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Hello kameraden

Not as of this morning.

I deliberated joining TWP and when I made up my mind I can't. LOL. I'm sure it will be fixed soonish.

YW o/

@MatthewHeimbach when will the registration be working on the website. I decided I wat to be a part of the TWP

Speaking of region. .. do you have any organization in southern Virginia?

Yeah, I know who Derrick is

A happy Father's day to you kameraden

(((OY VEY)))

@JTThrasher (TWP-Lynchburg, Va.) it was great to meet and hang out with you guys last night.

I know that the main focus right now is on prepping for UTR in Cville, but does anyone have an idea when the membership sign up will be active again on the site?

Anyone heard any updates on Cantwell?

The shock value of the white sharia meme is very satisfying tbh.


Going to have to start sticker triggering in Danville VA

@RagBat that's great! I bet those triggered the absolute dogshit out of the shitlibs

LOL not hardly.

Married 22 years.

To a woman. In case I needed to specify lol

I really get


Irritated by

People who type

In chats with

Just a few words

At a time


Muh constitution 🙄

Yeah... not especially keen on riccio

What's a nibba have to do to get vetted?

Well that's not gonna happen

33 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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