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@Vincent TX I was able to buy the same chinstrap off of a different website.

Let’s try to meet in College Station at 4:00 PM.

Things are going good in NW2, I’m happy to see all the improvements happening in our circles. How about yourself?

Yes sir.

You’re the hardest guy in PF when it comes to the activism grind. I’ll make sure to think of you next time I complain about being stressed about my 20 hr work week and schoolwork haha.

Keep up the good work brother. Hopefully you’re able to secure an easier schedule, but at least you can say you’re no stranger to hard work like so many people are 💪🏻

@Thomas I’m down for a NW2 commune.

Just a heads up, Daniel and I may be late to the meeting.

We will be conducting an interview in Houston and may not be back in town in time.

Were there any questions you wanted to ask the interviewee/know about him?


How are you doing on acquiring the required items?

How are you doing on acquiring the required items?

How are you doing on acquiring the required items?

How are you doing on acquiring the required items?

How are you doing on acquiring the required items for the shield team?

I might be able to do your shin guards for you at the camping trip this weekend.

If not we can arrange to meet sometime to get them done together.

Sounds good

You need to just message Tom and tell him you have to go to the stupid game.

Have you begun to order them?

Do you have any financial issues with ordering the gear?

How much money do you need to help afford the gear?

Do you have a Venmo?

Or any kind of money app?

Tyler MD is having financial troubles with ordering his gear. If we can try to raise $40 for his gear he’d be able to afford to order it on his own.

@WillRing0009 is his Venmo.

The shield team leaders will help raise money for you.

No problem brother. I look forward to having you on our team.

Alright, keep me updated if you’re going to need help financially.

Do we have a rough estimate of the attendance cost for the December event? Also is the plan still to rent a van or two?

I apologize for putting any dents in your plan, Samuel. I had the opportunity to have Tyler on my shield team at Philadelphia and I knew he was a very capable individual for the role. I hadn’t invited him onto my team until about a week after we were given the assignment to pick shields, so if you knew that you wanted to pick your shields from your network you should’ve announced that reservation in the team leader channel.

With that said, if there’s a concern that this will leave you short of an individual on your shield team, we can come up with recommendations or have him transferred to your team.

I don’t recall seeing that.

Will you be attending the December event?

You have a pool of members spanning 4 states to choose from this weekend. Since I have already recruited Tyler into my team it is unnecessary and unreasonable to “reserve the right” to just take him from my team since we will probably have to end up choosing from your pool to fill in our remaining vacancies anyways.

In that case we won’t be able to get your shin guards worked on during the camping trip this weekend so you’ll have to do that on your own or whenever you’re with NW1.

I’m glad to hear you were able to get them ordered 👍🏻

Very well, I can agree and attest that a degree of skill in cardio will be necessary for the screens. If you determine that Tyler would be best suited for that role I’ll let you make that decision. However because that may leave me one shield short I’d ask you to consider who may perform well on heavy shield duty.

Good deal brother.

I remember there being space in the back of the van when we went to Chicago we could load gear into.

Thomas says that people should set aside $100 for event fees for December, however he thinks we may not even need to bring that much.

I’ll see if my truck will be able to handle another big trip. My worry is that the wheels may be on their last limb before needing to be replaced.

What airport are guys going to have to fly into/what time will they need to get there by?

Let me ask T and see if he will let me send you the drill material.


Daniel and Douglas are also flying though, but it seems they have that taken care of already.

I would tell him you’re a part of the Corps if that would make him stop having to dig into why your schedule is so harsh.

He can’t do the same as the others.

He won’t be able to leave for the airport until about 5:30-6:00.

Douglas wants to know if since he will be on heavy shields but won’t make the meetup this weekend if he can see the drill sheet to study.

I don’t think Tom would be that restrictive.

There’s no reason you can’t do both, he just needs to accept you’re not as free as the rest of us for reasons you can’t get out of even if you wanted.


I’m working on getting one of our members, Scott TX, to come fly out for the event. The earliest he could leave for the flight would be 5:30-6:00PM on Friday. I’m doing my best to find a viable logistical solution to make it happen and it would help if I knew the best airport and time for him to arrive at.

Yes, but he has been confirmed for the December event. And he is our network’s most physically fit and capable individual.

That’s understandable, and perhaps he will be able to pick up on the basics when we drill the day of the event.

I will work with him before the event in person.

I will see about meeting with him next weekend, and also see about having the other cluster 3 men join so that we all get more practice in.

Douglas has marching down already, so we will only need to worry about practicing shield drills.

Would you be free to meetup next Sunday or even Saturday to go over shield drills?

Or Wednesday if you’ll still be in town?

What time does he need to arrive by?

I’ll meet you at your hometown if you can give 2-3 hours.

Trust me I don’t want to take away any time from your family, but with the little time we have we’re going to meet sometime before the demo go over drilling.

Alright let me know when would be a good time and day.

Have you already got your plane ticket purchased?

Also what time would be the earliest he could expect to get back to the airport by?

Oh ok great, nevermind then.

You could say you’re a Navy Seal and get on the plane faster.

Samuel TX says you have the details about time for flight arrivals and departures.

He can’t make the same flight as Daniel, the earliest flight he could get would be 8PM on Friday.

This is ridiculous. I asked Thomas this question and he told me to ask Samuel. And Samuel told me to ask you.

I know the time frame, I need actual times to help Scott find a plane ticket.

For the record he’s not playing messenger, I’m the one asking because he’s giving an excuse that things are too close timeframe wise for comfort.

In that case, I don’t think there’s any possibility of getting Scott to the event.

He told me he was flying to Newark and driving back.

949 William D Fitch Pkwy
College Station, TX 77845
United States

Here is the address for where I’ll pick you up at on Friday. Let’s shoot to meet up around 4:00PM.

@ND - James TX I do not have the address.

All good brother, drive safely!

If you sent it over RC or Threema I do not see it.

Missing attachment: IMG_2895.PNG

I can’t see any maps.

Missing attachment: IMG_2896.PNG

Try sending over Threema.

Let me know when you get here, just a heads up my service seems kind of shorty so apologies if I don’t get your message.

I have bad service out here, but I can see my phone trying to load some images.

I’m parked in the back behind a white truck with a trailer full of hay.


Yes, I’m parked in the back towards the pharmacy side. I’m parked behind a white pickup truck that has a trailer full of hay.

Do you need help finding me?

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