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Any of you guys know who Rod Dreher is? He seems super redpilled on Christianity

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He's on Tucker saying Christianity has become totally unBiblical and is all about "muh feels"

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you can read his cucked blog

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Saying that we always operated on the idea of regaining control of judiacery and governemnt would swing us back, but that's now just false and we have to retake country at grass roots

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@everyone welcome @TrashyGutenberg

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gday m8

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Welcome mah nigga

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Spencer noticed me

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everyone respects you wyatt

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holy shit what

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Hello fellow goyim

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x clan

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Then maybe he should start acting white

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yea sound slike a personal problem TBH

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I have a horrifing story, been posting it an all the regoinal meetup leader chats
There was a kid in the Irish meetup group, he modded our discord with 35 vetted people in it
He's from a very rich, anglo-norman background, is about 16 now and was redpilled on /pol/ at least 3 years ago
He was pretty spergy and didn't really enjoy himself at big meetings but was a good kid
ANyways he's always been a fan of common filth, big fan
so he goes down the "muslims are god punishment on the west" etc route
and he started hanging around with salafists, "ironically" supporting ISIS
and now he's deserted us and converted to Islam
If there's a younger, alieniated, kid in your group and he starts CF-posting, don't wave it away
I leaned that the hard way today @everyone
*Edit: didn't want to say tis initially but I guess it's important too - he was bad with girls and I get the feeling he was drawn to the puritanism because of that

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Ooohhh damn

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do women actually seig heil for fun?