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Sorry that some are blurry, had to keep on the move

Good advice, thank you guys. Will be back out there shortly

Hey what's up?

Yeah I'm free I'll hop in a meeting room now

I'm getting denied permission. Did we switch servers again within the past few months?

Ok ill make a jitsi

Click the following link to join the meeting:


Just want to dial in on your phone?

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 60929728#

Click this link to see the dial in phone numbers for this meeting

Hey I feel like we left off weird so I'd like to hang out and talk again. Let's talk and hang out again

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I think that the lack of context online has helped to make me think that you had changed somehow. I had gotten an air of superiority from you before you became ND and it just felt weird and I didn't really know what to do with it. This is all obviously manageable by us figuring out where I took offense/ looked at it wrong but I felt like something was different for a while, until we talked about that town out near you that bears my family name. I really liked that you took time out of your day to talk to me about that, and share that stuff with me though. So I really appreciate that also, and I started realizing that I might've taken something wrong somewhere along the line.

Haha that exactly what I wanted to hear

Hey man. I just wanted to send a heads up to leadership. I have reason to believe that a former PF member is currently a federal informant.

I've known him for a while online, and met him in Philly for the I-day march. And he randomly left every mutual chat, quit PF, and lost contact with everyone who knew him online.

I found him making vague fedposts elsewhere, asked him about it, and he began making statements in vague support of violence.

Later, with the terror attack in Waukesha, he started making things a bit more explicit and asking me if my opinion on collective white violence had changed.

Just wanted leadership to be aware of this and know that this is who it is so you can keep everyone safe.

Leo Missouri

I will not be able to attend

Hey im back in, thank you

No, and i used my position in the pool party network to make relevant people aware as well. He recently got into another chat im in, under a dofferent name that i recognized and it was confirmed to be him, and im keeping a close eye on him for any more info.

That being said, everyone around me is aware of the situation, and no one under my control is allowed to contact him.

Im back

Ill have to make my mumble work again soo and we'll play again 😈

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