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2017-10-13 06:44:20 UTC


2017-10-13 09:09:53 UTC

Let me know if there is any QT's organizing the counter-demo.

2017-10-13 10:11:27 UTC

Also, for the #5 regiment

2017-10-13 10:11:43 UTC

"Ford Knox regiment" is optional .

2017-10-13 10:12:08 UTC

Apparently some nogs talking about shooting the rally up.

2017-10-13 10:12:31 UTC

Probably just boasting but Caleb Ross red pilled me on that, goy

2017-10-13 10:12:41 UTC

He shared screens. Forward to cops?

2017-10-13 10:13:39 UTC

Caleb Rose*

2017-10-13 10:13:56 UTC

Caleb Rose*

2017-10-13 10:14:20 UTC

Caleb Rose*

2017-10-13 10:14:22 UTC

Forward it to us

2017-10-13 10:14:29 UTC

Caleb Rose*

2017-10-13 10:14:41 UTC

Send the screenies

2017-10-13 10:14:57 UTC

Caleb Rose*

2017-10-13 10:15:56 UTC


2017-10-13 10:23:21 UTC










2017-10-13 10:23:31 UTC

Might want to research these people and forward it to police there.

2017-10-13 10:23:44 UTC


2017-10-13 10:24:34 UTC

Good deal

2017-10-13 14:43:57 UTC


2017-10-13 14:52:56 UTC

@Dr.Cocopuff | KY did somebody mention Wes Bellamy?


2017-10-13 15:03:04 UTC

Where to get that half face mask?

2017-10-13 15:54:41 UTC

I aksed for more propaganda to post and they sent that along with it. Generous goys they are

2017-10-13 15:55:10 UTC

Who was it you asked?

2017-10-13 15:55:13 UTC

I would ask commander davis

2017-10-13 15:55:25 UTC


2017-10-13 15:55:34 UTC

I usually go through heimbach or parrott or jason augustus

2017-10-13 15:55:35 UTC
2017-10-13 15:55:50 UTC

But with merch type stuff commander davis seems to be the balls.

2017-10-13 15:56:11 UTC

Going to Sville, BRÜDER?

2017-10-13 15:56:44 UTC

Lol 1488 wpww 24/7 420 blaze it for Hitler bro!

2017-10-13 15:56:57 UTC

I cant. Im about 750 in debt

2017-10-13 15:57:04 UTC

RIP my shekels

2017-10-13 15:57:09 UTC


2017-10-13 15:57:18 UTC

1.0 posting lol

2017-10-13 15:57:26 UTC

I'm in way more debt with college and credit cards lol don't pay hahaha

2017-10-13 15:57:40 UTC

Unless it's something they can take.

2017-10-13 15:57:44 UTC

Like a car

2017-10-13 15:58:04 UTC

It's with family. My car needed work i couldn't pay for

2017-10-13 15:58:10 UTC

Bleed the capitalist beast. Never pay loans back lel

2017-10-13 15:58:16 UTC

Oh I gotcha. Pay them.

2017-10-13 15:58:22 UTC

I dont wanna bleed my fam

2017-10-13 15:58:24 UTC


2017-10-13 15:58:32 UTC

They got me rollin again

2017-10-13 15:58:40 UTC

Personal fam loans absolutely try to pay

2017-10-13 15:58:53 UTC

So its up to me to get them paid back. Top priority.

2017-10-13 15:59:05 UTC

0% cuz we're Norwegians

2017-10-13 15:59:10 UTC

Not Jews

2017-10-13 15:59:14 UTC

College grants coming thru soon?

2017-10-13 15:59:25 UTC

Been getting dem gibz

2017-10-13 15:59:43 UTC

I am Danish on my dad's side. Kjemp for Norge.

2017-10-13 15:59:53 UTC

My 3.0+ gpa qualifies me for more gibz next sem too

2017-10-13 16:00:07 UTC

I love those old posters with that phrase

2017-10-13 16:00:29 UTC

Fight for Norway. Recruiting what would be the 5th SS Freiwilligen

2017-10-13 16:00:43 UTC

5th SS Wiking is my favorite division

2017-10-13 16:00:50 UTC

For obvious reasons

2017-10-13 16:03:18 UTC

Danish SS was also 5th wasn't it?

2017-10-13 16:03:23 UTC

Just that general region?

2017-10-13 16:03:40 UTC

I mean Denmark and Norway are basically the same place. Like Austria and Germany.

2017-10-13 16:10:19 UTC

Yeah they were

2017-10-13 16:10:27 UTC

And yes good comparison

2017-10-13 16:10:37 UTC

Still v similar to today

2017-10-13 16:10:52 UTC

Govts are identical for all intensive purposes

2017-10-13 16:11:20 UTC

Sweden just got cucked the hardest. As we've seen.

2017-10-13 16:11:32 UTC

Is Denmark cuccing?

2017-10-13 16:11:42 UTC

Norway is so libby that it's about to go full cuck next

2017-10-13 16:11:53 UTC


2017-10-13 16:18:56 UTC

I fear their cuckening Because of patterns and trends

2017-10-13 16:19:08 UTC

Idk enough about their shit tbh

2017-10-13 16:44:59 UTC

Dr. Johnson's wounds wont be covered by insurance because they were received in a riot lmao in case no one's discussed yet

2017-10-13 16:45:49 UTC

I heard on his podcast.

2017-10-13 16:45:58 UTC

Yea listening now

2017-10-13 16:46:09 UTC

I'll donate what I can next week.

2017-10-14 00:31:59 UTC

Can someone message Bob Oliver and tell him to message me on here?

2017-10-14 00:32:15 UTC

Would appreciate it. Banned for 3 days on FB.

2017-10-14 02:00:53 UTC


2017-10-14 03:38:47 UTC

So this is interesting. When I was kid in the 80's there was a thing called the Satanic Panic. In our area it was led by Investigator Gary Lupton. He came out in the Potomac News and said that kids into punk and heavy metal were satanic, and named the crew I ran with. He falsely accused me of murder twice and had me arrested for arson when the abandoned building I lived in burned down. Like I'm going to torch my shelter. I was a minor at the time and he only stopped after my dad threatened him with a lawsuit. He was later found to be a fraud. Now he is no longer a cop, but he is anti-altright. https://www.facebook.com/gary.lupton.3

2017-10-14 03:39:46 UTC

That's crazy as shit, lemme check out the profile also good to see you in here Thrasher

2017-10-14 03:40:03 UTC

jaja. What are you doing sunday?

2017-10-14 03:40:25 UTC

Probably church and then relaxation brodie

2017-10-14 03:40:38 UTC

What's the happenings?

2017-10-14 03:40:51 UTC

Hannah wanted to do a small get together in l-burg

2017-10-14 03:41:21 UTC

If I can get a ride I could probably make it, I'm literally too poor to even afford gas this week. Got 26 hours in and had to pay bills

2017-10-14 03:42:03 UTC

Yo, mang, you gotsta get dat welfare.

2017-10-14 03:42:13 UTC

Tell em you feral

2017-10-14 03:42:51 UTC

My nigga they best ought know I'm feral already 4 i have to bust a few caps n show em cuz 💯

2017-10-14 03:44:05 UTC

See if she will haul you over

2017-10-14 03:44:53 UTC

I'm gonna shoot 'em a message and see if they will, they've been asking me to come up and I've been dying to anyways. Just been having a rough time recently. ya feel?

2017-10-14 03:45:13 UTC

I gots you, homey.

2017-10-14 03:45:34 UTC

always keepin' a brutha down

2017-10-14 03:46:09 UTC

Without a doubt. Life sucks dick, be a lot cooler if we didn't live in kike world.

2017-10-14 03:46:18 UTC

Anyone want to join us in recruitment at Knob Creek machine gun shoot?

2017-10-14 03:46:20 UTC

it would be good to see some friendly faces

2017-10-14 03:46:26 UTC


2017-10-14 03:46:27 UTC

Heil Hitler

2017-10-14 03:46:50 UTC

Lol glorious.

2017-10-14 03:46:56 UTC

Heil Hitler.

2017-10-14 03:47:04 UTC

Bathrobes confirmed new uniform. Heil Hitler!

2017-10-14 03:47:23 UTC

I will tell you, those flags get the hakenkreuz a bit off.

2017-10-14 03:47:38 UTC

It's open at the brach's ending

2017-10-14 03:47:49 UTC

Those designs close and block it off.

2017-10-14 03:47:58 UTC

Autistic detail lol.

2017-10-14 03:48:04 UTC

Anyone want to join us in recruitment at Knob Creek machine gun shoot?

2017-10-14 03:48:34 UTC

When's that?

2017-10-14 03:48:51 UTC

This Sunday is when we're going.

2017-10-14 03:49:24 UTC

Lots of fertile ground for members I would imagine. Feds will be there too lol. Might be interesting.

2017-10-14 03:49:33 UTC

I'll be in Lynchburg with Thrasher and some others Sunday if I get to do anything. Knob Creek is in KY anyways innit?

2017-10-14 03:49:45 UTC

I believe in Louisville.

2017-10-14 03:50:02 UTC

I've actually never been to KY before, would love to go sometime

2017-10-14 03:50:20 UTC

Similar to TN and IN in many ways.

2017-10-14 03:50:31 UTC

Someone covered up one of my twp stickers with another sticker. haven't got close enough to see what redfag group.

2017-10-14 03:50:43 UTC


2017-10-14 03:50:44 UTC

Find and gas.

2017-10-14 03:51:05 UTC

now i have to cover theirs and sticker the whole damn box

2017-10-14 03:51:34 UTC

maybe after dinner sunday?

2017-10-14 03:51:46 UTC

I'm game!

2017-10-14 03:51:52 UTC

I need some TWP stickers

2017-10-14 03:52:07 UTC

I can throw a few your way

2017-10-14 03:52:33 UTC

It's be much appreciated, I can think of a few good places in the area to put them

2017-10-14 03:53:09 UTC

many hands make light work. we can hit this and cause sweet tears

2017-10-14 03:54:16 UTC

be my friend, nibba

2017-10-14 03:54:29 UTC

LMFAO Tucker Carlson told this faggot kike looking dude "Someday Kaepernick will probably be on the 20$ bill, hopefully I won't be around for it"

2017-10-14 03:54:36 UTC

I'm yo nibba, friend

2017-10-14 03:55:35 UTC

my battery is about to die. I'm out.

2017-10-14 03:55:47 UTC

Alright brodie, have a good night.

2017-10-14 03:56:15 UTC

you to. keep your nose up and fuck the degenerates.

2017-10-14 03:56:28 UTC

I'm gonna do my best brother. 1488

2017-10-14 04:00:12 UTC

Like SS Charlemagne. Loyal to the end. Loyal to the end.

2017-10-14 04:00:25 UTC

Damn right

2017-10-14 04:00:54 UTC

Hey guys

2017-10-14 04:01:00 UTC


2017-10-14 06:16:56 UTC


2017-10-14 11:51:55 UTC


2017-10-14 11:55:42 UTC

Who is this?

2017-10-14 11:55:46 UTC

Jacob Goodwin has been arrested in Arkansas thanks to Shaun King. There's a few things we need. 1. Folks to call the governor and ask for him NOT to sign the extradition papers. Insist he will not get a fair trial in Charlottesville. Governor Asa Hutchinson 501-682-2345. 2. We need shekels for this good goy. Raising money for his legal defense.

2017-10-14 11:56:26 UTC

We got into it because of his buddy Quimby but I absolutely believe we should help him.

2017-10-14 11:56:47 UTC

What do you mean?

2017-10-14 11:57:17 UTC

He is a brave fighter no matter our disagreements. I think he shouldn't be fucking a married woman and this is probably God's punishment for that but I agree. Fuck Shield Wall and Roper tho.

2017-10-14 11:58:21 UTC

Well at least Bill is organizing for him. I don't care what people are doing on their private time. He and the others sitting and jail have next to no one.

2017-10-14 11:58:52 UTC

So I'm doing my due diligence for the guys.

2017-10-14 11:59:00 UTC

They shouldn't have shit on Heimbach. Why was he wearing TWP gear?

2017-10-14 11:59:09 UTC

And a major stripe?

2017-10-14 11:59:20 UTC

I don't know, he was in pikeville too.

2017-10-14 11:59:36 UTC

I don't know him or anything about them.

2017-10-14 11:59:55 UTC

I know. Oh okay. Yeah I mean any nationalist deserves our support regardless.

2017-10-14 11:59:59 UTC

That's how Jews operate.

2017-10-14 12:02:35 UTC

Billy has been helping him and his family, hopefully we can at least get him some sort of help as well. Even if it's just support bc the level of persecution these guys are getting is beyond ridiculous.

2017-10-14 12:04:27 UTC

Also the other two who are in jail here Dan Borden and Michael Ramos are always in need of letters and even small donations for their commissary

2017-10-14 12:04:48 UTC

Yeah the evidence should come out but as we see they are holding them forever and pushing back hearing dates.

2017-10-14 12:05:12 UTC

They can't get away with it.

2017-10-14 12:05:22 UTC

Yep back to December now. Hopefully going to try and get bond for Ramos. I'm working on that now.

2017-10-14 13:28:23 UTC

Anyone know who is on VK as Adolf Hitler? They sent me a friend's request

2017-10-14 19:09:28 UTC

Going to have to start sticker triggering in Danville VA


2017-10-14 21:24:24 UTC

What's up goys

2017-10-14 21:35:14 UTC


2017-10-14 21:35:34 UTC

Looks like I'm late to the party , lol

2017-10-14 21:36:13 UTC

Trying to link up with any NY guys who are heading to TN for the rally

2017-10-15 03:37:55 UTC

Someone dropped off pipe bombs at our local civil war battlefield during reenactments today .

2017-10-15 03:37:59 UTC

I'm worked up fam

2017-10-15 03:38:23 UTC

one of my friends said something aboutt hat earlier, none went off did they?

2017-10-15 03:38:28 UTC

what kind of fucked up people?

2017-10-15 03:38:30 UTC

Heard about this from friends that were there

2017-10-15 03:38:34 UTC

They had to be detonated.

2017-10-15 03:38:40 UTC

FBI still on scene right now

2017-10-15 03:40:08 UTC

Well, a young guy sent a letter to the plantation last week claiming terroristic threats and that he was antifa

2017-10-15 03:40:13 UTC

and then today..pipe bombs

2017-10-15 03:40:54 UTC

This is my turf. We're a bit upset.

2017-10-15 03:41:25 UTC

I'm glad no one was injured. I'm upset about it myself, I'm really sorry lad.

2017-10-15 03:41:36 UTC

I can't wait til we destroy these fucking terrorists

2017-10-15 03:42:37 UTC

I guess we'll find out more in the coming days but the police said that they found one of the bottle bombs in a tent near a CHILD

2017-10-15 03:42:47 UTC

And you know being me...that really got me going

2017-10-15 05:27:33 UTC

"The one-man show has proved it cant get to first base. To be legitimate, a revolutionary political movement must have at least about a dozen or more leading, prominent figures. No one among the cadres being built during those times was thinking purely revolutionary. Everyone had their own ideas, and were bent on doing their own trip. When the 'fun' stopped, when the 'thrill' wore off, when the self-gratification halted, they split. Also because they had their own conceptions, most of the rules of good common sense got walked all over- primarily during and after 1973- resulting in petty bereaucracy followed closely by alienation and the effective destruction of the one party. Had everyone concerned been completely committed to REVOLUTION OVER THE SYSTEM then it would have been a much easier task so subliminate the personal feelings and weaknesses which destroyed their efforts ultimately. The most incompatible personalities can work together effectively for revolution, but hardly for a damned thing else.

The most limited and klutzy individual can understand the common sacred drive to SMASH THE SYSTEM. Everyone can find his or her proper place in WAR AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT. The Communists have proven this in a dozen recent historic cases. Once we get our fallible and undependable selves sublimated to REVOLUTION then the rest should come easy when compared to the endless, nowhere drag of the past years. Once accomplished, then all the 'right' and high ideals will have some meaning and can be put to use. Instead of the current hindrance, they will have become the 'end' that justifies whatever 'means' may be necessary."

-James Mason, SIEGE p.40, "Something that Works"

2017-10-15 15:15:12 UTC

Yep fucking clown world. I was in court when Preston the guy who fired his weapon was the other day. Such a joke.

2017-10-15 15:33:50 UTC

The nigger Long committed two felonies, one for the mask and the other for the flamethrower. I have the Virginia general statute numbers saved on my PC.

2017-10-15 16:01:23 UTC

Cops and Feds are all in bed with the Reds.

2017-10-15 22:13:18 UTC
2017-10-16 02:17:54 UTC

@John Mosby you get this message?

2017-10-16 02:19:29 UTC


2017-10-16 02:20:02 UTC

Ok as long as your in, I think only an Admin can vet you

2017-10-16 02:21:48 UTC

Also what are your thoughts regarding my Mr. Dapperton Post?

2017-10-16 02:22:14 UTC

we buy out add space

2017-10-16 02:22:16 UTC

all the space

2017-10-16 02:22:21 UTC

and just play turbofolk

2017-10-16 02:23:29 UTC

actually no, we play this

2017-10-16 02:34:58 UTC

Hey Brothers

This is C (the TWP Major of TN).

Looking forward to seeing y'all in Shelbyville!

2017-10-16 02:41:40 UTC

I saw that name suggestions were wanted for the new Regions.

What about: "The Bushwackers" or "The Volunteers" for Region 4?


2017-10-16 02:47:36 UTC

Bushwhackers sounds great

2017-10-16 03:38:00 UTC

I've been going through some of the old conversations, and apparently a SW guy said my actions at the SF conference were "niggerish" and "autistic". Also, according to him, "Billy made the whole thing possible".

I would just like to clarify some things

1. TWP members were in charge of security, before Don dropped the ball. When he did drop the event, it was TWP who picked it up (not Billy).
2. Our members were there Friday, with a couple arriving on Sat (I saw a SW guy allege we didn't show until Sat).
3. Billy was the one who fucked up and leaked the location to antifa (antifa told the news that they got the location from a mass email Billy sent), so he didn;t "save the day", he had to clean up his own mess.
4. TWP was in charge of security of the event.
5. TWP set the speaker schedule.

That all being said, Billy blindsided us by getting the Robbs to take the stage, and we were outside when Tom started talking shit. One of our members came outside and told us that Tom Robb was maligning Matt on stage. We immediately started chanting "Heimbach, Heimbach!" and proceeded to go inside to shut it down. ShieldWall members blocked the door and made it quite clear that there would be a fight, if we shut it down (the building was in Billy's name and the cops were right there, so it would have been our members arrested for the fight, not SWs). We were over security, so this was obviously a power play on SW's part. After that situation arose, we were making phone calls and trying to decide what to do. Mind, this whole thing caught us completely off-guard, and there wasn't much to do, without causing a ruckus. We ended up going inside to make an official statement, but Tom started talking shit again, so I flipped out, at that point, and started yelling at him, saying that the conference was our event, and he had no place running his mouth (I NEVER threatened him, nor got in his face). SW guys jumped up and it turned into a screaming match between us and SW.

2017-10-16 03:48:32 UTC

What I don't think SW counted on is LS having our backs the way they did. Hell, every LS member there was right on point, backing us up (I even had a couple that were begging to just start a brawl right there and wreck SW...something that would have easily been accomplished, but we still would have been arrested, as the building was in Billy's name).

Myself and the LS members went back to my house, after the event, and talked about things...for the sake of "unity" we will not start a spat with SW or Billy, but we will never work so closely with them again (at least as far as our local chapters go).

I will admit that I was incredibly disappointed with how things went. I wanted to just shut it down, even if that meant a fight, but I didn't want any arrests, or the horrible optics said arrests would cause. That being said, I can't ever think of a time of being so insulted and not fighting about it...I tried to do what was best for the event and our members present, but perhaps I made the wrong decision. I'll leave that for others to decide (I offered Heimbach my resignation as TN's Major, over the fiasco).

That all being said, I still think the event was a success for 4 major reasons.

1st. The event went off without a public hitch, with TWP getting A LOT of publicity (Matt was even spotted there).
2nd. I have been getting messages from SF boomers wanting to donate money to TWP (so we must have made a good impression on some).
3rd. NF picked up a few new members.
4th. The argument showed WN 1.0 that NF is a real alliance, and that our orgs have each other's backs. SW and Billy are playing real nice with us, now; mostly because all the NF guys were ready to throw down over Matt being insulted, imo. We showed a sense of unity that is not commonly known in WN 1.0 circles.

2017-10-16 03:48:34 UTC

I wrote an after action report, which is nice to everyone at the conference (the Robbs are never mentioned). I didn't put SW on blast, for the sake of "unity", but I did make it perfectly clear that the conference was a TWP event, and that we will be taking the event for a NF one, in the future. Feel free to read it here:


@☦Colton of Yore☦
@Dr.Cocopuff - Admin#3889

2017-10-16 03:55:58 UTC

I think we're gonna be taking a lot of people from other groups soon

2017-10-16 03:57:03 UTC


I think NF will be the Movement 3 years from now...the rest (aside from the Alt-Lite cucks) will just be little 5 man crews.

2017-10-16 04:12:40 UTC

I got a PM from a guy in another group who can't technically march with TWP but he and like 8 others are wanting to come to Shelbyville anyways, albeit independantly and lo-key

2017-10-16 04:13:05 UTC

That's a good start.

2017-10-16 04:13:16 UTC

actually, I think he's gonna message you

2017-10-16 04:13:31 UTC

He's not sure what the deal is as far as coordination is concerned so I told him to add you on here

2017-10-16 04:14:28 UTC

Ya, I think he already messaged me.

I'll have to talk to my bro in LS, to get all the info he is needing.

2017-10-16 04:19:55 UTC

Trying to get a headcount (for food and gear) for the training session in Knoxville next weekend.

Is anyone on here coming down for it?

2017-10-16 06:00:54 UTC

Excellent article, C.

2017-10-16 06:16:50 UTC


2017-10-16 12:29:58 UTC

Anyone getting HTTP 500 errors on Fash Emporium?

2017-10-16 12:30:31 UTC

Front page works fine, but when I go to My Account or the members only part it won't load

2017-10-16 12:31:02 UTC


2017-10-16 12:31:32 UTC

tried both open web and Tor

2017-10-16 12:39:57 UTC

I just officially signed up, too

2017-10-16 14:14:32 UTC


2017-10-16 14:14:37 UTC


2017-10-16 14:17:54 UTC


2017-10-16 14:17:56 UTC


2017-10-16 14:45:41 UTC

: 3 those goggles look snazzy. Really learned to appreciate helmets with visors during the last demo.

2017-10-16 14:46:00 UTC

Looks like the site is back now. Isn't there some kind of members only forum thing? Or was that still under construction

2017-10-16 14:46:40 UTC

It should be done very soon or is done and is being rolled out soon

2017-10-16 15:31:37 UTC

Ok, wasn't sure if there was something else that

2017-10-16 15:31:45 UTC

That I should have been able to see

2017-10-16 17:24:05 UTC


2017-10-16 17:24:20 UTC

Hey babe, wana come lay down with me?

2017-10-16 17:37:15 UTC

Whose bed?

2017-10-16 17:40:06 UTC

Serrano ⚡⚡

2017-10-16 17:57:56 UTC


2017-10-16 18:01:33 UTC

This is for anyone attending the training session, in Knoxville, this weekend; if you have any of these items, please bring them:

Shields, boxing gloves/wraps/mouth guards, sleeping bag and/or blow up mattress, and (so long as you can legally do so) feel free to bring guns and ammo.

2017-10-16 19:46:37 UTC

I'm working toward making it to Tennessee so I can do a little piping on the weekend of October 28th. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toUaE60Kdoc

2017-10-16 19:56:52 UTC

@everyone Who should I direct an Alabama recruit to?

2017-10-16 21:01:14 UTC

Major Williams, those are great pics

2017-10-16 21:01:54 UTC

I liked the Stormfront 7.0 article too. Hail Victory

2017-10-16 22:20:32 UTC

Here are a couple "digital libraries" I made at work, about 5 or 6 years ago.

For anyone that is interested...



Also, here is an Orthodox blog site I made, from several years ago, too:


2017-10-16 22:24:19 UTC

Also, national news picked this up several weeks ago...If you type in "white nationalist" into the google news search engine, it is still on the first page of the search:


(Just trying to keep y'all updated on what we have been into out here, for the past couple months, since I just now got into this group).

2017-10-16 22:24:54 UTC


2017-10-16 23:55:31 UTC

Dudes... 😢

2017-10-17 02:02:38 UTC

"A Third World War, like the one put forth by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion may now become unnecessary as means of final control over the planet by Zionism, even when local wars and slaughters, like those in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, the guerilla wars and terrorism on a grand scale, are not enough as blood sacrifices dedicated to Jehovah. The German delegates and administrators, the Social Democrats, the Christian Democrats and the Freemasons, all collaborators with forced face-mixing and the occupation of their territory by Üntermensch, by colored races, slaves of Atlantis ..(Negroes, Turks, Asiatics).. a genetic flood that makes it unnecessary to use physically violent destruction by way of the real ultimate atomic bomb, which is stil kept by them. After the Idiotization, the use of the atomic bomb would be superfluous. Even though the weapon that Hitler did not want to use against his enemies could still be symbolic when used against this abjact people that are no longer Hitler's people because they have forgotten their honor is named loyalty.

2017-10-17 02:02:49 UTC

The drama and the ritual assassination of Rudolf Hess proves the unintelligible cowardice of this people, who have allowed such a thing to happen, and who were once heroic as a people. Certainly it must be a Superior Spirit has now left and abandoned them forever.

Things in this world have come to such a point that is makes possible the announcement of an agreement between the two superpowers (What Serrano calls 'Bolsheviks vs Everyone Else', of which true Nationalists, in our age, are a minority...translating to Capitalism vs Communism), those 2 artificial and deceptive halves that divide the world, to suppress a non-existent atomic arsenal, hanging over the heads of a hypnotized humanity, stupefied and terrorized, disposed to believe and accept everything. So humanity has already been enslaved and the Earth is under the control of a single criminal hand."

-Miguel Serrano, MANU: For the Man to Come, p.28, "The Atomic Bomb Does Not Exist"

2017-10-17 02:04:30 UTC

Is there a PA chapter I can get ahold of?

2017-10-17 02:06:20 UTC

I've got a friend out there, would like to point her in their direction

2017-10-17 12:27:37 UTC

Oh boy

2017-10-17 17:52:54 UTC

I'm making a game about space nazis

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