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anyone got GTA 5 on xbox live

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Fucking nigs. Half of them could probably be arrested and sent away for any number of felonies if competent authorities were allowed to impartially investigate them. There was a nig congresswoman convicted of fraud just this week.

2017-05-16 00:35:03 UTC  

@SDifference i watch styx but he seems to have gotten a lot more cucky since his interview with molyneux, im guessing he got more popular and feels the need to counter signal more

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Pretty good it's amazing they just can't figure out why everything went to shit and why black people were better off under apartheid.

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Something about Styx bugs me. I just can't sit through his vids.

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I cucked you on that article

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Seems promising though.

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@here hop on the voice channel if you're around folks

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When your movement is such a joke this kid can troll the shit out of you

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If you have the shekels, please throw some to Jason Kessler. He's the Charlottesville hero in the video below who went into a crowd of 200 ferals, and ripped down the disrespectful and degenerate BLM banner draped across General Lee. He got arrested for defending American and Southern heritage and standing up for our people.

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@wyatt lincoln fucked up not sending them back.

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>mfw I suspect @D'Marcus Liebowitz secretly got the studio closed no more mass effects. they will always make a sequel if it makes money +1

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Wtf is her problem

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>daughter babbles useless woman stuff to distract plebs
>doesn't implement any of the suggestions

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hey does anyone have the a wyatt mann pepes?

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This is amazing

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hey drew some like a year ago

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I'd have to scrounge up a hard drive for that

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Ha that's hilarious

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The meme repository contains it somewhere

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