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I don't have a mount like in marching band, but I have a drum set with a snare, 3 Tom's, a base, and cymbals

It does. It's just hard to find the harness cheap ya know

Things are good, brother! Got engaged last week

Is there a meeting tonight brothers?

Hey thanks! Not as cool as yours tho

I know right! And I joined early Oct of this year, how about yourself?

I like him. I haven't been able to have the pleasure of meeting him in person yet, but he's definitely a genuine guy. So is Sean AL

I'm trying to get off work to be there. I want to go

Short staffing and injured/sick personnel have been hindering us from being able to take off us much as in the past.. so im trying to get someone willing to swap shifts with me instead

Missing attachment: Birmingham, Ala
Missing attachment: 20211119_135725.jpg
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Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll be able to attend... I hope it doesn't make me look uncommitted or anything, like I said, off time isn't plentiful right now like in the past

Sorry, I meant to respond earlier. I will not be able to attend

What were yall thinking about doing Saturday Saturday night, I might be able to go

I cannot get off at work

Awesome, yeah I'll let you know if I think of anything. I'll be with Family finishing up Thanksgiving rounds until around 20:00 so anytime after 2100 should work.

I don't have any paint, but I'll be more than happy to buy some spray paint. Blue, red, and white?

That's tomorrow night

So tomorrow night meet at Jack Browns at 2130?

At least, i hope they meant tomorrow night, lol. If not I look like a total jackass

Awesome. What's the game plan?

Awesome. Just heads up the Walmart in my town only had black, silver, and gold spray paint 😑

Same, ill be departing soon

I'm here, I parked on the street beside it

Are we meeting inside Jack Browns

It was a good night! I'll be posting in the morning. Hail Victory

Yes I do, and sorry for the delay on posting, we've been getting slammed at work lol

Also, who do I send videos to? Or can we post videos on the activism page?

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Missing attachment: 20211127_231342.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211127_221644.jpg
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I got several pictures, whats your telegram so I can send them

I have a video to share but the file is too big, do you have an alternative way of getting them?

No, unfortunately not. I'll be there in spirit. I hate i can't.

10-4, thank you for the input! Hail Victory

God Save the South!

It's not letting me on, it's saying "max 100"

Congratulations brother! Keep up the good work! Hail Victory!

Congratulations brother! Keep up the hard work and dedication! Much love to you!

Hail Victory and the South Will Rise Again!

I'm at work and won't be able to attend tonight's meeting

I tried to get in with what little time I had, it said "permission denied"

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