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Hey folks

Whose that in your avatar @BellaDashwood

@Ardent Rain did you do an Ancestry or 23AndMe test?

Are Georgians and Armenians white?

@Ardent Rain dont you make vlogs

@Ardent Rain what do I search

@Ardent Rain that game series got so cucked

I use to really like it

They are releasing one with a main black character

Yeah that one

If its already released

Its like they made django unchained into a video game

I hate Jamie Foxx

Even III sucked

Play as a half breed indian killing whites

Really fucking jewy



I've been talking to this girl who is a libertarian, she looks white, Russian born and her dad is a former Muslim from Kazakhstan

@HeliRidesOfPeace Is that Dana Loesch?

I use to listen to her show a lot back in my cuckservative days

I once got into a spat with her over Assad on twitter

the next day she on her show she said we need to support him


She looks cute in this picture

I'm going to be right back, gotta go grocery shopping

Clones are better than storm troopers

Clones are better than storm troopers

Clones can actually kill jedi

Harrison Ford is Jewish

just in voice

which one is d'marcus

@Eli Mosley looks like you're fucked

Look at the article I posted above

@D'Marcus Liebowitz can you get the bois from the Reactionary Report?

You gotta get Cathy Princess to join

@Eli Mosley oh shit really

@Caerulus_Rex which one?


I remember him from HWNDU

I love that podcast

The Milk Man

@wyatt oh god

Who is the most unbearable person on Fox News

I have a hard time choosing between O'Reilly and Hannity

I can't stand their usage of the term alt left

Tucker is by far my favorite

@Autistotle what about greeks

@Autistotle what about Cypriot Greeks


The man has many fans

@SLUG2_ I'll listen to it tomorrow m8

@SwiFT see you m8

@Convo convolution!

I missed you bro

@Convo wow rude

@SLUG2_ you should talk about west canada more in your podcast

@D'Marcus Liebowitz can you try and bring lauren southern on here

Its not fair that Quebec has such a cool flag when they are such uncool people

Wow based black girl

Im making her my phone background

Orgies are implicitly European, she can be a an alt right groupie @SLUG2_ @Eli Mosley


I'm pretty sure we all have the same haircut in the alt right

They legit have the same haircut

Hes done both

I cant comb my hair back

@Jazzhands McFeels I need to fan boy for a second, I fucking love you

@queenarchitect I put on push to talk

Sorry guys

@c6%G my people

@JohnnyMonoxide Johnny is here

Reza Aslan just ate human brains

Aslan is Iranian

I dont believe he's jewish

@Nikephoros can you give me a link to that country ball thing

Does anyone have any hate facts on homosexuals


Why is no one in voice

Someone come in voice

Read this article and watch the video in it

Eli check that link out

@Eli Mosley are you at the bar or something

I'm taking you guys to the liquor store with me

@FascistFather its mostly gooks in my neighborhood

Yaya is grandma in greek

Thats what I call my grandma

@FascistFather so I didnt get attacked by niggers

Is Newcastle Brown Ale good beer

we're gonna find out

@D'Marcus Liebowitz its actually good

Do you guys have Four Loko in the US?

I decided to try it

I bought one along with my 6pack

When the white ethnostate arises, what liqour do we need to ban

Ol' English, Colt 45

all the shit has to go


@SLUG2_ Is William Lyon Mackenzie King based?

@SLUG2_ fuck yeah new episode

its obviously fake

But still lol


the lighting is so bad too

If Queen Elizabeth is so rich why does she get the exact same haircut as every old lady in a retirement home

@YUGE she never said her grabdparents were in the holocaust

Her grand parents had their trucking company siezed by the germans which is why they "lost everything"

You guys want to raid this

MrRepzion discord

Whose all joining us

@Eli Mosley what podcast

@Brad Small @Gray we need to wait till one day when Repzion is in voice

@Brad Small you're on the Young Huwhites?

Damn I didn't know that

What are you all up too

Im getting a pet bunny


@weev whats that accent

Is that polish


What should I name this bunny

This bunny is a female

You gotta buy these for the perverted goyim.. *bites baby penises*

This machine kills fascists

@queenarchitect hit it with a shoe

30 shoes

@queenarchitect lighter and hairspray?

Ive done that in my backyard when there was a huge spider web

Fucking hate spiders

My friend in Vancouver sent this to me

@Ardent Rain hello fellow wop friend

@Ardent Rain the North Europeans will just pollute our phenotype

We are the master race

@SLUG2_ better than my genetics

"There, that should shut those fucking kikes up."

Saga of Tanya the Evil

@Caerulus_Rex can we get Spencelarian Pan-Autiste in this server

I did

Take a look at 🌸Lili Kanerva 🐸✝️ (@More_Femininity):

We washed ourselves in niggers blood and all the mongrels too

Taking down the zog machine jew by jew by jew

The white man marches on

I am in voice

Just so you all know

@SLUG2_ get in voice

@Koba not exactly the case

@Koba she felt like someone was trying to dox her and he told her that he has fantasizes about rape

I worded that wrong

But yeah

You know what I mean

She isnt that much of a normie

But still somewhat of one

@Fashy Haircut have you tried posting it in any of the facebook groups

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