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Hey I messed up and laid down while waiting for nine o’clock to hit and never set an alarm and ended up falling asleep

I’ll do two again this week and I got two out of two last week.

Well wouldn’t it be done somewhere close to where we depart? Since some will need to go in opposite directions.

Ok I just wanted to clarify because when you say my area I think like around me. So one post would be two posters at a location right?

Hey I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow. I was trying to figure something out transportation wise because I just put my car in the shop and as soon as I get it out I’m going to have to put my suv in the shop but I really can’t afford to have no vehicle so I’m going to have to try and fix my suv myself this weekend. I’m really sorry, it sucks also because I’m about to be out of stickers also and was hoping I could replenish them this weekend.

I’m not going to be able to make it, my car I just had to take to the shop and my suv just shit the bed too. I’m going to have to try and fix it myself this weekend because I really can’t afford to not have one decent car at the moment

I’m sorry for going Mia the last few days. I’ve just been miserable, my cars are fucked up and I can’t catch a break staying physically healthy.

I could use a recap for the marching

And yeah still haven’t received my patches, I sent the money like two weeks after I got in

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I was going to just do one since I’m about out and not sure when I’ll be able to get more.

And yes that’s fine, not 100 percent sure what that means though

Ok sounds good

Will we have acces to our phones during the trip or will they be locked up the whole time? Still trying to get my story straight for my girl and family

For the entire trip?

I assume yes but just want to know for sure to get my ducks in line. I feel dumb asking but what do you tell people why you won’t have phone access and Going away for a few days but can’t say where lol

Just the patches but we already talked about that

It’s just the principle I already sent the money for them so why would I buy them twice

Yeah I am

Ok sounds good


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Just figured I’d send that to you since I won’t be able to use my phone to show it if I need to


Yeah I still owe 30 I gave Ryan 20 for gas already and he said it would come off but I’ll chip in for the additional expense also

Just sent it

You’re welcome

I sent him some money

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Missing attachment: IMG_2881.HEIC

I’ll be using a mobile device for my new mumble


Thank you

I cash apped you some money for the Christmas thing Wayne messaged me about

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