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Could you send me the links and painting instructions?

I'm sure I could figure it out but I want to be sure I got the right kind

Its a based banner

I'll make it happen


Screenshot_20211116-064108_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Screenshot_20211116-064108_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Sid will not be able to make this weekend

Not true

I earlied out

I should be at your place in 30 minutes

If 3 o'clock is still good?

@ND - William OK You good if I show up at 3?


Yeah man

Painted the leg guards at frontsgiving

It was most based

Permission denied

I suppose not

Based and sharing-is-caring-pilled

I'm confused


Based and sphere-pilled

How come you guys get all the cool shapes? I have a stupid pyramid

10-4 boss man

One hundred

Reject grundle
Embrace Orb

I got denied as well

We live on the fringes of society

Cyberpunk PF

Get seven polio vaccines

Happy Thanksgiving broseph

4 days later

Hey man
Can you send me the video you got of us singing in the rear guard truck, when you get the chance?

In Tennessee

Our band is in Tennessee

I was, though I didn't spend any money on gas

Can confirm.
Mother made amazing stew




What's the protocol for something like this?


Anyone else getting logged out of RC?

I'll develop a better sense of rhythm for my next performance of 16 tons

Can someone dm me about where some of the unclaimed gear ended up? I lost pretty much everything I brought on the trip

Ten fo, preciate it bro

We'll find out pretty soon @ND - William OK

44 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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