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Hey Brother I'm having bank card issues 😒 but I can't order the stuff I need and have it here on time I don't think. I plan on checking the sports outlets in town but not sure.

We lost it and are waiting on a replacement to come in. If I can find a pair in town I'll have them but I don't know.

Still 2 weeks off so I think so!

I think there should be time. Really only need like 24hrs to dry so I would think so.

Oh sh*t for some reason I thought they were going to be tan... I'm glad you said something!

Man I've got like 3 cans of krylon industrial in White I've been holding for stencils but the color probably wouldn't match.

What no way.... I was literally typing

Ok it says light tan paint antique white works the best?

Dude it literally takes forever for anything to load for me on here. I absolutely hate it

I will have it on hand

Yes I'm going

Hey man I'm battling truck issues I've got to pull out this weekend.

I'm battling truck issues! I've got to pull out of this weekend.

No I've got to pull out of this weekend.

Yes unfortunately. We thought we had it fixed but the problem showed back today while the wife was paying bills. I chasing sensors until I figure it out

I only drive about 5 minutes to work. Once it gets warmed up it will act up. Or drive just fine. Kinda getting on my nerves.

I can cover gas. But I can't drive it long distance.

Ok it depends if I can cover gas and catch a ride I'll be there

10-4 Brother

Awesome thanks Brother. What time are we shooting for?

@Cecil OK The same problem. Will run fine then rattling like heck and dies. I thought we had it fixed but showed back up yesterday.

Hey Brother the more I think about it the more I really need to stay home and work on my truck this weekend. Having reliable transportation for my family is important, plus I need to get it addressed so I don't have similar issues Dec.4th

The more I think about it, the more I need to stay and get my truck issues worked out. Family needs reliable transportation. That way I don't have similar issues on the 4th.

@Cecil OK Yes this is what I'm thinking as well I just need to get it addressed before it causes something major. I would just rather put the money i would have put in gas into my rig.

No sir I need to get my truck figured out before it causes something major. Man I'm sorry but I got to take care of this before someone gets left stranded.

That's what Nathan said as well. No the money in gas I would rather put into whatever sensor/sensors I'm going to have to buy. Plus that puts some much extra time on you as well. I'm just worried it's going to leave the fam stranded some where.

Alright Brother. Man I'm sorry I feel like I let PF down, my wife and I had a talk and I'm not missing anything else Pro White related! I must help to be a voice for our people! No I was planning on picking some up in Conway.

Yes sir 👌 I plan on it!

Which room are we in?

Denied in room 5

Denied there too

WTF I'm stoked for this Demo let me im

Yo a bunch of us are denied permission

Right on

I'm told there working on it men just sit tight

We hungry

Right now my orb is silent because no meeting to listen to

Seriously though I'm hyped for this event! With everything going on our people need to see our presence in the streets! Our people are hurting and looking for guidance right now more than ever!

I was saying the same earlier to Nathan AR

Based Tulsa

10-4 I'll be in attendance


HLL YES my Bday is the 9th so that would be a bd*ss Bday gift from us to OUR people!

@ND - William OK I agree we need more meetings like every 2 weeks just to stay in touch and hear each other's voices to help build our bonds

No Sir do I need a harness?

I can get atleast 2 on loan for a weekend

48' BASED! Yes I can climb like a monkey LoL

I won't be filming or photographing! I want to climb and place!!!

AR gang to the rescue 💪

Happy Thanksgiving!

Right on what part of AR are you in? Happy Thanksgiving!


Mark SD hit me on RC he will be in Arkansas all winter! I messaged back waiting on reply!

@Thomas He messaged me I replied back waiting on reply!

@Nathan AR He told me in his first message he was coming with!

Missing attachment: IMG_20211126_144717918.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211126_144816408_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211126_145010474_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: IMG_20211126_145046149.jpg

Finally found my long lost Promat!

Hey Brother I have a question... Am I supposed to be in the shield chat or is that just an oversight?

Right on sounds good

Right on!


Donald Leo and Loy are the outcast of the system

Oh snap time to ponder orbs

I'm going to hold out a little longer

@ND - William OK I can bring some Kroil that shit eats through anything, if we spray the threads while it's still warm it may soak in so we can bust it loose.

@Cecil OK Hey Brother I can pack a small tool bag full of the essentials. Can you think of anything we might need?

@Cecil OK This is what I had in mind. I have a small tool bag I will pack. I don't have automotive fuses though. I can supply everything else. Also a tire plug kit if anyone has one!!!

@Cecil OK By good sized do you mean my 24" one LoL

I don't have much metric but I can gather some wrenches out of my tool box at work.

Got ya Brother

Missing attachment: IMG_20211201_193600162.jpg

@ND - William OK I was planning on a tarp set up! I have a 10 man modified dome tent. Do I need to bring it?

Missing attachment: IMG_20211201_200456018.jpg

Hey Brother do you know what time you'll be rolling through Russellville tomorrow?

Hey Brother you want to meet at Flying J right off exit 84 in Russellville? Then we head to Jesse AR.

@Adam IN I am bringing a 10 man modified dome. No worries Brother we got a spot for ya

@Mark SD We'll take the wheel no worries Brother.

Russellville AR @ 8:30.

Yes, Russellville, AR @ 8:30 pm then we are picking the rest of the guys up. Along the route.

Anyone of us are more than willing to drive. Don't worry about sleep

This is a national event 100% attendance is Crucial! We are all counting on each other to be there. We can drive for you.

Hey Brother do you have Mark SD threema? I think his backing out and am trying to contact him. He was supposed to be our ride. We are working it out but need to know if he is going to be coming.

The AR guys are working out transportation but need to know for sure. Ok I will do that!

Mark SD's threema we are trying to work out our travel plans because I think he's backing out

Do you have Mark SD's threema? We were supposed to be taking his vehicle and now I think he is backing out

Do you have Mark SD's threema sorry I missed the auto correct

Thomas had me message a couple guys for his threema still no reply

Hey Thanks Brother! We got it sorted! See you soon

The AR and OK guys are in Louisville KY hitting a rain storm.

Cecil OK Francis OK Samson OK Nathan AR Donald OK Leo AR

Home safe thanks to Nathan AR!

Had a blast it was pleasure to match with you men! Looking forward to the next one!

@Thomas I may be a little late to the meeting I get off at 8 pm.

@Thomas I'll try and log on early and just mute the sound. If all goes well I'll be clocking out at 8!

I may be a minute or so late, I get off @8

It's says server full max 100 users WTF


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