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Found an SUV with a RESIST and fist sticker. Cut swastikas all in it and wrote heil hitler you commie faggot

on the side of the road in my hick town nonetheless. commies not welcome.

The Cucked Boys

Bad news boys phones off starting tomorrow til Friday :(

Literal clown world

How's it going?

they denied it

fucking kike lovers are gassing us

Catholicism is cucked

Southern Baptist >

Idk if the black ones do it like that, but the white ones are tame just with the preacher being loud

Although Christianity is still the best :p

Sometimes, that's why I like Baptist services, it's just frankly not a cucked version of Christianity so hard. They always talk about that lovey dovey shit and let Jesus into your heart and you're saved is all blasphemy and creates false converts.

#notmypresident fam

@1Robertelee they are registered as a terrorist organization in New Jersey, not nationwide

It's I guess the NJ section of the DHS. Don't know exactly though how the DHS works

No but they put up signs calling ben shapiro a fascist white supremacist

Have you goys seen this absolute shit show

I genuinely do not know what is happening in this video

Yes I believe so

wait definitely not, it's just a fake translation now that i think haha

I would love to see the real one


BLM pick one

Got some more good publicity in my local city today


I was only yelling gas the kikes. Plus African Americans? That's racist fam. These people should know best there's only one race, the human race.

If I could travel that far I would love to, that's my birthday too. I'll be spending it at a tank museum looking at Panzers though so I'll live.

Tank Museum in Danville VA

The Patton museum? How was that

They should restore them

Glad they are

Italy knows no anti-Semitism and we believe that it will never know it. Let us hope that Italian Jews will continue to be sensible enough so as not to give rise to anti-Semitism in the only country where it has never existed. - The fascist leader of Italy, Benito Mussolini

As I was trying to explain to a negro earlier, each race conceives consciousness differently and therefore has a different worldview, thus effecting their behavior

That's trash!

Can I give you a different email I've been using to get the info to instead of my old one?

Awesome, I'll keep a lookout for the old one. Since I officially joined, by being at Cville, it's just gonna go to my email I listed on the Charlottesville sign up page, correct?

Excellent, looking forward to seeing the new setup,

Good, we really need more of both

Hell yeah!

I agree completely, especially with everything going on. Now there's not really a chance of moving a lot of ground and we can finally get on to addressing a lot of the interest in people wanting to join or support us I hope. As well as just the ease of having decent contact with each other

Same, the principle is the whole point. Not to mention we're not really getting anything done without the activity

is a great site to use


Yes, I for one do plan to make it. Probably bring someone with me that is unaffliated with TWP but goes flagging with me and went to Charlottesville too. He's expressed a lot of interest in TWP

Shit fam eight hour drive? It'll be worth it.

Uhhh is anyone really in charge? So long as it isn't me

I hope I can make it out to Shelbyville so bad

Absolutely ridiculous

They've gotten close to fully doxxing me, I guess we will see if they end up.

I'm ready to see what happens the 4th and at Shelbyville

I'm about to go to bed gentlemen, have a good night

That's not the thumbs up whoops, but hail victory

That's crazy as shit, lemme check out the profile also good to see you in here Thrasher

Probably church and then relaxation brodie

What's the happenings?

If I can get a ride I could probably make it, I'm literally too poor to even afford gas this week. Got 26 hours in and had to pay bills

My nigga they best ought know I'm feral already 4 i have to bust a few caps n show em cuz ๐Ÿ’ฏ

I'm gonna shoot 'em a message and see if they will, they've been asking me to come up and I've been dying to anyways. Just been having a rough time recently. ya feel?

Without a doubt. Life sucks dick, be a lot cooler if we didn't live in kike world.

Bathrobes confirmed new uniform. Heil Hitler!

When's that?

I'll be in Lynchburg with Thrasher and some others Sunday if I get to do anything. Knob Creek is in KY anyways innit?

I've actually never been to KY before, would love to go sometime

Find and gas.

I'm game!

I need some TWP stickers

It's be much appreciated, I can think of a few good places in the area to put them

LMFAO Tucker Carlson told this faggot kike looking dude "Someday Kaepernick will probably be on the 20$ bill, hopefully I won't be around for it"

I'm yo nibba, friend

Alright brodie, have a good night.

I'm gonna do my best brother. 1488

Damn right

one of my friends said something aboutt hat earlier, none went off did they?

what kind of fucked up people?

I'm glad no one was injured. I'm upset about it myself, I'm really sorry lad.

I can't wait til we destroy these fucking terrorists

Hey @โ˜ฆColton of Yoreโ˜ฆ Hannah Zarski said she might see some suspicious people

Yessir, just asked her what information I should pass on, waiting for an answer

Shalom friend, it is, remember the 6 trillion.

I countersignal pagans frequently tbh, because usually they hop on out of nowhere talking about fuck Christianity and all this.

I uploaded a picture of like myself maybe it was a few weeks ago and some Pagan dude hopped on their hating on Christianity saying I couldn't be part of muh white ethnostate because Christian lol


Real shoahed on facebook on my alt now for a day, and still shoahed on my real account who up

Sucks bro, my real account will be coming off its second month band in the last 3 months on the 30th. What're you in the hole for?

Leaving a review on that bar that's getting raided by commies for saying "I wish the Jew lovers would stop trying to gas my favorite bar" or something like that

But I also trolled some people into thinking I'm actually a Jew who is a member of the alt-right because I recognize what kikes are doing to white people and find it offensive that we would try to genocide a race just like our poor race which has been through so much and give me shekels pls goy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Sounds like scum to me

Shelbyville was great though right?

I will say the Hammers were fun as fuck to fight aside at Cville.

A lot of people from a few groups were cowering and optics cucking a bit. It wasn't the time for it then.

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