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Do you want me to bring the mask so you can look at it in person?

No clue man

Yep, you can go ahead and confirm me

You know I'm bringing Sid

Loy gets off of work at 5:30 so we'll probably have to pick him up on the way

@Nathan MI Fucking awesome dude

Can I get some of that coof bro

What the fuck dude just stand within 6 feet of me maskless

Probably 5:45-5:50, I get off of work at 4:30 and it's an hour drive

188 lbs + Klye walks, let's go boys

Well Loy gets off at 5:30 so you'll have to ask him directly but I have no problem with it

Yep, he's on a new schedule

Missing attachment: 20211120_120405_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211120_191339_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211120_191401.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211120_191422_HDR.jpg

Kiowa, OK

Missing attachment: 20211120_191446_HDR.jpg

188lbs, lost a pound, I can jog and march at the same pace as other members of the org without falling behind or getting seriously winded

@Phillip MA Glad to see you're getting back into it man, you should start to see bigger results in a month or so if you stick with it

Sure thing boss, I'll get it done

Yep, I've got everything I need

They gotta let us in

They be shit talking us boyos

Permission denied

Let's just have the meeting in the lobby

Then anybody can hear us

William can't you just move us to the room?

Just gonna ponder my orb in the meantime

Loy literally you don't own an orb

I do



My orb is laughing his ass off rn

Shit up triangle fan

Missing attachment: 180820-bookazine-delish-01280-1536610916.jpg

For real dude, hopefully we get some more guys in the tulsa zone

Based and tulsapilled

Pondering shall go on

Fr tho on jah highkey pondering on theese hoes


I stay be pondering on these niggas

William don't you ponder your orb?

We have a lot of orb posting to do on this next trip you guys.

Skip grundleposting fo today

Orb posting 24/7

When I come of age brother



Literally just heal

I started about 5 months ago at 256lbs, I got a very physically demanding job and started a diet that keeps a deficit of 500-1,000 cals per day and now I'm currently at 186 lbs.

What are they supposed to represent if we did add them?

I think the current banner looks goof

Hey man sorry to hear about your dog, I know the feeling all too well.

All ready

Yo dude you going to the action?

Missing attachment: 20211203_113031.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211203_112942_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211203_112908_HDR.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211203_112842_HDR.jpg

I invested in a vest like undershirt that's supposed to squeeze you and help sweat off calories better, I've seen some great visual improvement after a week of wearing it if anyone's interested.

We're on our last quarter of the trip, bout 3 hours left.

Just crossed into OK

Like what we spent or what we owe?

Course man, it's an honor to protect our guys and I'm stoked for the next time I get to.

I chipped for the hotel room at 45 bucks but if it's a pain I don't really need it.

Late but here

Remind me what all the exercises are please?

I'll try my hand at it tomorrow morning brother, I'm confident I can do it.

Just did some test runs, I can do 25 pushups just fine, 2 pull ups, based on past drilling I can run a mile in 8 minutes, and I haven't done the plank yet. I'll do a more through test tomorrow morning but to train for the pull ups I'm gonna do 3 sets of 25 push ups every morning before work and 3 sets of 10 dumbell curls.

Gasmask sounds like it'll get that heart pumping real quick

Imagine being a PF boomer who remembers general chat, the future is now old men lmao

Welcome pat

You can bet your ass I'll be there

Yeah man no prob

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