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seen him here before

from what I know him and badtanman stepped down for now to focus on real life

bongo bongo was lowkey favorite podcast

he knows what he's doing, we arent going to see a full fash gavin


with all that gefilte fish they were technically gassed

we make jew leather

can you prove they were flying

they were traveling


I think most people get the memo that we need to give our youth more support

yall niggas accept ebt

yalls can get kfc with foodstamps

wtf its like 90 degrees where I am


is he gonna be introduced with the song

they will come around

tharightstuff locked?

its a genetic thing fam

I wouldnt say never

how qt

yall niggas wanna steal my meme? I dont have a twitter and it would be funny to send to richard spencer

excuse my bad photoshop skills

howdy @Archer


he wasnt counter signalling spencers argument

just his attitude

You should stop trying to understand their flawed logic

there is no point attempting to rationalize autism

the schvitzing will be extreme

connect your accounts goy we will make sure none of your data is deleted

these jews dont care if something is worth it or not

they want to show the goyim that they are in charge

aight that shit better not grab ip's though

a tertiary channel could be black mouths babble

but its not really needed

hey goys what should I photoshop that haji on?

need a good idea

ill make a bunch of images then

holy kek

styx featured guest when?

yeah they would gas him for it

I know he plays runescape and thats about it

lies spread like wildfire to normies

he makes videos for a living, and yt would love to find a reason to ban him for hate content


memes are the key to the normie demographic

thats gold

I am making a lot of these

but I dont tweet

so feel free to claim it as your own

@Eli Mosley read that really late

if anyone has any ideas I can usually make it up in a minute

I think wyatt made this one if it is what you are talking about

did you want the theater attack or the one with the bodies draped in white?

it has a strage proportion but I am a novice meme maker

a tanned bong chimped out

obtain the gruncc

arent they all

just one?

# weareallwhitesupremists

lol question is could the alt right ever be classified as a religion and be tax free?

They might just treat it like they did with Cosmotheism

Religious organizations are allowed to discriminate on the basis of their religion.

our religion could be a mockery of the kangs

Da white man is the god of the universe

and the white women is his qwuain in the wheat field

well to be admitted into judaism dont people have to go the the chief rabbi

could just be extreme vetting

perhaps, but still if you could fit our beliefs under a religion it would give us a little more leeway with employment

because you cant go putting a gold star on religious groups and subjugating them like hitler!

well if you do anything dont stick your identity out there

I really like that ice ice baby webm

we need more of those

I dig the talk to you soon

but the knchh is strange

take a closer look at that snout


why not just get gf

99? she 120 thottery

that was just runescape pretty much

dont marry someone who has a "HETEROZYGOUS MUTATION "

you can send a sailva sample into the thot lab


what do you think moishe is making a list of all the most pure aryans?

if there are any genes that predispose one to violence

well if it ever got to the point where your existance was illegal in the jewnited states or the world for that matter

they would probs already know your views

@FylnnGardian this version is shopped but better


do you think they will fall for the free blankets again?

or maybe in the listerine

the gang aint together I dont think

its all that buckwheat cakes and injun batter

tell me why they don't have a kill on sight for people doing this shit

good point

you just arrest on sight and hang in the white house gallows

it would be on the lawn so im sure many people would stream it might be hard to taste resistance without a tongue

that leaves a big question

what about grunccing

kind of sad really

I think those are all custom pepes

you better not have

so wait juncker said that he would support texas indenpendance

I mean

that covers them but you forgot niggers

what is your heart rate when you get one of those rushes

wish he said he would support california leaving the u.s.

or at least the pozzed part of it

A turner diary situation for california would be

unlikely with the demographic

pollen is flower sperm

pretty gay 2bh

whatcha doin muhammed

I wonder what they are doing with all those shekels

yeah its not like we have white christians in america who don't believe that jesus is boiling in shit that are starving

no send you shekels to the chosen people there goy

I doubt it goes to some old jewess

only 116 million

its like these filthy goyim want us to starve

Maybe a White Sharia brigade for her

I aint stirring up no anthill of jews

are you going to text them and say




its kicking a nest

I could hear it now on every news network. OY Gevalt its like anudda prankcallocaust time to take away freedom of speech

there is a big disagreement on leadership roles

so that is where conflict stems from

people need to realize that infighting is petty, and if we have a fighting chance being autistic and splitting hairs does not help

I dont care who it is, and it should not be democratic either

thats kind of the point the best fit to lead is not chosen by the people often

you have no right to judge people and refuse sales unless they are doing something unlawful, such as buying cigarettes for a minor, alcohol for a minor, trying to purchase while already drunk pretty shitty tbh

on the flip side you can happily sell them to minority women


yeah spoiler alert trump is not and never was the savior of the white race

but he was better than the other bunch

he has been in the limelight for a long time

yeah who knows what dirt they have on him

I could hear her now "but daddy mister goldbergbladd-stien is a principled conservative just put him in"

either that or some yarmalook is whispering in his ear saying

if you remove all of the controversial people like bannon

democrats cant oppose you

remember the 10 children goyim

I mean 10 dodecahedorillion

*flares nostrils*

if one missile hit an empty field it would be a deathcount of 400,000 innocent rabbi's on their way to help the needy

I would doubt that

a war with russia is the goal of the kikes

it would be suicide.

a thot and her kike handler

it toins out this enoch fellow isnt even chosen oy vey

so what do they keep motzo balls on deck to prevent scurvy

they wont stop attacking him?

it will make them attack him more



would he really though with (((Yael))) Kushner

all she has to do is say "daddy ignore these racists you are doing great"

could the old fool really defoo his daughter and kike son in law?

another blackpilling question is how many of t_d voter base even care

the media says his polls are like 37% or something

would he not just say FAKE NEWS at any new poll

they would

the lemmings would say 8412737th dimensional chess

I guarentee we would see. "Illegal immigration down 84% and legal immigration up 800% look at this based wetback in a trump sombrero"

it may not happen, but how many times have you seen the t_d types in videos say "WE WANT LEGAL IMMIGRATION"

well maybe not any democratically elected leader

does it start with a 6


they cant draft the god damn kikes in the synagogue

they want two white countries fighting each other

normies are literal lemmings

das rite

what stage are we on now?

don't speak too soon

at least we still have the ahnk right

fucking roachlette

the anne frank of our time

wait guys this is actually the funniest thing I have seen in months

skykang skykang yall niggas betta not answah

well im not saying its habbeding

but its habbeding

we should have an autiste man the airwaves

wouldn't it be something if he declared war on russia for some autistic reason at that moment

what would the state of the U.S. be if a nuclear bomb hit D.C.

49 new countries?

I can dream

I almost wish something like that did happen

which taylor swift song is best important question

remember who is in charge goyim

OY vey fire him because he is in trump's family what next are you going to suggest we dont exclusively hire fellow jews to replace leadership roles and hold ultimate power in every company that is worth its salt

I hope fireyael goes without saying

for a nationalist canidate he would have to have no flaws

and no dirt

no matter how honest you are you are going against judeah

they will find something

need someone who can rile up the white masses

or did he prove that he was scared of what they had on him

so he cucked out and became neocohen

Yeah everyone knows that but he said so many times in tweets that he would never bomb syria or attempt regime change

what changed his mind so quickly?

12 supposed dead children? I dont think so

whatcha doin rabbi t

that is mike there right?

he is looking clean

lol the white power signal

spencer used his teleportation

is spence hurt

send your energy to spencer

he sure has a lot of stamina

kike cernovitch

kek spencer seig heiling a taxi

fucking nigger taxi

he is safe now

spencer needs to get a hate van

with armed goys

especially in coonville

the syria invasion better have just been a chat meme

@☇Unlimited Power☇ by end it all if you mean russia nuking dc and the south to rise and kick out nigs

im down

oh yeah ofc

if there was a retalitory strike in tel aviv

it would be tragic

and cern was lying about mike?

it would make for a funny daily shoah

now I want to see a very fast spencer running at incredible hihg speeds

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