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What's up niggers

Just joined up. Thanks for the invite demarcus

This is goyz_to_men from the forum btw

Tfw no warm welcome from ur altright bros

Sad tbh

Are u on the forums?

Like I said I'm goyz2men there

How's everyone doin tn

Gavin chimpout was kinda shit tier tbh

Are u the nigga from that episode of intwrsecional

Grand Mac is just a Big Mac from ten years ago

Big Mac is totally kekked these days


@Pathos - NY is a gay isnfiltrator D&C shill guys we need to disavow immediately




Posting nao

@GFS (national League North) I've been loving ur taste in music and ur actual music bigly

Iunno what it is it's just chill

Yee. I'm sure you've heard it but the opening to northwest imperitave sounds like it would be up ur alley

Imperium by blouse

Also just a nice fashy song if u interpret it right

DAE dislike black ppl?

How would they still get u thru phone vpn?

Mmm gotcha

Get an avatar u nigger

And yeah I'm changing all my passys

Trump cucked dude

Game over man

downvote the balls off of this if u can

jew ezra levant has made his play to co opt

this could be a big win for us

so bad dude

yeah the comments are massively on our side

dude its such an obvious controlled oppo play at this point

how do you have any fucking credibility left

shilling for israel that hard

and shoving dildos up ur ass on camera

fucking faggot

faggot mcinnes

what does everyone think of that math?

nah in a metting rn

its a dumb meme

there i explained it

Well guys?

When are YOU subscribing?

anyone have examples of diversity not working and mass deportation or segregation being the solution? So far my list is:
Czechoslovakia breaking up
India and Pakistan trading mulims and Hindus
Greece and Turkey trading their diaspora

I'm sure theres more just havent searched it

no not cyprus although thats a good one too


that'll be the nice one at the end of the meme

two state solutoin memery

tryna get the "just separate" meme out there more

cuz even a lot of ppl on our side say "oh well theyre already here so its not feasible"

and i wanna say nah its feasible af, has been done, and can be done again


the action of reclaiming will remove and replace the turks from those lands

i dont even get ur point

I'm greek too btw

I find ur lack of faith disturbing

might have to gas u too now

turkish rape baby status over here

no true greek



yeah u not wrong

Genocide: the inescapable conclusion?!?!

reallly makes ya

doesnt mean we dont take back london

ipso facto all of turkey are belonging to us

now ur gettin it

Mediterranean Supremacy

yeah man that one rankles me

think Greece could BTFO turkey in a war?

def not tbh

didnt know that

is everyone else just a keke

or are they shitty out of date tanks


ight im goin to the gym

aesthetic mediterranean nudist bodybuilding fascist supremacy for life boys


Stop watching Jew media

1,059 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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