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Finally got this thing to work.

Hello dd1986. My first time also. This Syrian situation is disgusting.

Yeah. He surrounded himself w/ (((them))) from the beginning.

True. Breitbart comments are filled with dissent.

Uh...what's Allepo? (Makes stoner face)

OK. How do I save this chatroom. Do I just follow the email link everytime? Forgive my techniphobic lifestyle.

All of the above until I hit paydirt. It wouldn't work on my kindle so I snagged my wife's chromebook. It looks like the website right now, whatever the link in the email was.

Sounds good. Thanks.

I have to run. Hail victory!

Goodmorning, fashy goys.

I will have my Taurus .357

I named it Mjollnir

Southern Va here.

This is great PR. Spencer smartened up and had some guys ready to go if necessary, but presented an issue that will reach a wider audience under the banner of being peaceful. Great move.

I hope the Pikeville meeting has a good showing. If we can get to marching and showing up with numbers, and hold our own when attacked, people will become emboldened.

I do not expect any problems in Pikeville. Was speaking generally toward future endeavors.

His reaction was weak, but I am glad it did not derail him.

I cannot wait for the seminar and meeting some good folk. Had a friend that was going to go but he is getting twitchy.

Look forward to meeting you. This will only be my second event, the first being an AmRen conference a few years ago. Now I find them to tame. Not shitting on them. They serve their own purpose. It just comes across as stodgy and stale for me personally.

I agree. I met Heimbach at the conference and had fun with his crew. I am 46, married w/ kids, but all of my friends are in their 20's and 30's. I've never been content with just talking.

I also respect how the TWP has pulled different factions together.

Absolutely. I refuse to let my disdain corrupt my life. I fight for beauty and the love I have for my family. I will not let the rob me of that joy.

I think everything has to be balanced. Love and hate, especially. Hate is a tool not a way of life. Once you lose the core, the thing worth fighting for, you lose yourself.

This is why we need mutual support. This fight is just beginning, and fighting alone leads to Dylann Roof moments.

That is why I a excited to see a group creating positive action. It is good for the soul of a man to fulfill his purpose. Ibelieve we were born for this time. Golden ages are for pussies

I was a good little antifa in the 80's, and I hated myself while having an inflated sense of ego and self importance. When I became a nationalist I learned to care about something greater than myself and developed a healthy sense of pride and confidence.

sorry...my keyboard is jacked

Same here. Is Azzmador coming?

Cool. I'll be easy to find. I'll be the little black guy. j/k. I've got to run. 14

anyone alie?

Kids are getting ready for bed, housewillbe quietsoon

Sorry,keyboard isa mess

I did that for awhile. Got to arrest ahomeboy.

They weretrying to get funding for aflying pyramid.

i am stoked for Pikeville!

I left DC in 92. Do not miss it

Everywhere is. Lynchburg was quiet for awhile, but even w/ 30% groid it is changing. MS-13 is starting to operate here and we hae a Muzzie compound 20 minutes away.


Maine is still 96%

I think we need to buy up a large section of rural land near a town w/ jobs, develop gardens and animal keeping, w seeral houses anda main meeting house

I really hate my keyboard. I assure you I am notilliterate

It just gets down to it being under one name and then "selling" lots

I understand but it would iprovequality of life while we stay active, and with food being grown we could lie cheaply, have more resources for the fight

Depends where you live. Different states hae more tolerance for"communes." The problem is no one doing anythingillegal so the org doesn't get sued and lose property. If the lots are indidually owned that eliinates soe of that

It would have to be planned in advance, w/ no public organizational ties to look like a deeloper taking adantage of his land rights

just my 2 cents My wife and i ahe been talking about this for years

yep Different states have different laws

That is exactly why I push for something rural. Can't be overpopulated.

by ferals

We are trying to get land in the Appalahianfoothills here in Va. Hopefully in a couple of years.

My wife is from orem Utah

No. Her parents were, and then they went on a hebrew christianity kik then her dadbecamea baptist. she met me 14 yrs ago and never went back.

he worshipped jews and got into messianic judaism

Yeah. Weird dude.

No it is not Lot of land to hunt beautiful mountains

it is hard to pick up. I watch the muzzies use their compound to move people

It dpends on if you are willing to downgrade for a time

i tried to hit on an antifa girl once. the bar of soap missed

Was carrying my gun open at a party and an antifa girl said I shouldn't hae the right to carry it. she said she could sneak up on e and stealit . I told her i was slap her to the ground if she tried and her boyfriend didn't say shit.

you should have seen the shock and the horror inher eyes when she saw the patriarhy

i left the party after she stormed out because the men were weak and disgusting. the women ruled the

My wife thought it was hilarious. I really want to encourage you guys. Good women are out there, they just need to see strength and they will respond. A good woman will react positively to your leadership. My wife was not redpilled until I was.

I spent ten years celebite before I met her. The only women that hiton me were not what I wanted. I met her at church. Her Utah conservative background helped, but there was still a lot of work there

Truth. And women can sense neediness. You have to be comfortable being alone, and engage relationships with something to offer

Absolutely. 10 yrs single was brutal.

I'm down. Except the burka part. Our women are too beautiful for bags.

Good night, folks. Kids start the day early.

Received my TWP shirt today.

Wore it to my son's martial arts class

I've been looking around for stickering ops. Not a lot of legal places. Thinking of putting flyers in the free city paper

Yeah, if your town has a free paper, just stop by a few places that have the racks and throw them in.

There was some graffiti on metal that I wanted to cover with one. It is in a spot that a lot of people walk by.

I lived in a smaller town, so there is less tolerance for stickering. In a city, despite laws to the contrary, no one really gies a dan

A friend of mine is giving me all of his TWP stuff. He is taking a break from politics. Now it is just me.

Interesting is Kushner's Lucent Technologies. Lucent=glowing, giving off light. Same root as Lucifer, the shining one. The address? 666 5th Ave.

Someone posted it here

He has such a smug look on his face all of the time

DIdn't know that. I just found it interesting

I haven't read Serrano yet

Right now I am reading Odin: the One Eyed God of the Indo-European Mannerbund put out by the journal of indo-european studies

I prefer Jung's take on hitler in his article Wotan.

I'm so glad he broke with (((Freud)))

Freud is "Muh poop. Muh mother's vagina." Jung is, "God, archetypes and higher becoming."

I bought the original Red Book when it came out. It is massive w/ copies oftheoriginal German manuscript and then the English trans

I think it isalmost 2 ft tall

Have you read Jung's Wotan?

HAHA. Yes it is. I more gnostic myself, not in the classical sectarian definitions, but as an approach. I choose to use the Germanic archetypes, symbols, ritual to express my religious side, but have a deep respect for Orthodoxy.

Especially the desert fathers

I think as far as CHristianity is concerned, the Philokalia is the best stuff out there

Jung's article is may be antifa, but it hits the nail on the head as far as the god of war archetype manifesting through the Germanic people

I say antif because he was against fascism, not as the org of gutter punks and trust fund kids

My fav Catholic writers are Bernard of Clairveux, Teresa of Avila, and John of the Cross

time to ressurect the templars

I am working on an article called Toward a Christian and Heathen Synthesis. The goal is to focus on the similarities as expressions of the European soul, sine both are so dominant in pro-White orgs and Ia tired of the in fighting

ideas of ascension, transformation, decent to the underworld, archetypes and spiritualknowledge

It is not going to be meant to solve the disagreements,but to help each side understand what they have in common

I just think being pro white is bigger than thesedifferenes

"the color of your uniform is the color of your skin"

Enjoying this, but I'm gonna run. 14

Damn. I missed all the anti-faggotry.

They were driven back after 20 minutes of running clashes, throwing fire works and spraying with mace. Do not know how long the event will be and if antifa will hae re-enforcements tonight. On another clip you see Yvette Falarca

The propaganda war has started here in L'burg. Talked to a law student friend of mine who is taking his bar in a couple of months to get clearance on a couple of things.

WIndshield wipers on public streets are legal for all political canvassing, as long as there is not a call for violence in materials.


WeSearchr is trying to raise more money for based stickman. They raised 65,000 last time, and he turned around and said White Nationalists need to accept their demographic decline or face a South African situation of revenge and murder in the future. Screw him.

True. I just see no reason for WN's of any stripe to toss more money his way.Will Researchr fund Nathan's legal defense if he gets arrested? Or Matt's?

Plus, the rally ended up in the negative financially. Seems they should be raising money for that, riding the media wave.

I think he helped spark a willingness to fight back. And that can be used. Otherwise...

He burns waifu.

Damigo dindu nuffins. He was a good boy fighting communists.

I'm waiting for Moonman to get busted for something, so wecan say "He dindu nuffin. He wuz an aspiring rapper."

I like cranking that song "Start up the rotors." Not MoonMan song, but damn catchy and sounds great LOUD.

Before I call it a night, just wanted to say Happy Easter to my Christian fam, and happy Eostre/Ostara to my heathen fam.

@B1488 It is just in the idea stage right now. I've been bouncing it around in my head for awhile, in between reading, family, etc.

The leaders/organizers. In ase anyone has to wade into the fray.

They are tearing down the confederate memorials in Charlottesville, Va.

Not antifa, the gov.

I am camping. Have a 4 man tent.

Thinking about a helmet. bought lightweight boots with composite toes. Not as handsome as OS DMs or my combats, but lighter.

What is the temp looking like? Black pants andlong sleeves may suck. I have a short sleeve work shirt and my TWP T-shirt

It is 84 in Va today. 5 hrs south in a week could hit high temps.

I am bringing extra water for sponging off before suiting up. Figure after camping might need it.

Pikevilleweather- Friday 88, Saturday 90 according to theweather channel

I need ahat for my bald head

if antifa show they aregoing tosmell wonderful

Is the fashwave one that looks like an old 70/80's movie?

I think Mattwants us uniform for the march, but camping is casual

Not from me. Anglin and weev dindu nuffins

Welp, weev helped keep DS up, and Heimbach has articles and comments up there. I'm not gonna do infighting.

Bloomington Indiana antifa claims they will be in Pikeville to counter

That would have been hilarious

We are going to be so heavily and legally armed, Iimagine thecops are going to have to keep us separated

That is for antifa to not wearblack, notus

I like red laces

we can tat echoes around their eyes

Anyway...since I have a 4 man tent I can house a couple of comrades if needed. Otherwise I like my palacial room.

Agree. Says 91 degrees

Do we have any TWP hats? I am bald and need a head covering

will do thanks

cool. I was goingto carry a helmet, didn't know if we ould wear the

what isthat style called

typed in bucket hats and it looks like oldpeople gardening hats

some of the results look like lampshades forthe head

Military hat worked

got it


Gotta run. Getting my son ready for martial arts

We are getting an email w details at least 24 hrs before the event, right?

My German sense of time makes me anxious when I cannot plan ahead.

do we have confirmation that it was [REDACTED] who hit our man?

and if so, do we want his face and name out there to troll, dox?

Is it too late for my friend to sign up for Pikeville?

Noticed the payment option is down.

@parrott My friend wants to register for Pikeville but payment is down.

SeenKyle I will be there.

Heh. We gotta get you signed up.

any other virginia folk going?

skirner- your car won't make it.

shut it down!

backstreet-I think it's cool you are going. You are an example of perserverance

can I ask when we start friday? I just wanna know when to leave here

when a friend of mine has his wired he would blend chili and drink it

should we bring a pad and paper to talk to you? jk

that sucks

good question

Anglin is getting sued. I think the Jews are overplaying their hand on this one. It is going to expose Gersh

Pikeville will be my first demo. I am pumped

I don't think it is because of that. I think it is Sven's esotericism and interpretation of history. But that is just conjecture on my part.

Damn right. Disagreements are one thing. Disowning is another

and DS has so any different viewpoints as far as readers. But ds is not a political org, it is a news place and disussion forum

the book clubs deelop their own flavors.

It serves it's purpose. What drew me to TWP was it is iRL action

and the autists can be a pain on ds

but i still support it

@Skirnir42 did you get registered

Pence says we will be happy to take australia's refugees

Not trying to interrupt, but /pol/ is making a list of and doxxing 8000 antifa. https://archive.is/Ott0j

Come locked and loaded, goys.

anyone get emails about event details yet? I just want to make sure I didn't miss it.

someone mentioned monday

I heard 26th originally, then yesterday or day before was told monday

A friend is going to have to defend his paper for grad and wants me to try and poke holes in it, and I a trying to plan when to do that before friday . It all depends what time I have to leave here Friday morning.

I have both of you beat

when I'm driving

You want soy sauce?

Co'mon, goy, sing along

waifu is a jap body pillow

or something

Chapman married his waifu

Something like that. I'm honestly not totally sure as I am an old bastard. I just youtubed "my waifu" to see what would come up.

yes itis, butit gives new meaningto"pillow talk."

What is Yvette exactly? Is she a flip? Part beaner?

She is tall enough to hold my beer on the top of her square head

She keeps guards around herin a circlenow

The Eye of (((Soros)))

People on DS are complaining that they wanted to register but no one has gotten bak with them

What should i tell the?


For Pikeville? The DS guys went through tradworker and haven't heard anything

I payed thru tradworker and do not hae a ticket

Well, I hope this won't be a problem when we pull in. I a just trying to find out how these DS can register/why no one has responded to them.

I don't want to pull up and have some NSM dude checking eeryone in, telling me I can't get in w/out a ticket or that i have to pay again.

Yeah, I told them camping. Just surprised there was no confirmation email.

I used the link theyprovided in the members newsletter that skirner got

Already did. Just membership confirmation, and me trying to register but the link was down, then it worked.

I payed by card

I'll hope for the best and know by the 26th i suppose.. I agree w/ ops but i am also trying to make plans. I stress too much

i found it shit. My bad.

Yep. Sometimes I miss what is right in front of me

Dunno. I like naps.

Are you under the same name on gab?

Hola! Que Pasa, essay!


WHere are you at?

That sucks. A bus takes forever.

No idea. If you could make lynhburg you ould stay here and then ride with us


Yep. I did a bus to indiana from here once. Had to pass rochester and change over near you. Long trip.

Don't know. I'm new.

There are 2 of us in my town.

20 bucks

Will cover, change the adidas logo

@parrott @Skirnir42 said he hasn't heard back on registration

Sweet. Thanks.

Are there any logos/sticker you do not want on helmets? I might be able to convert one on the back to the tWP forks

Had to fash it out


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