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2018-11-23 22:06:55 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

2018-11-24 04:12:48 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

I have been wanting to get some of his books for a while.

2018-11-24 05:13:13 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Do they have audiobook versions? I think my dad would like them but he is dyslexic

2018-11-24 05:16:53 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Awesome, might be nice to listen to it with him on his next chemo and piss off all the feminist nurses, lol

2018-11-24 10:11:21 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

all my reddit feed has is cattle dogs, lol

2018-11-24 22:05:19 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

/cries, so many to choose from ;w;

2018-11-24 22:05:47 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Iโ€™m linking the OwO one to my wow guild though, I think that one would go down well there xD

2018-11-24 22:18:00 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I have honestly never cared that much for Bathesda games, got a PS4 the other day and it came with Skyrim and Fallout 76, thinking I might go and try to trade them in for something better, anyone got any game recommends? I got God of War, Spider-Man and I am planning on getting Red Dead and Spyro ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-11-25 01:52:47 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

naw, mew is a $50 microtransaction that comes with a shit controller

2018-11-25 02:14:05 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

yeah, I got it too xD

2018-11-25 02:15:13 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I have it, I dont really play it... Monster Hunter stories, now thats a better mobile game ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-11-25 02:21:47 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

it costs money but it is an actual game with no adds or microtransactions, I am 50 hours in, is also very pokemon-like

2018-11-25 02:23:09 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

you mean Monster Hunter World? yeah much better, but is a full game, stories is only $20 xD

2018-11-25 02:23:19 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

different games, same franchise

2018-11-25 02:25:53 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

well thats much cheaper then when I got it for PC, lol

2018-11-25 02:26:47 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Oooo, fancy

2018-11-25 02:27:41 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I would love a double bed, wouldnt fit in my caravan though, but is pretty much my dogs bed anyway, I usually wake up down the side of it on top of the wheel arch, lol

2018-11-25 02:28:33 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

making dreams reality

2018-11-25 02:29:18 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

one day... I will live in a house... and it will be great xD

2018-11-25 02:30:51 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

not since my mum kicked me out of home ๐Ÿ˜„

2018-11-25 02:32:22 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I was 16, my dad came and got me 1 year later but he was already homeless because of child support taking everything he had.

2018-11-25 02:35:46 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

idk, but when we rang up child support when I found out about all this, they refused to listen to me because I was 17 and they "don't want to get the children involved", so they rang my mum, she told them that she never kicked me out and I was welcome home, and so it was dropped, and because my dad got cancer around this time, I literally had to pay my own child support to my mum for about a year.

2018-11-25 02:36:31 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I'm sure in hindsight there was more we could have done but I will still a teen, I had no clue and my mental health was pretty fucked at the time.

2018-11-25 02:36:54 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

that's not even to speak of my dad who actually feels guilty over that

2018-11-25 02:39:20 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

probably, but right now I just want to leave it all behind me, I'm just happy I found a community that understand ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-11-25 03:16:18 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]

2018-11-25 03:18:56 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

As long as you happily fell off that cliff I donโ€™t see the problem

2018-11-25 03:19:20 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

As opposed to sadly or angrily falling off the cliff

2018-11-25 03:21:44 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Depends, you may have just found a really fun cliff diving spot

2018-11-25 03:29:51 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Sure, why not? xD

2018-11-25 03:34:01 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

See, now weโ€™re talking!

2018-11-25 07:42:39 UTC [Men's Human Rights #activism]  

Isn't it that in most abusive relations that both partners are at fault? that violence reciprocates violence?

2018-11-25 09:05:26 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-11-25 11:11:44 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!pick Rowlet

2018-11-25 11:11:51 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:12:18 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I'm a Pokemon Nerd from way back, lol

2018-11-25 11:16:46 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

haha, I almost Picked Snivy xD

2018-11-25 11:16:50 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

good choice

2018-11-25 11:17:06 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:18:08 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

ew, relaxed nature, so much for an offensive build, lol

2018-11-25 11:19:49 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

P!catch Pansage Grass

2018-11-25 11:20:00 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!catch pansage grass

2018-11-25 11:20:13 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!catch Pansage

2018-11-25 11:20:31 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:20:52 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I believe you xD

2018-11-25 11:21:25 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

can you still have a shot or can only 1 person catch?

2018-11-25 11:22:15 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

yeah, that's fair

2018-11-25 11:23:10 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!nickname ButtOwl UwU

2018-11-25 11:24:14 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

you can have that one, lol

2018-11-25 11:24:23 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:24:55 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

yeah, the monkey I got was lv31 too

2018-11-25 11:27:41 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:28:01 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I will get destroyed since you got an ice type xD

2018-11-25 11:28:29 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  
2018-11-25 11:28:43 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

idk how this works

2018-11-25 11:31:23 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:31:47 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

think you get leer? at lv5

2018-11-25 11:32:02 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:32:18 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:32:36 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!learn Leafage

2018-11-25 11:32:45 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!replace 1

2018-11-25 11:33:28 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

yeaaaaaah, 6th gen was pretty easy xD

2018-11-25 11:33:43 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

what about TM moves?

2018-11-25 11:34:09 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:35:10 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

you poor xD

2018-11-25 11:35:18 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  


2018-11-25 11:35:32 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!shop Page 3

2018-11-25 11:35:59 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!catch diglett

2018-11-25 11:36:48 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

also I want that Jolly Nature :T

2018-11-25 11:38:53 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I have a shiny Adamant Decidueye in Sun, I use it with a batton pass pykumuku, that thing is a tank, destroyed the battle tree for me

2018-11-25 11:39:39 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

it means I spend too much time on kids games

2018-11-25 11:41:00 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

how convenient xD

2018-11-25 11:42:07 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

neither, and is too late here and I just finished heroic Uldir so I need sleep

2018-11-25 11:43:08 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I'll look at it in the morning, night

2018-11-25 23:14:01 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Is it made of acrylic or something?

2018-11-26 01:23:49 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

The amount of sass in that summery gives me life

2018-11-26 02:12:28 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Also on the point a bit up, I am a Woman... and I love my men, I love my dad and my brother and my boyfriend and I only want the best for them... my dad is also illiterate so I read out a lot of the thing on here and other sites for him ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-11-26 02:32:06 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Cool, have you thought of making them for a little online store like Etsy or something?

2018-11-26 02:32:18 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

It looks really professional

2018-11-26 11:26:31 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

I donโ€™t have a lot of love for my mother, lol, she was an abusive alcoholic that treated me like shit until the day she kicked me out, my dad more or less saved me, so yeah, I would happily give my heart for him.

2018-11-26 13:50:58 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

p!catch dwebble

2018-11-26 21:30:10 UTC [Men's Human Rights #lounge]  

Na, all good, I think it just needs some context since I have been accused of being an MRA because โ€œIโ€™m only doing it to impress the menโ€ when in reality the things that you guys work towards are things that effected me personally, I honestly donโ€™t know if any male feminist that can honestly say the same, and yet here we are.

2018-11-26 21:31:01 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I am the Pokรฉmon Master!

2018-11-26 21:34:23 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

No, I just wanted the shiny charm, is actually a little disappointing since I finished the dex in the last few games and this was just way too easy compared (even SuMo was a lot easier then XY)

2018-11-26 21:55:40 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Going to be an interesting meta, no abilities and no held items xD

2018-11-27 00:59:24 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I just got a shiny Pidgeot and I find out that it is trash ๐Ÿ˜„ donโ€™t even have access to Brave bird or hurricane or even return! (Itโ€™s also a Jolly nature so mega evolving it over something else would be a waste)

2018-11-27 01:01:34 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

There is no Physical one either, best one is sky attack and that is so easily countered

2018-11-27 01:02:06 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Jolly nature reduces special attack

2018-11-27 01:02:48 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Idk, I could do a dumb troll set... like toxic, protect and u-turn, lol

2018-11-27 01:03:06 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

He is only there to look pretty anyway xD

2018-11-27 01:03:53 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Haha, love it xD

2018-11-27 01:04:43 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I have Venusaur with Toxic, leech seed and mega drain, I enjoy that set a little too much, especially with the mega that makes it even bulkier

2018-11-27 01:06:47 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

If you go charizad I would go X, the dragon stab and boost in physical is really good, it was only outclassed by Y because of Sunny day... and well... I miss abilities

2018-11-27 01:07:26 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Stab outrage is beast

2018-11-27 01:08:24 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

I stopped comp in SuMo, not that I was great at it xD

2018-11-27 01:09:10 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

It really depended, Y was so good but if you werenโ€™t running a sunny day team you where better off with X

2018-11-27 01:10:31 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Y was really strong because stab heatwave in strong sunlight was just disgusting, then you would follow him up with Chlorophyll Grass types with instant solarbeams

2018-11-27 01:11:03 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Weather teams have always been good meta

2018-11-27 01:13:06 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

Well before Charizard Y, you only access to drought was Hidden ability Ninetails (which isnโ€™t even that great) or groudon which would have pushed you up into Ubers

2018-11-27 01:14:29 UTC [Men's Human Rights #game]  

You mean curse ninetails?

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