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K Martin 2017-09-23 17:29:41 [TWP Right Brothers #welcome]

Can confirm

K Martin 2017-10-14 21:35:14 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-10-18 03:09:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

You can also always find the new domain whenever it gets shoah'd by going to their onion link instead.

K Martin 2017-10-18 05:17:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

Aye 👌🏻

K Martin 2017-10-20 20:51:57 [tradworker #tradworker]

I really hope he gets a visit from the police.

K Martin 2017-10-27 00:43:41 [tradworker #tradworker]

Thinking they'll be searching ANTIFA bags more than ours

K Martin 2017-10-27 00:44:53 [tradworker #tradworker]

Still, nothings changed. Be smart about what you bring and we'll be a ok

K Martin 2017-10-27 00:47:41 [tradworker #tradworker]

Oh they're cucking us on flagpoles too? That's fuckin lame.

K Martin 2017-10-27 01:14:01 [tradworker #tradworker]

Yeah the no backpack think irked me too

K Martin 2017-10-27 01:43:36 [tradworker #tradworker]

Which one is that?

K Martin 2017-10-27 01:44:46 [tradworker #tradworker]

Which one is the most racist one I mean aha

K Martin 2017-10-27 05:11:41 [tradworker #tradworker]

Looks like rain Saturday lads

K Martin 2017-10-27 05:13:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

K Martin 2017-10-27 05:14:10 [tradworker #tradworker]

Not what I see.

K Martin 2017-10-27 06:35:10 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-10-27 21:19:00 [tradworker #tradworker]

Hella. It's an "evil nazi kkk" rally after all

K Martin 2017-10-27 21:19:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

The media will try to spin this as Charlottesville 3.0 no matter what happens.

K Martin 2017-10-30 18:50:11 [tradworker #tradworker]

Did anyone come across my helmet yet? Black painted PASGT with "K.M." and "614" written on the inside?

K Martin 2017-10-30 18:52:01 [tradworker #tradworker]

It was in our van last I remember but couldn't find it when we got home. I suppose it's possible somebody thought it was one of Heimbachs spares and threw it in his van afterwards but I haven't asked

K Martin 2017-10-30 18:58:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

Some commie that was trying to start shit. His little friends stood by the entrance after that til we left. One even had the nerve to ask me to light his smoke about 20 min after this as if I didn't know why he was there.

K Martin 2017-10-30 19:02:40 [tradworker #tradworker]

Hit one of our guys I believe

K Martin 2017-10-31 17:08:55 [tradworker #tradworker]

@☦Colton of Yore☦ What were you 30 day banned for? I'm noticing a lot of our people are as of this morninh

K Martin 2017-10-31 17:09:05 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 03:24:13 [tradworker #tradworker]

Kamrin is a legit dude gents show him some respect

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:27:13 [tradworker #tradworker]

Amran brorther

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:27:51 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Kamrin tell these guys about your welding plan

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:28:57 [tradworker #tradworker]

Kamrin has big aspirations for Us Ohio guys.

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:31:43 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Kamrin I know you have much leadership potential in you brother. Tell @MatthewHeimbach What you have in mind - no time like the present to lay it all out.

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:32:45 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 03:41:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

Can confirm. We just need to crown Heimbach supreme Führer before the media catches on ;)

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:42:11 [tradworker #tradworker]

The sooner we can establish the gutter meme the sooner the media will forget lol

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:42:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

Führer not fucking gutter

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:42:52 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach so was the last führer

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:43:36 [tradworker #tradworker]

Anglin is probably a fuckin virgin

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:44:52 [tradworker #tradworker]

H O N O R A R Y @MatthewHeimbach

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:46:36 [tradworker #tradworker]

Anglin is a fucking cuck. Case closed.

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:47:16 [tradworker #tradworker]

Heimbach is a fucking saint. Talk shit get hit.

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:48:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

Many of us, me included can confirm we got in this movement because of your speaking skills @MatthewHeimbach I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass take pride brother

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:50:07 [tradworker #tradworker]

My grandma loves you and she's a liberal. Glory on to God(s) and our comrades.

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:51:11 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 03:51:59 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 03:52:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

Big if truw

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:52:11 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 03:52:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

Substantial if correct

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:55:02 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach that Israeli ever give you a link to his propaganda? Couldn't find a single article about us on Irrsali 8 or 11

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:58:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

Hail or people Hail Heimbach Hail Victory

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:58:14 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 03:58:17 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 03:59:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

Come over Heimbach and get several sips of Trad4loko 🤣

K Martin 2017-11-07 03:59:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

Trad Worer blasting off again

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:02:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

Speaking of optics @MatthewHeimbach who was behinf the "TradWoerer" shields

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:02:35 [tradworker #tradworker]

God dammit he was one of the most optic consious there

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:03:29 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach Also did anyone ask you about my helmet? I think somone threw a PASGT in your helmet pile with a "K.M." on it

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:04:24 [tradworker #tradworker]

I still love Gunther

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:05:01 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach many thanks brother, I'd hate to think someone stole it amongst comrades.

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:05:13 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm sure it was an honest mistake

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:07:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach Many thanks again, it's a PASGT helm with "K.M" and "614" as well, both in white out

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:08:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

terrible black paint jon on the outside, I spray painted it the night before Sville.

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:08:53 [tradworker #tradworker]

But damn we looked good

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:09:07 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm the dick on the far right (as always)

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:10:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

But the media didn't like this pic simve you couldn't see "Tardworer"

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:10:20 [tradworker #tradworker]

I know it

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:10:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

Optics cucks get the rock too lads

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:11:24 [tradworker #tradworker]

plus we look just like Nordic Resistance with black shirts instead of white - I think our optics are solid

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:12:33 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 04:12:43 [tradworker #tradworker]

I think it's a gods send

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:21:31 [tradworker #tradworker]

@here does anyone have the "It's okay to be white" but with the TWP/LS logo?

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:24:48 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach So you dont have any originals of any of those?

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:25:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm bored andcan solo poster <:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808>

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:25:25 [tradworker #tradworker]

Let me know. Thank you sir.

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:26:38 [tradworker #tradworker]

@here anyone near Columbus Ohio wanna come with? I put up 20 posters today and only 3 got taken down so far

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:27:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

Also anyone @here in Cbus Ohio i have a working printer lol come help me

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:28:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

Well I'm a tad bit off campus in Hilliard OH

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:28:24 [tradworker #tradworker]

close though

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:30:17 [tradworker #tradworker]

I have many printed off already but if anyone has the TWP/LS version I'd like it

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:30:36 [tradworker #tradworker]

hsve plenty of ink

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:33:09 [tradworker #tradworker]

As soon as I get the TWP verson of "It's okay to be white" I'm goinf, are none of you close to CBus Ohio? Feels bad man.

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:33:25 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 04:34:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

@brig What was your rate of posterafter 24 hrs?

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:35:13 [tradworker #tradworker]

Damn brother. I'm about to gi check mine and put up more

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:35:55 [tradworker #tradworker]

I still have plenty of ink, So I'll print asmany as I can

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:37:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach Do you think it would be too tryhard to write "" on all the posrters i print tonight?

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:37:37 [tradworker #tradworker]

They''re all "it;s okay to be white" posters

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:38:25 [tradworker #tradworker]

I could actually type it under the poster I think @MatthewHeimbach

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:39:42 [tradworker #tradworker]

TWP "It's okay to be white" posters it is @MatthewHeimbach 😉 25 in the printer now.

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:40:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

YOU are the saint mein Fuhrer

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:41:05 [tradworker #tradworker]

We all need to be walking several miles a day to meet the firtness standard

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:41:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

Gents if you're not working out now, it's time to start.

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:42:25 [tradworker #tradworker]

I hate to be an optic cuck, but the chad lift-wafffe will always beay the virgin antifa

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:42:32 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 04:43:20 [tradworker #tradworker]

What our Fuhrer said!! These are the STANDARDS. You shoud surpass these!

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:44:07 [tradworker #tradworker]

Starting tonight! I'm about to hit a late night jog, so should you all

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:44:51 [tradworker #tradworker]

Our Fuhrer leads from the front and so should you.

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:45:01 [tradworker #tradworker]

Amran brorther

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:45:20 [tradworker #tradworker]

^ ^ ^

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:45:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

Next rally I want to see NOTHIMG BUT CHADS!

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:46:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

Ohio Chjapter has a standard, I'll see if I can't find it and post it.

K Martin 2017-11-07 04:46:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

sorry for all my shit spelling guys, my phone is a cuck

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:32:14 [tradworker #tradworker]

Who had the standard?

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:32:55 [tradworker #tradworker]

Ahh hyeah.

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:33:22 [tradworker #tradworker]

Still, should we not set a fitness standard?

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:34:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

You're a nigger fevs. I lost mt PASGT at SVille lokl

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:34:45 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 05:34:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

Ah it's all god

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:34:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

no shit

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:35:24 [tradworker #tradworker]

PASGT is best helmet. Fevs and I get it why don't yall?

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:35:52 [tradworker #tradworker]

Milk is the ONLY white drink

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:36:02 [tradworker #tradworker]

can confirm

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:36:39 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm torrenting COD WWII

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:37:01 [tradworker #tradworker]

because fuck paying for black female nazis

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:39:13 [tradworker #tradworker]

<:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808> \

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:46:02 [tradworker #tradworker]

you better start remembering because I'm interested now

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:47:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

Don't worry too much brother I have no raeal athotity @Kombat-Unit

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:47:35 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 05:48:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MatthewHeimbach Whomst is the lucky lady?

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:50:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

This group was never a sole mens gtoup.

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:51:11 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 05:52:00 [tradworker #tradworker]

Very goof my dude!

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:52:20 [tradworker #tradworker]

goood not goof haha

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:52:44 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Kombat-Unit watching now

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:53:20 [tradworker #tradworker]

So aesthetic

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:54:39 [tradworker #tradworker]

Yessir will get in contact with her

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:56:17 [tradworker #tradworker]

Brothers we will need all of your good info - however we will be at 6147728182

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:56:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

text or calll for more info

K Martin 2017-11-07 05:59:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

That video is very nice

K Martin 2017-11-07 06:01:16 [tradworker #tradworker]

Still - remember the normies are at your back!

K Martin 2017-11-07 06:16:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm goiong to bed brotheres. My address is all the same! Hail Victory!

K Martin 2017-11-07 06:21:04 [tradworker #tradworker]

Amran brorther

K Martin 2017-11-07 06:27:05 [tradworker #tradworker]

Hey guys this is a overexaturated view video, so only people with the link can see - but this is what happened after everyone went to sleep at Sville

K Martin 2017-11-07 06:27:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

Again, DO NOT share this link, it is private

K Martin 2017-11-07 06:28:11 [tradworker #tradworker]

but eatcvh it isfunnt af

K Martin 2017-11-07 06:28:21 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-07 06:29:01 [tradworker #tradworker]

Thats why this vid is unlisted - link only

K Martin 2017-11-09 05:20:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

We still need a TWP choir and have some OC battle hyms to write lads 👌

K Martin 2017-11-09 05:25:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

Church has a choir, but the SS had a music-corps fam 😎

K Martin 2017-11-09 05:28:34 [tradworker #tradworker]

Sounds like a pretty based church

K Martin 2017-11-15 17:16:04 [tradworker #tradworker]

You're both right.

K Martin 2017-11-15 17:16:51 [tradworker #tradworker]

But what is necessary is never easy.

K Martin 2017-11-15 19:50:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

@(H) Sterie Ciumetti on the top left where the server lists are you should see an option for "create instant invite"

K Martin 2017-11-15 19:53:04 [tradworker #tradworker]

> inb4 someone calls for your excommunication and a boomer genocide

K Martin 2017-11-15 20:51:48 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-16 23:38:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

Can ya'll believe this shit...What exactly about this picture is offesive? We need our own platform soon.

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:39:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

It's hardly even showing. I know they were banning people with the profile pic frame but thats 4 lines and half a gear ffs. Makes me so mad.

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:40:25 [tradworker #tradworker]

Oh I've been zucc'd a shit tone. My account Mark Semus just got perma-disabled. Feels bad because now I can't even make an new account, they have me IP banned so when I try it gets auto disabled.

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:42:58 [tradworker #tradworker]

Amran brorther.

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:43:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

That is the silver lining to all of this.

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:49:42 [tradworker #tradworker]

@MadKicker Tried to do it on my VPN while using Tor Browser, same result when trying to make an account for some reason. Spooky right?

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:50:37 [tradworker #tradworker]

Tried on Firefox with a VPN too. I've tried to make 3 new accounts today. Last time this happened one of my friends in the UK made me a new account and sent me the info, may have to do that again.

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:53:38 [tradworker #tradworker]

Nope, I've made 4 new email addresses as well today.

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:54:19 [tradworker #tradworker]

Maybe it does it automatically because it knows I'm using a VPN? I know 4chan knows when I'm using a VPN

K Martin 2017-11-16 23:57:51 [tradworker #tradworker]

PIA VPN. Maybe fb recognized my emails were so new somehow? I've been using Gmail so I'll give Yandex a try and make a new one tomorrow

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:00:37 [tradworker #tradworker]

I know but I use it to talk to several friends more convieniently. I fing hate facebook but for the time being it suits my needs.

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:12:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

Optics cuckery usually, in my experience anyway. I understand the need for professionalism but some autists expect us all to dress like Richard Spencer at rallies.

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:13:13 [tradworker #tradworker]

To which I say fuck getting pepper spray and piss baloons on my nice suit.

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:15:30 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'll concede to that.

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:16:34 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm kinda guilty of LARPing from time to time. I do have an SS uniform.

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:19:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

Holy shit thats fucking badass

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:22:29 [tradworker #tradworker]

This is the hardest I've larped in public. I wish I looked half as badass as you did.

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:22:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

I do think PASGT helmets should be standarized though

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:23:48 [tradworker #tradworker]

^ I try to tell people this

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:24:44 [tradworker #tradworker]

I really wish I knew where that kike reporter posted his article, he got a really aesthetic shot of my glasses lol

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:26:34 [tradworker #tradworker]

Speaking of gear, before I joined TWP my LARP game was on point.

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:30:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

I collect gear so I guess my LARP game has always been on point lol

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:32:25 [tradworker #tradworker]

Yeah it's a pretty yuge waste of money. Got all those "giant dolls" for free so I couldn't resist playing dress up

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:32:58 [tradworker #tradworker]

I've since used two of em for target practice but still keep one around to spook kids on halloween

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:38:07 [tradworker #tradworker]

Hell yeah, a SeaBee who was in Iraq actually donated that whole uniform to me. Along with 2 discs full of pictures he took. Lots of cool shit, quite a few dead hadji pics as well

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:48:18 [tradworker #tradworker]

Rockwell was a national treasure

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:51:18 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'll fuckin end u fevs.

K Martin 2017-11-17 00:51:53 [tradworker #tradworker]

I had never heard of that druggie bastard til today now he's the biggest news lol

K Martin 2017-11-17 01:13:31 [tradworker #tradworker]

Florida? Can you even be TWP and be a Floridian?

K Martin 2017-11-17 01:23:11 [tradworker #tradworker]

National Socialist

K Martin 2017-11-17 01:23:59 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 01:24:02 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 01:24:07 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 01:26:48 [tradworker #tradworker]

Well tell him to go to and ask him if what we stand for turns him off @Mr. Hughes

K Martin 2017-11-17 01:49:31 [tradworker #tradworker]

Race war now <:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808>

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:07:01 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm actually also curious about this question. I had an old friend in Cali ask this not 35 minutes ago.

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:08:53 [tradworker #tradworker]

lol keep on heilin on brother.

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:11:39 [tradworker #tradworker]

Dayton/Columbus needs to have a body boxing tournemant like I used to do in high school. Shit really does improve the skillz. Even improves comradery more than you would assume beating the shit out of eachother would

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:11:46 [tradworker #tradworker]

TWP Fight Club when

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:14:29 [tradworker #tradworker]

U wot m8.

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:15:57 [tradworker #tradworker]

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:16:34 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Kamrin No shit? What a coincidence. I'm all for it.

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:20:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

Praying for him brother.

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:22:16 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Vice Commander Hunt What's vmware? I'm pretty tech dumb brother. Also lemme know when you're in Columbus next we oughta get a beer or something.

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:22:59 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Der Jäger As far as I know a reporter. She walked by me and said "I fucking hate the bagpipes"

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:24:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

Well if she hates bagpipes she aint white enough for me

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:24:38 [tradworker #tradworker]

What a time to be alive lol but thanks man I'll look into it

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:25:09 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 02:26:21 [tradworker #tradworker]

Throw back to my NSM days

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:27:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

I still have that flag hanging in my closet haha.

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:31:31 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm sure they'd let a well meaning good goy give them a hand if one of you tech savy guys takes the initiative to contact them

K Martin 2017-11-17 02:55:44 [tradworker #tradworker]

Why are you a nigger in a trench coat

K Martin 2017-11-17 03:31:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

@ac Why is ur pic the Hezbollah logo

K Martin 2017-11-17 03:32:05 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 03:32:19 [tradworker #tradworker]

Am I the not-drunk person here for once?!

K Martin 2017-11-17 03:32:36 [tradworker #tradworker]

Can't argue with that

K Martin 2017-11-17 03:43:48 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 03:44:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

Somehow make the flag itself comic sans

K Martin 2017-11-17 03:59:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

I like the term " Foreskin Stealer "

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:27:11 [tradworker #tradworker]

I don't even like Azov other than their asethetics, but I was honestly thinking of joining them for a few months just to get my dick wet combatwise.

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:27:31 [tradworker #tradworker]

I still might.

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:28:00 [tradworker #tradworker]

Getiing PAID to kill commies? Shieeeeeet

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:29:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

Because I don't think many of their members are actually NS or even WN, I think a lot of them just like the aesthetic.

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:30:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm not talking about the leadership I'm talking about the members.

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:32:17 [tradworker #tradworker]

How can I trust the leaders if I can't trust the men that will be at my side. Again, I have nothing but outliers to judge, and that is why I still am considering going

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:32:53 [tradworker #tradworker]

I mean shit guys, if AntiFa is training with YPG we SHOULD be sending guys willing to fight with Azov

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:33:15 [tradworker #tradworker]

I like that.

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:35:45 [tradworker #tradworker]

We shouldn't talk about it here tbh because of opsec, but any independent person here interested,we should see about getting a few guys together this summer and actually getting our dicks wet with ruski blood

K Martin 2017-11-17 04:36:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

> Red gloves


K Martin 2017-11-17 04:37:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

looks like he's never even got em dirty. I bet they're in Arizona not Rojava

K Martin 2017-11-17 05:47:09 [tradworker #tradworker]

What's the most red pilled non white and why is it Indians?

K Martin 2017-11-17 05:48:41 [tradworker #tradworker]

My point exactly. Street shitters are based

K Martin 2017-11-17 05:50:29 [tradworker #tradworker]

That was so fucking awesome. Who else here was part of the Shelbyville Human Swastiker

K Martin 2017-11-17 05:51:41 [tradworker #tradworker]

no contest

K Martin 2017-11-17 06:18:49 [tradworker #tradworker]

^ Me in 2013

K Martin 2017-11-17 06:21:14 [tradworker #tradworker]

2010* As if it's much of a difference. But 2010 was when I became redpilled.

K Martin 2017-11-17 06:40:37 [tradworker #tradworker]

If you don't like this song, you're kinda a cuck tbh.

K Martin 2017-11-17 07:52:11 [tradworker #tradworker]

Oh gawd. Both times I went to the Savanah it was for the airport, and everyone within a 20 mile radius of that airport is either a nigger or a poz as fuck soyboy @katherine

K Martin 2017-11-17 07:52:36 [tradworker #tradworker]

Can't speak for the rest of Georgia, but fuck Savanah

K Martin 2017-11-17 07:53:31 [tradworker #tradworker]

Both times were pre-redpill, and even at 14 years old I could still smell the weakness in the air.

K Martin 2017-11-17 07:55:30 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Hand Banana I am digging this doc, what is it called?

K Martin 2017-11-17 07:56:01 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'd like to watch from the start tmrw. its late here.

K Martin 2017-11-17 07:57:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

I mean of course blackface us akways classy haha

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:00:54 [tradworker #tradworker]

LOL This has to be a mock-umentary right? @Hand Banana

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:32:34 [tradworker #tradworker]

Dude Sville was still lit tho. I hat when optic cucks try to discredit us.

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:32:53 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 08:33:26 [tradworker #tradworker]

We did well for the most part. The Media ALWAYS tries to get the worst pics

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:35:00 [tradworker #tradworker]

Exactly. Here is the worst pic they got of me - leaning on the shield. It's not even that bad, but it's the worst one i've seen of myself.

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:35:21 [tradworker #tradworker]

For the most part, I think we all looked A OK

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:36:57 [tradworker #tradworker]

They got some really good pics of all of us, but you know damn well they chose to publish the worst ones.

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:40:19 [tradworker #tradworker]

That's why the optic cucks have "somewhat" of a point. Anyone that is among our ranks need to have at least some level f physical fitness

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:41:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

They got quite a few pics of me. But I'm even more fit than I was back just a few sort weeks ago.

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:42:18 [tradworker #tradworker]

Hell I made it to the front page of WashingtonPost. Biggest cuck publication besides Vice.

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:42:29 [tradworker #tradworker]

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:43:43 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 08:46:31 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 08:47:13 [tradworker #tradworker]

It's fine brother it's 3:46 AM here so mine did too for a second til I re-read it.

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:47:37 [tradworker #tradworker]

Then I lauged my ass off

K Martin 2017-11-17 08:47:57 [tradworker #tradworker]

fuck I can't even spell laugh right now

K Martin 2017-11-17 11:45:10 [tradworker #tradworker]

I just wanted some BBQ prk ny dyde

K Martin 2017-11-17 11:45:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

dude. Hell ijysr made a whole plate of tendies.

K Martin 2017-11-17 17:31:00 [tradworker #tradworker]

real talk?
sign me up fam

K Martin 2017-11-17 17:34:01 [tradworker #tradworker]


K Martin 2017-11-17 17:34:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

quick rundown?

K Martin 2017-11-17 17:35:10 [tradworker #tradworker]

yeesh. Is that why he hasn't been mentioned in recent months?

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