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I'm on Mumble

I'm having problems with my mom again. I feel like I need to speak to a Lawyer.

I may have to leave the country honestly

I made some stupid cards that say shit like The Soy Boy on them and was gonna give fake tarot readings to people with them to make some funny videos. I left a few of them on my bed purposely to see if she would find and do anything with them. She found them and shredded them and bitched at me when I got home about it. I know she searches my room now. I don't feel safe living with her. Who know what she'll do next. I'm afraid she may take my electronic devices?

Damnit I was arguing with my mom and missed the meeting

I had my alarm set too.

I'm sorry man I've been so mad all day about this.

I got the stickering no problem.

I have 3 towns lined up for this week.

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Tommorow is thursday

Hey can I get a ride with you to the drilling event?

Is Austin NJ going so I can get a ride?

I asked Carter too but my message won't send to him I get rocket cat errors. Is he still in?

Already did 👌

Austin still hasent answered

He said he cant make it Im gonna drive myself

I posted them

1 I haI post them in activism

I was gonna do more but some random guy started following me in his truck so I cut it short

Oh I thought you had to do 4

Or post 4

Where do I meet up with you guys tommorow.

By who?

I didnt get anything

I just scrolled up and I don't see it

Ahh found it

Next week?

This weeks almost over

And I only have enough for 1 more

I left my organizer at my friends house thats why im asking. Hes /ourguy tho so its fine.

Can I buy some at the event?

On location

I'm parked to the left of the indoor lumber yard.

Okay heading over now

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Heads up my bag with all my toiletries is missing. I think it must have fallen out into the bed of Alan's truck because that's where I kept my duffle bag.

Do you have a Bone Tactical Ziplock bag in your truck?

Disregard I found ir

Disregard I found it

On mumble now

I'm ready for the meeting but dont see any NW10 guys in there

Ahh clocks wrong on my computer didn't realize it was 6. I keep correcting it and it keeps messing up

I looked at my phone and it said 6pm

My bad

I ordered the jacket. But it may not arrive until Dec 3

I even put expedited shipping.

Yeah too small for me

Does anyone have and XL jacket I could borrow in case the one I ordered doesnt ship in time?



Happy Thanksgivving

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Welcome Leo PA

You going to the demo

You wanna ride together again?

Did Eric give you east Greenville too?

Got ypu

On location


Sorry Rocket logged me out by itself and I forgot my password.

I found the piece of paper I wrote it on just this morning

This is about the meeting.

I fell asleep I was exhausted from work and the gym. I also don't have a meeting alarm for mondays.

Won't happen again.


My truck broke down. It won't shift into park.

I have strip malls near my new job planned out though.

Hey I can spare 20 for the toy drive

Hey I'm connected to mumble

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