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Hey sorry I missed the meeting wife isn’t doing well

Unfortunately it was tonight. All 4 children decided to have issues along with wife incapacitated.

I’m going to try for one. Still sick

Missing attachment: ABD182E9-8BED-4531-8186-675F65BCE700.jpeg
Missing attachment: E42CB633-1652-4B25-A45A-96A4769A3CB5.jpeg
Missing attachment: 5B42E5B8-0D8D-4A03-BD21-14F3F6B5BEEC.jpeg
Missing attachment: 90F13081-D551-4968-90EE-267F9976E520.jpeg
Missing attachment: 3DA2D301-3071-4138-A2BC-6AE059216B72.jpeg

My alarm didn’t go off

I have that 8 man tent I will bring again

I have insulated pants that a tan color

I can wear those right

Roger that

Welcome @Leo PA

You going to let me know on telegoy? Or here

Well gents there was a mishap with the recommended pads so I ended up with beefy ones that cost me a little more good mobility tho

Home for a little bit

I have the network patch I ordered

I’ll get 2 and no other patches I found my hat. Apparently I didn’t pack it though I swear I did but I’m just glad it was in my back seat

We all better be ready with more shanties I want the truck to be heard by cars around us lol

Damn it

My password and username for victory.us isn’t working

My password for victory site isn’t working


Ok I set it up

can I connect

What was the password

I neglected to remember it


Thanks man I appreciate you

My patriot.victory.us username and password is working I’m using PF-419799 as username

That’s what I meant

Hey I’m still not able to access victory.patriotfront.us is this your area of control or just Thomas

That’s right AF

Hey brother it’s Jackson the brother who vetted you with Eric

37 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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