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Chris Johnson aka Kristoffer Odinsson here


Any Texans in here?

Good morning! Hope everyone has a good white weekend :)

I'm so white, I work all weekend. Heuhuehuehueheu

Hope you all have a great event.

We are growing and we are rising. The world isn't ready for the TWP >:D

Add me on Twitter: @Kristoffer_TWP

Fine. Shit on my dreams xD

So is everyone in this lobby vetted TWP members?

Ok. Didn't think so

Knew it


Wish i could go SO bad.

God Emperor Colton Williams, to be official.

Have a talk with Heimbach about it.

This goy might just end up making it to c-ville


For c-ville, is twp going militant or business-casual?

Just dawned on me today

Cool. Im ready for either militant or slacks and polo

Ok got it

Doc martens and slacks not tucked into the boots, dress belt, twp polo. Boom.

I got some modern docs that arent the typical skinhead ones

ZOG raped my mother and killed my father.

I cant wait for c-ville. I think about it hourly

Hail victory!!!

I can't wait to see the combat gear

Whats that discord info?

Wait... Whats the deal with women now?

My probate im bringing is female

Was there some rule i missed?

I have a NS female willing to stand with us. Is that a no go? Whats the deal on that officially?

If she has to be in the back or doing other shit, she probably won't even want to go


I'll speak with Heimbach on it.

So what will women be doing during the rally?

The house it is then

I'll let my probate know

Shouldn't be an issue. She's pretty traditionalist. Just also angry NS woman haha

Aye aye

She's going regardless. She doesn't mind any role.

That's what I'm talkin about


Everyone, @RobinaBardot13 is my friend and current TWP probate, who will be coming with us to #UniteTheRight

Okay, so my friend @RobinaBardot13 is a photographer and has her own equipment. She's studied Leni Riefenstahl photography and she could get some great shots of the rally. @MatthewHeimbach is this a role she can take on for UTR? Also, have you decided on what my direct role will be in the rally?

She's the one who wants to join us.

Awesome! I hope they fit. I have a massive dome...


God willing indeed.

I got the twp email. @MatthewHeimbach you have my size and everything you need from me for my officers uniform, correct?

@Commander Davis (TWP) do you need a specific bicep size?

For the armbands

I'm so glad we can represent GD in this. It's a bigger move than some may think. Our solidarity is super important

Yeah the peeing situation is ridiculous. Im just gonna pee info condoms and throw them at antifa


Hail Victory!

Indeed. See you there.

Are TWP officers wearing helmets during the rally? Or in case of a combat situation?

Everyone safe?

I have opinions

I think officers should only wear helmets if a combat situation occurs. Bravo and charlie teams should have them on

My opinion only though

I don't have smartphone service. I just use wifi. So i will not be able to be contacted online. If anyone other than Heimbach needs my number, let me know.

Anyone else getting tons of messages saying that you're going to be arrested

Like 50 randoms

Got home to 50 message requests

Calling me nazi of course but a lot of them said i was goin to prison soon

Scare tactics im sure

Jw who else it happened to

I am off all social media if anyone asks

Anyone who needs my number let me know

Off all social media

I do

I'm going to spend that time on other things to better myself.


Trump uncucked himself

I liked the statement

It will help us


That pbs interview w Heimbach was amazing


Fuck jews 🚹

Fuck these Jews, man.


Commander Schoep (NSM) and myself and C-ville


That is just sick

Anyone who isn't a leftist is a nazi now

(((heebs))) will not divide us!

The Jews get bolder and bolder. Time to cut them down to size.

Copy that

I don't know if you know this or not, but...

I fucking hate the Jews.


MSM would say so



Illuminati: Confirmed

Everything alt right is being shut down by the kikes

They're scared

Lol wow

Lol @ ppl calling twp commies

Thats pretty rich

Lol nope

Free market leads right back to globalism


Pretty much haha

Lmfwao xD

We made it

Blood: Boiling

He seems to be going from civic nationalist to nationalist

We shall see

Everyone who uploads videos about the truth behind Charlottesville have their videos removed

I keep sending diff links and most of the time i get an response saying the video has been removed

Its such bullshit

Cant have the truth circulating out there! That would be bad!


Fuck these jews, man.

It will come with struggle for sure

I enjoy your enthusiasm


I'll set up a vk

Anyone with snapchat, add me: fashygoy1488

They must be proud of living in Zionist occupied America

Day: Made

@☦Colton of Yore☦ nice appearance!

Denton TX. They tore down my last propaganda piece so i put a new one even higher

Fuck their feelings

Hell yeah

Fuck those Bolsheviks

Thanks Colton

I got alottttt on my camera

My buddy is making a compilation video for YouTube of my drops

I'll post the link in here when its complete

Hail TWP! Hail Victory! 👌

Watched it. Liked it

Post-double drinks at the pub in a TWP polo nationalism

McGregor got beat by an old nigger? I smell a setup for 💰

I also heard that Mayweather's manager only books him fights he is guaranteed to win. But that's heresay



On campus. Good drop spots.

Fuck PC beta male bands

No SJWs in metal

That's a must

The world needs more jason augustus's haha


@MatthewHeimbach what is our next official event?

@AltCelt(IL) know any details?

@Octothorpe thank you

But they don't arrest the nigger cuz dindu nuffin



Read SIEGE bro!!!

Fuck fags

That dude rules

I'd party with that dude

I hang with a couple of em

Cameron is my boy

Dante is pretty chill

Fuck (((Tim Wise)))

I REALLY fucking hate that guy

Lollllolll derrick


Mein neger


Yeah... Us... Stable?

"I fucked Your wife and your mother and they both loved it!" - Cory at UTR

Oh dude VA is falling apart bad. Lots talking about out just joining us.

TWP über alles

Even though we sometimes shout at women in the streets and fuck with the media

I liked what they had

But if they wanna join us, i aint mad


Heil Heimbach

Heil TWP

Hail Victory

We takin over dis bitch

I use cbd daily. Miracle for the anxiety prone

I use thc too but im still in the top percent of my class

Its all about discipline like colton said



Someone suggested lsd therapy for my anxiety

Sounds AWFUL


Mushrooms made me quit nicotine

But honestly im scared to do lsd with my anxiety

Though they say it can help

Trippyyy maaannnnn


Yeah it scares me

Weed smoking fascism. Its a thing. Lol


Damn dude haha

Don't embrace decadence

Vanguard America says not to


I dont see it that way kombat

Just my opinion

Moderation and discipline

True :(

I cut back a ton

Im an occasional drinker now


I miss being at the cabin in VA with my TWP boys

Every day

Oh and lmfwao @ tradworker watch


Idc what any one says. I dig swastika tattoos

Nice whiteness

Keep us posted


On a park bench

PC Master Race

I just redpilled my parents on european mass immigration to the US vs non-white mass immigration to the US

They're boomers who almost get it. They get scared from the word "Jew" and they want to turn away

But if you use all the same talking points, minus saying Jew or Jewish, they nod and agree completely

My dad always says twp would be better if we didnt attack the jews directly in our speeches and propaganda, but he is a boomer and just doesn't know how necessary it is at this point to name the jew

It's biblically prophecised that God's chosen will continue to disobey God's initial command (to act with Christian morals) and something like ten thousand (im awful with remembering exact numbers) knights in white (fashy goys?) will slay them and rest in the kingdom of heaven.

They aren't chosen and given amnesty.

The jews crucified Jesus because they didn't wanna play by his rules and they wanted to keep their jewey ways. The same jewey ways us Christians and pagans both hate.

They may have some power and control now but biblically it will all end. And the more you read the book of Revelations, the more you feel like its directly talking about the current time.

The Jews' days are numbered.

"I am going to chose you guys because i see a lot of potential, but you gotta cut out that jewey ass behavior. Nobody likes that shit. Deal?" - Jesus

*quick like a child's fit* "No!" - The Jews

So then they crucify his ass.... Fucking kikes dude...

Kombat that meme is both perfect and amazing haha xD

Agnostics pull faith from their own minds right?

Faith is important and powerful. People just pull it from different places. Being faithless entirely would be a personal disadvantage IMO. Faith magic is very real. Don't have to believe in God, Jesus, Odin, or Mohamed to have faith or use it.

Some believe in "the universe" and pull faith from that

Thats cool

I just hear that agnostics pull faith from the mind

Faith in something. Anything. That is a good thing

Thats my point


For esoteric hitlerism

Do they believe in natural law (faith wise)?

Like the political application of natural law

I thought so



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