:47:04 UTC

@SLUG2_ I miss all you fags too

2017-03-07 04:47:05 UTC

Hey @Jazzhands McFeels miss you man!

2017-03-07 04:47:20 UTC

So many Fs were pressed that day for @Jazzhands McFeels

2017-03-07 04:47:25 UTC


2017-03-07 04:47:25 UTC

@Jazzhands McFeels listen to This Hour Has 88 Minutes

2017-03-07 04:47:40 UTC

@Jazzhands McFeels make a point of telling him you don't listen to his show

2017-03-07 04:47:42 UTC

geez guys stop fucking thirsting

2017-03-07 04:47:59 UTC


2017-03-07 04:48:08 UTC

@everyone listen to This Hour Has 88 Minutes

2017-03-07 04:48:10 UTC

The man has many fans

2017-03-07 04:48:11 UTC

@SLUG2_ I've been checked out fam but I'll give it a listen

2017-03-07 04:48:14 UTC


2017-03-07 04:48:29 UTC

D'Marcus =


2017-03-07 04:48:35 UTC

@SLUG2_ I'll listen to it tomorrow m8

2017-03-07 04:48:45 UTC

@SwiFT that's the best kind of jelly

2017-03-07 04:48:47 UTC

I know, trying not to FanBoi here. But my weekends have not had a shining light in this sea of degeneracy in a while lol

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