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Hello lads

nice to hear Im in the Kool Kids Klub now

US time or EU time?

I like you guys but I'm not staying up until 4am for ye

wait now that I'm here

Where did the FtN guys go?


It's friday night and noone is on voice


I don't see anyone

I have a horrifing story, been posting it an all the regoinal meetup leader chats
There was a kid in the Irish meetup group, he modded our discord with 35 vetted people in it
He's from a very rich, anglo-norman background, is about 16 now and was redpilled on /pol/ at least 3 years ago
He was pretty spergy and didn't really enjoy himself at big meetings but was a good kid
ANyways he's always been a fan of common filth, big fan
so he goes down the "muslims are god punishment on the west" etc route
and he started hanging around with salafists, "ironically" supporting ISIS
and now he's deserted us and converted to Islam
If there's a younger, alieniated, kid in your group and he starts CF-posting, don't wave it away
I leaned that the hard way today @everyone
*Edit: didn't want to say tis initially but I guess it's important too - he was bad with girls and I get the feeling he was drawn to the puritanism because of that

@D'Marcus Liebowitz It all started with him being bad with girls I think, as jewey as that sounds

We'll he totally black pilled about the west and his salafist pals might get him a wife

Look, if a kid starts meming about converting to islam or muzzies punishing the west, don't just wave it awy by saying "it's just a phase" or w/e

@UPGRAYEDD to him we're the cucks though, that's his mentality

yeah yeah, I'm just hoping I don't get dragged down by another Khalid Kelly

nah he did a lot of research on it, he followed the war in syria a lot

no, I mean this kids hangs around with salafists and unironically supports ISIS

the wealth and angloness and him being bad with girls is what led to his alienation

that's why I bring it up



only to group leaders and certified cool kids

It's my attempt at Hoest Wessel Lied

cept for the guy who killed eichenwald with a meme

that's why I'm asking for someonw who can write for shit
Great alt right meetup in this spergchat

everyone come in and say hello

SO remember a whilr back I told you guys about a guys in the Irish group that converted to islam?

Well his mentor is that murderer

and he's still not de-converting

Remember - no tolerance for commonfilth posting

that's directly what led to this

yeah it was

Shit i've spoken at length to that guy over skype arguing with him

and my IRL email was linked to my skype

I am fucked


and then call him a faggot yourself

It's all autmoated though, maybe the quotes negate it?

jfc look at his banner image

he's still kochposting

it's 2017, we're on to Purtin conspiracies now

o shit maybe me quote tweeting him to call him a faggot negated the report as well

we need make like 40 smurf accounts and measure how effective reporting is

should be a simple emough regression equation, I don't know shit about makig bots though

Hey burgers is the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party a real thing?

or just a meme from /pol/?

Hard to tell tbh

Is there like a registry of lobbing groups or something?

AMerica isn't real anyways, it's a joke my friends play on me to justify the clown world imposed on me, right?

calling it fake

modern anglos would never engage in mob violence

it's polaks if it's anyone

well, she's not wrong

Singing about getting fucked so hard she can't walk to 14 year olds madd her ovenwortjy by itself

Kaballah is a footnote on her record tbh

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