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2018-11-30 02:37:56 UTC

Yeah me too pretty much

2018-11-30 02:40:05 UTC


2018-11-30 02:40:31 UTC

Eh finals at my school are really overstressed it's bad

2018-11-30 02:40:51 UTC


2018-11-30 02:40:56 UTC


2018-11-30 02:41:01 UTC

I’m just ready to finish this year. I hate this college

2018-11-30 02:43:22 UTC

Lol I hate my highschool rn tbh

2018-11-30 02:43:57 UTC

I’m sorry to hear all this, one question I would have is if you have any evidence that she was asking your and guilting you into this shit? Because if you have it as texts or messages you should hold onto it for evidence

2018-11-30 02:44:27 UTC

I can probably produce evidence that it was consensual.

2018-11-30 02:44:32 UTC

Not much else

2018-11-30 02:47:12 UTC

Anyway, I’m glad therapy is working for you and you are getting better, laying off the crazy certainly helps a little too I’d imagine, I wish you the best that it passes over without too much trouble, but just warning you to be ready in case things take a turn

2018-11-30 02:47:31 UTC

I am honestly really worried right now

2018-11-30 02:47:51 UTC

The thing is she isn't mentally stable but doesn't accept any help.

2018-11-30 02:48:28 UTC

She has apparantly said that I raped her but the thing is nobody believes her I'm just worried that someone will and everything is going to go down hill fast

2018-11-30 02:49:29 UTC

Hey, you don’t need to worry about her

2018-11-30 02:49:44 UTC

It’s over, especially if you have proof that everything was consensual

2018-11-30 02:50:00 UTC

Don’t let someone guilt you into doing something you don’t want to

2018-11-30 02:50:13 UTC

Indeed, lesson learned

2018-11-30 02:50:16 UTC


2018-11-30 02:50:20 UTC

Fr tho

2018-11-30 02:50:22 UTC

Sadly it’s hard because you can’t predict the future on these things, just try and get any evidence ready (texts, messages, etc) and surround yourself with people you know will have your back, friends and family, and if people already don’t believe her because she is that obviously nuts, you have a lot of eyewitness on your side too

2018-11-30 02:50:34 UTC

I will thank you

2018-11-30 02:52:46 UTC

Similar principles apply

2018-11-30 02:52:58 UTC

Cool thanks

2018-11-30 02:57:11 UTC

Basically, panicky/crazy people are dangerous, you prioritize your own safety to to make sure you don't just add to the victim count, so use arms-length help if at all possible. If the situation is really bad, you wait for them to drown more and then they become easier to help

2018-11-30 02:58:57 UTC

And generally, trying to save someone super-malicious unless you've got the sort of backup that comes with doing so professionally, is a bad idea.

2018-11-30 18:11:22 UTC

@jimmyjohnsandwitch That's pretty bad. Sounds like an emotional abuser. If it hasn't been said - try and get hold of that screenshot and back it up, if you can. Keep your texts too, and back them up if you can. Just to be safe.

2018-11-30 18:13:34 UTC

Please do keep us updated, and document everything you can.

2018-12-01 05:09:40 UTC

i guess il talk about this here: Around when i was in 6th grade my parents relationship started having troubles my mother suspected my dad of cheating on her becouse he would mostly go out at nigths and not come back for a few days about a few weeks later i heard that my dad actually tried to uh run away from my mom and me you know as a 6th grader i cried my balls off and after my mom did send images of me crying to my dad a day later he decided to come back but it turns out he was cheating on my mom with another teacher at a school he works at my mom actually collapsed after work one morning from what i can assume was the stress we had a car we had a great house and it all faded slowly away it was never brougth up on who i wanted to stay with but i wouldve choose my mom eitherway

2018-12-01 05:10:11 UTC

after awhile things seemed to stablize for me and my mom but it kinda got worse for my dad

2018-12-01 05:12:51 UTC

we still kept in contact but the woman he liked literally drained him dry:she made him buy a big ass house he couldnt really pay for becouse they were both teachers made him buy a dog that he still cares for to this day made him buy like 3k of gym equipment to actually start a prvt gym thing in his house in order to pay those off my dad sold his motorbike i thougth it was all good but turns out she made him buy like 10k OF FUCKING FURNITURE that hes still in debt for to this day

2018-12-01 05:13:18 UTC

so he left her but not before going into huge amounts of debt and moving 4 times in 2 years

2018-12-01 05:14:20 UTC

at the last house she made him adopt a cat and when they broke up she just left the fucking cat turns out she was a fucking pschyo becouse she would leave litlle pills in the cats food to make it fatter becouse it would be "cuter"

2018-12-01 05:15:56 UTC

due to money troubles me and my mom had to move houses twice and i had to leave the great privt school i was going to i assume things are stablizing now but they dont talk to me that much about the financial situation all i know is that my mom takes alot of money from my grandparents and has alot of debt owed to them

2018-12-01 05:16:13 UTC

im in highschool now and i still talk to my dad alot since his house is kinda close

2018-12-01 05:17:26 UTC

hes genuinely a great man i know he tries to make me happy and he tries to do what he can in his cureent situation (sorry for some spelling mistakes im not a native english speaker)

2018-12-01 11:11:22 UTC

It sucks your dad seems to have been taken advantage of like that, it would have been good for him if he had thought more of himself instead of going along with whatever his new partner wanted.

2018-12-01 11:11:39 UTC

But, I also kinda hate cheaters with a passion so >.<;

2018-12-01 13:00:09 UTC

@Gok that's a really rough deal - I hope things get better for you, I really do.

2018-12-01 13:01:08 UTC

Maybe we should do an article on gold diggers for as it is a very quiet kind of, well, basically legal fraud.

2018-12-01 13:02:28 UTC

If you'd like to tell your dad's story as part of it, let me know.

2018-12-01 13:16:46 UTC

im fine with my dads story being on there

2018-12-01 13:17:08 UTC

but yea i guess its kinda getting better now but we still have financial proplems

2018-12-01 13:39:57 UTC

That's good to hear at least

2018-12-06 02:55:51 UTC

I just want to come out with my story of how a woman abused her power over me to ruin my life for years

2018-12-06 03:04:15 UTC

We are here for you. Lay it out there.

2018-12-06 03:11:07 UTC

She was my first girlfriend. We started dating in my junior year of high school. I was inexperienced, she was pretty and interested, so it ended up happening. Things started out relatively alright, but eventually I started hearing things like "oh, men" from her while we were cuddling, and she'd hit me lightly on my body with various objects she happened to be holding at the time. She'd also joke about us breaking up, jokes that got more and more extreme over time. She also did a role-play with me in which she was pregnant with her ex's child after he raped her (I later found out that she was "raped" during a sex role-play between her and her ex) and tried to claim the child was mine. Eventually we were talking about abortion, and I said that if I ever have a child I hope the mother would keep it for the child's sake. She got really mad about that and violently objected to what I said, saying a woman has every right to an abortion and that my opinion should have no place in that decision. Finally, the day came when she basically asked me to propose to her at 17 years old, and of course I told her to wait until we were older. She left me the next week for another guy, and then came back for more of the same after he dropped her. We dated on and off for 2 whole years in increasingly toxic relationships without me ever having sex with her, and after that I felt ruined both on an emotional and sexual level.

2018-12-06 03:11:45 UTC

Like, I couldn't even really talk to girls outside of a platonic context until this year, although I tried at some points, and failed, because I thought that this girl I dated was the norm, and that I should basically not try to say or do anything that I thought might make them uncomfortable, lest I get hit lightly, or insulted, or shamed. I was also always afraid that I'd just get used or strung along or something, or that women would hurt me once I opened myself up to them. I'm pleased to say that I'm finally starting to be more comfortable talking emotionally with women, and flirting, and saying that I want something from them. I'm especially starting to be more comfortable with my sexuality and wanting sex with women I'm attracted to despite her trying to make me feel bad for wanting it. So yeah, despite this whole shadow hanging over me for a large chunk of my youth, I'm finally recovering. Take that, bitch

2018-12-06 03:12:38 UTC

P.S. Found out after the fact that she is a very serious and devout feminist. Not sure all of them are that bad, but I personally will never date a feminist after what I experienced. I just can't open myself up to that possibility again

2018-12-06 11:18:02 UTC

It's good that you're starting to do better mate, there's no shame in wanting sex, most people do :3

2018-12-06 11:32:37 UTC

sex is great, just remember the old saying though "don't stick dick in crazy", I'm sorry, but you do deserve better, no one should have to put up with that kind of shit.

2018-12-06 12:37:39 UTC

I'm really glad you got out of that, and I hope you don't have any more problems. If you would like, I can put your story on for awareness about toxic relationships. Would you be comfortable with that?

2018-12-06 12:38:13 UTC

I'd just like to keep this here. I don't want to make some big public proclamation about what happened

2018-12-06 12:38:23 UTC

I just wanted to get it out there

2018-12-06 12:41:00 UTC

That's absolutely fine. It can be anonymous, but I won't push you to do anything you don't want. I really do hope you have better luck with it. It's not easy, but you know the warning signs now, at least.

2018-12-06 12:43:22 UTC

Sorry for the double post btw, I don't know exactly how that happened, but it should be gone now.

2018-12-08 01:00:47 UTC

@InsaneCaterpilla can i tell you one of the things im panicing about

2018-12-08 01:01:20 UTC

if you have time?

2018-12-08 01:01:31 UTC

Sure ok

2018-12-08 01:02:11 UTC

so im 15 and at school a girl keeps doing stuff thats.... interesting and its worrying me.......

2018-12-08 01:02:26 UTC

so shes fairly new to the school

2018-12-08 01:02:39 UTC

she brags about how she beats kids and hits em

2018-12-08 01:02:52 UTC

she hasnt touched me though

2018-12-08 01:03:26 UTC

anyhoo, over this week she has been saying she will beat me when im walking home

2018-12-08 01:04:14 UTC

You walk on the same route back together? Is that all she says or do you generally talk about stuff on the way back?

2018-12-08 01:04:52 UTC

she says it during the school day and..

2018-12-08 01:05:29 UTC

she said "ill have sex with you and ill make it hurt like hell you ugly fuck"

2018-12-08 01:05:42 UTC

i said "NO! you cant make me"

2018-12-08 01:05:57 UTC

she says thats she can

2018-12-08 01:06:05 UTC

(shes much stronger then me)

2018-12-08 01:06:26 UTC

so thats weird

2018-12-08 01:06:46 UTC

she said that twice but never did it

2018-12-08 01:07:32 UTC

err..... im just confused

2018-12-08 01:07:39 UTC


2018-12-08 01:08:21 UTC

its been worrying me as i allready have autism, ADHD and anxiety -_-

2018-12-08 01:08:50 UTC

Well, first if you want advice mate, the first thing I would do is talk to her seriously and make it clear to her that if she wants to be your friend then it's not right to threaten you and stuff, and if she keeps doing it you're gonna stop hanging anywhere around her

2018-12-08 01:09:26 UTC

If that doesn't work, she keeps doing it and coming up to you and harassing you, you should definitely tell a teacher about it

2018-12-08 01:09:31 UTC

i didnt say shes my friend and its not my choice to be by her as we have assigned seats

2018-12-08 01:10:07 UTC

however we get new seats soon

2018-12-08 01:10:29 UTC

Yea I get that mate, its just possible that's the way she's trying to act. Seems like she's 'not quite all there'

2018-12-08 01:10:55 UTC

idk what that means

2018-12-08 01:11:13 UTC

*puts finger to the side of his head and spins it in a circle*

2018-12-08 01:11:21 UTC


2018-12-08 01:12:16 UTC

There's no doubt that if you, as a guy, were to do something like that to a girl it would be a major issue, which is unfair

2018-12-08 01:12:28 UTC

yesterday she kept talking about killing herself and I didnt want to talk so all i said was "people care about you" and if she has told a adult. them she gets a additude asking why im being "nice guy"

2018-12-08 01:13:05 UTC

today she was talking at me about getting scammed out of $1000 and how much shes pissed but i didnt say anything

2018-12-08 01:14:23 UTC

i over heared her talking to other people about her death yesterday one of the boys gave ideas

2018-12-08 01:16:32 UTC

Mmm... I can understand maybe if you're worried about someone you know, even if they're not particularly a friend, but given how she acts I wouldn't try and reassure/help her or anything... Not even to say people care about her. She sounds like the type of person it is safer not to associate with

2018-12-08 01:16:40 UTC

though she was still allive today and seemed normal, only diffrence is no threats TO ME today as she was to bussy bitching about a car and yelling at the teacher

2018-12-08 01:17:31 UTC

shes gotten many detentions for being rude to staff

2018-12-08 01:18:20 UTC

If teachers know about her behaviour, that makes it more likely that if you go to them, they will take what you say about her seriously and how uncomfortable it makes you

2018-12-08 01:19:31 UTC

one question, is it a crime for a minor to take pictures and record another minor without consent even if they firmly and calmly asked for them to stop

2018-12-08 01:20:03 UTC

the boy who sits behind her says she drew dicks on them

2018-12-08 01:20:48 UTC

It's not generally a crime to film in a public place, unless what you're filming is illegal. Sometimes it could be considered harassment. Schools may have different rules regarding filming but I'm afraid I'm not sure

2018-12-08 01:21:24 UTC

she disent just do it to me and she dose it with her snapchat on iphone

2018-12-08 01:22:03 UTC

Sorry, I don't understand

2018-12-08 01:22:26 UTC

she takes pictures of alot of kids using her iphone within the snapchat app

2018-12-08 01:22:59 UTC

I don't think that's illegal but I'll look into it for you

2018-12-08 01:25:16 UTC

It's legal unless they use it for commercial purposes (or as before, they take it of something illegal)

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