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first BEE applied to large (public) companies and they had to have a timeline for implementation, it is increasingly targeting smaller (private) companies and creating all kinds of onerous business conditions

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MultiChoice's complaint against Netflix isn't entirely without merit, they are being handicapped by south african red tape

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best that naspers can hope for are smart bets from smart executives, because their workforce isn't a meritocracy. the market values their south african operations at less than zero(at least it was)

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classic scenario, business owner in the 90s sells equity at a favourable rate to BEE partners(like Cyril) then those partners might eventually sell their shares, now the same company is still under obligation to meet employment equity quotas

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I can tell you a story about BEE from personal experience: The company I currently work for, used to deliver excellent quality. We used to employ mainly Europeans (Germans to be exact), and a lesser percentage of South Africans (almost no blacks). About 4 years ago, the company has changed their employment policy to accommodate BEE. We now almost have no Germans working there anymore. About 95% of our workforce are South African and Zimbabwean, of which the majority is black. Since the end of last year, the company is in serious danger of closing, because of not being able to meet SLAs with customers, and consistently bad quality.

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My dad worked for eskom,they pushed BEE like no other company. My dad said there were so many incompetent people that other people had to do the work of the newly appointed black workers,many of them youngster that were pushed into roles they couldn't handle. My dad took his retirement 10 years earlier from eskom at age 50,built a house by the beach and started his own company.

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lol well why do you think we have so many powercuts

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From my side, I'm not white but I don't work for south african IT companies because they can't compete with global ones(again, partially due to onerous compliance and anti competitive quota BS)

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My dad also got pushed out of Eskom

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Remember the big telkom lay off about 5 years ago. Many of them men aged 40-60. It was to make way for new young BEE candidates. My friends dad was one of them,guess what happened.Telkom contracted him to do work for them because the new people struggled lol Now he is coining it big time.

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he said they had engineers sitting around in offices doing nothing but collecting lekker pay checks

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ja, our public sector overpays for services and labour

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Like that sars official. Paid 2.5 million per year to sit and read newspapers and getting 35% bonus on top of that.

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even now there's like 30k excess people in Eskom that need to get weeded out according to Ted Blom

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this is pretty much the whole of South Africa

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Well... With BEE, they are really provoking war, aren't they?

Think of all the smart White guys who will be unemployed and will be left with no choice than take up arms against the likes of Ramaphosa & Malema. Do they really think they can win?

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they just fucken demons sitting there keeping shit fucked up

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that bitch needs to be grabbed by the collar and kicked the fuck out

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not make jokes with her

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just watching that i wanna moer her with the back of my hand

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well, the first backfire @buzzlightyear was that it encouraged entrepreneurship and more financial success in the white community πŸ˜›

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duk muit

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you are sitting there, a devil.

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SA needs righteous indignation

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@rob yeah, think about the financial power they will be amassing too, these idiots will never be able to compete

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@TruthCanary thats it! (the video)

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How many of you have read the following books of FA Venter:

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Geknelde Land
Bedoelde Land

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I've heard that these are really good books

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@Willem Petzer Lyk baie lekker daar!

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Ah @Willem Petzer I was going to ask you about their church there man.

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