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Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?


Very cool, I'll see you there!

Whats the address for the campsite this weekend?

Campsite 30, Hippy Point

880 Simmons Rd, Flower Mound TX 75022


Is Sampson going to the demo?


Conductor: Sam MN
Notetaker: Jesse AR


Test Question: How long ago did you apply? Week or two
Political Ideology: National Socialist. A country should look out for its People, and have their interest in mind. The People are those who have come here and struggled to make the nation, who built it.
Transportation: Yes
Permanent Resident or Moving: Perm
Drug Abuse: No
Religion: Christian, nondenominational. No issues with other faiths.
Why Join: Better than sitting around, proactive, wants to be a part of a community that holds itself accountable.
Skills: Electrical tech, automation work. Works with robotics. Was an Eagle Scout. First aid trained, previous lifeguard. CPR certified. Has done some photo editing before.
Read Manifesto: Yes, agrees with it. Its a good set of principles to live by. No disagreements.

Q1: Applied in 2018 or 19, didn't make it to the interview stage. No past interviews.
Q2: No crimes. No government employ.
Q3: No ailments.
Q4: Started off more leftist, libertarian. Around the same time he read libertarian literature, he read from Ayn Rand to Thomas Sewell(?). Found libertarians to be unserious. They argue semantics with no goals in mind. They intentionally mislead people. Reality is not all economics. Saw Mike Enoch and Spencer do their college tour series, and asked himself why they were being banned from college events. Watched them on Youtube and it sounded reasonable to him. That led him to TRS.
Q5: Found out about us from some source, cannot remember which. Saw our stuff all over Telegram, saw Identity Europa and how we were related to them through activism, and has a friend (Donald OK) in the org. Makes his own stickers and bought RAM stickers to use around town. Done stickering for years, content that he would see and like the messaging.
Q6: Has heard of Civic Nationalism. Thinks they're on the same side as us, we shouldn't attack them because we have bigger problems. Doesn't like infighting. Migrants cannot become American. There is an ethnic component to being an American. America is a Pan-European nation. He wants to preserve the European spirit in America.
Q7: Family has roots in America from before the Constitution. Ancestry comes from England. Ethnically describes himself as White.
Q8: Has done activism in the past. Always lone stickers, didn't know for years that there were other Nationalist activist out there in his area. No past membership in political groups. No doxxes.
Q9: Violence is justified when your life is in danger. Everyone is watching, and everyone has opinions, but if you are in danger of dying you are justified in defending yourself. Will follow orders from the organization regarding when to engage in violence. Understands and Agrees with the Violence Statement.
Q10: Last fight was a long time ago.
Q11: Schedule has been all over the place due to a new job. Works Sunday nights, has half the week off.
Q12: Biggest threat to America is policy. A lot of our problems come from government policy, and can be overturned through policy as well. The government is controlled by Zionists and their allies.
Q13: Gets his news from Telegram and Twitter. Top 5 channels on Telegram are Western Chauvinist, NJP guys like Warren Balogh, Jack McKraken, etc. Also checks the local paper to see what narratives normal people are exposed to.
Q14: Labels his worldview as National Socialist. His beliefs influence daily life constantly, once you are aware you see things all over the place, ex. BLM. They look out for their own no matter what. Every group has something like that except for us, Whites. The State should be used for this purpose. Nature is also National Socialist.
Q15: Never felt like his religion was at odds with his politics.
Q16: Read Mein Kampf, A Controversy of Zion, My Awakening, some Condreanu. A lot of these subjects are things people feel that they can't quite put into words. Lots of people can connect to works like this to explain the circumstances the world is in.
Q17: Fairly fit. Swam 103 miles last year. Also lifts often. 5'10, 185.
Q18: Ideal family is a multigenerational family living together. Nuclear family is a breakdown of this. Spent Thanksgiving with his family. Families have been broken down through psychological tactics, putting conflict within the family. Homosexuality is against nature.
Q19: Admires Henry Ford. Interviewee likes engineering, Ford created the American middle class, the assembly line was a groundbreaking invention.
Q20: Despises MLK. None of his beliefs were held in good faith.
Q21: The Nationalist Movement is hampered by the swastika being demonized in the public, thats why optics are important. Leadership also needs to lead by example. People have been afraid to take that leap of faith into the leadership lifestyle. This organization does what it can, what he can do but on a much larger scale. We are serious in our purpose. We are a force for good.

Q22: Doesn't have much in mind for future goals.

Notes for Sampson

Thomas asked that you send me a copy of the new Intermediate Meeting document.

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