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Im about to go to Hungary in May , dont black pill me brah

Lol need to find me a waifu

In hungary


Gibbs me dem colored contacts

This shit works like a charm

when will the german police create right wing death squads??

daily dose of black pill bruh

We legit

Im peak aryan bruh


@Convo shut up you kike slav

Get on my roman level

Slavs were always kikes tho

Well you represent one

@Eli Mosley is peak potato

Confirmed aryan

Libertarians bro

Muh 1st amendment

True dat

Polish race

Peak loophole @wyatt

I am, these are johns

I bought pmags , 15 for 100

7.62 is cheaper, go slav guns

Ramz is a faggot

Good goy

6. William

Just created my jdate account

Dont doxx me and eli 👌🏻

Watching white girls sing in wheat field

Cant get any more aryan than this

Israeli oven metal

The earth is round?

No bully

Good shit


@wyatt please tell me Wilders lost the election


Abolish congress

So much winning

Peak chad nationalism

Trolling zeee jews

Fashy pupper

Cant beat this hair

Im jewish

Nahhh not a woman

I identify as a jewish nazi

A little less jewish than soros

Roman master race

"Anime pupper" destroys commie faggot

Remove antifa


Looks like clark kent

Its a plane... its a bird.... its its Supersperg!!!

@Convo non whites cant squat more than aryan men, dont lie

When is bond releasing more dank songz?

Go to bed @Eli Mosley how are you still going

Potato power


How was nyc

Yeah potato... heres the thing...

That feel when you see a Jew leading the antifa march.

What eli is doing in that pic is showing the jew how big his nose is

I am at work is it both of us yelling

The life of @Eli Mosley

Watcha going to do faggot


I saw this shit and thought of you

You can just say black lives matter

Over 90% of muslims are irish

True fact

Haha what

I dont even remember any of that haha

At the bar you say

Was i drunk by then

Makes sense

I deny nothing

Oh shit thats right😂😂

I remember doing that hahaha sorry you waved degeneracy in my face so i pounced

Fuck yo kike sheeit

@queenarchitect i forgot you were with eli that day

You are always around for the best memes


Jesus christ

Thats too funny

The worst part was most of the kangz were the secret service

They are jews too ^

Shia is fucking based

Oh lawdy

@Eli Mosley Thot control starts now

Barron death squads form and rid the heebs sucking off his family name

Eating authentic jewish foreskins 🇮🇱👌🏻

.45 master race

7.62x54R is the master race rifle round

Nice shit is cheap, thats why i like it

Of courshh

No dont

I have all matching numbers, made 1938

The only thing new is the barrel which was needed because of the Russian corrosive ammo

Audio chat is da <#288508006990348299> now

Dont talk about white interests goys, talk about muh porn industry

@D'Marcus Liebowitz me and @Eli Mosley at da ihop nigga, where youu at

No he disavows

He betrayed his base once again

Das fukd


Fashy af

Autistic posting hours

This is why the alt right has no girlfriends


Eli is going to rage against the oath boomers

Gotchu fam

Wheelchair woman takes on state police

Its just some lady in a wheelchair idk lol

This is so cringey

Yes Spencer!!!

Lana rekting


Full negro tricks

Of course the punch

Its all fun and games now....just wait

These people have no idea what is coming

CNN is so desperate

Did you see the boomer commercial about hep c

Boomer genocide !!!

Low t jew

Scott (((Rhodes)))

Jew confirmed

He needs another train ride and a visit from his based father

US< machete

I endorse his father

Boomer commercial posting for days

With his leg half off lol

Send dem nigga back

Ughh more muslim shit

That party was lit tho, great time

All tribe niggas look alike

Just yes

Leave the Italians alone bro

Do what you must

Im going to blow my brains out in that case

Must cleanse myself of non white blood

@MikeEnoch good to see you in here 👌🏻

This is hilarious

Any goys at the metallica concert in philly?


Me flicking off Churchill


Well of course

Look at this sexy guy


Low energy

Dm me

@badtanman what do you mean mainstream? Lol

Everyone is white but the polish

Low IQ thats why


Is that before or after you go back to africa, the true land of the poles

@Convo see me IRL

Oh wait you dont do IRL things, you bitch on here about how polish people are white

@Convo is a nice girl

Take her

@Convo wants to be cucked by you Eli

Of course

Silly me

For a non white....

Make gingers great again

Fuck the souls into gingers

Me and @Convo actually agree

@Convo next trip is to Poland, im going to race mix with your people


Prove it faggot

Just fucking stop

Johnny rebel intensifies

Late to what?

Ahh nevermind i know

Me and @Eli Mosley are always late

Well played

Dick nazis

Shes so fucking hot

Look at that blonde hair

Alright faggs need to go drink with the Hungarian girls i met

Make modern art great again

Why is no one in da voice chat?

Real thot hours

@Convo get on the voice chat

Wife in kitchen, daughter cleaning bathroom, son outside and dad walking pepe

Polish pride nigga

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