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Daily reminder, US cars are absolute garbage.

How do we end the chad elements of our movement that are degenerate. Like having lots of premartical sex outside of serious relationships

Carry a firearm gentlemen


I mean the only thing 'wrong' with chadism is sleeping with people left and right, some people even regardless of race

We have to lead women by example. If we go around fucking every girl we can women think its normal and do the same

thats part of why we have a thot problem

im certain

its the Ubermensch





looks like this

but more fucked up Vanguard

push to talk required

You made it a PTT channel


the defender is more than a car

its a way of life

the White mans way of life

What is the purpose of life Andrei

Thot Genocide when Vanguard

One for each million Jews that died






Divisible by 2 now

Whole new system

Link Russia sanctions

Is it old or new ones

Fucking niggers reeeee


united did nothing wrong

the cop went overboard tho

when you a buy a ticket you agree to the ability of being thrown out and compensated to a maximum of 1350

but because the cop literally knocked him out he will get a shit ton more

Ive been doing that. The problem is when they score a hot chick they do the same they do to the fattie, pump and dump

Punished Bush A man denied his chemical weapons


what book

TFW when i just saw him


Look at the butthurt

Swift look at a map my dude

the one that shows every county in the US

Red Vs Blue

its retarded

No its not dude

Its only fuck if you continue to be a black pilled faggot and die in your basement without having whie kids

Have shit tons of kids

make them nazis

make them fight

the battle isnt gonna happen in our lifetimes

we have to have kids, and try to fight back with as much policy as we can

I mean he isnt wrong

But I dont care

Fucking keep non whites out


840 HP for 120k.

WTF Dodge



Wew lads


So wait

What is this Burger King thing?

Putin needs to airdrop this to me

With a Dshka mounted

I will hand paint the adidas sripes

Hail Hortler from the Hoosier Haters

@everyone Is anyone in this discord from the state of Indiana?

if so PM me please

Im trying to host a meetup for the land of corn. Leave me alonee

we will build you one to come to the hoosier meetup

>I am a hoosier and will fight you

well your wrong

Where can I get an alt right hat like that

Reminder @Brad Small stop being a degenerate.


No fucking way


Holy fuck

I have an erection now

No that's not it wyatt

It's way fucking bigger

Convo your a fucking cuck

MOABs are badass as fuck

And your sitting here acting like it's nothing

Im a cuck

Im so smart

Nothing is special

T. Convolution

MOABs are impressive

This is the first time we are using them

It's a big deal

Wyatt wait till me launch them with mass drivers

It turns air into a bomb

Then blows it up

You'd be vaporized


Killed Russia narrative

Where is the Russia narrative now?

Like vanguard said

China dumping the Norks

I've got better things to do than listen to Ice Cube.

Don't be black pilled

Seriously just do IRL things

Do IRL shit seriously

Do IRL stuff

It will help with being blackpulled once you get things done in your area

I wish it was tbh

Im the biggest fan of ww3

A nuclear holohoax

Hunt animals

Pay to hunt them

That's how they exist in a perfect man managed ecosystem

Otherwise they go exctinct

Imagine if we culled the African population via hunting

Africa is just a giant safari

Accepoter it's beyond that

It's that they couldn't manage it alone

You need owls, wolves, birds, snakes etc

To keep rabbits and mice in check

Balance is way too finicky

Animals would go extinct

Wtf drugs are you on

Animals will go exticy

They will die

Because they suck

Uh what?

You think only humans can cause an animals extinction

It's happened to themselves in the past

Like I agree with you making africa a low meddling nature zone

But you will have animals go extinct

But now you can study that animal

To a ultra high degree

Or it's biology

Some features of which can be beneficial to mankind

I wish people who claimed to be scientists where racist

God damn it mom

Niggers are not people

Has anyone seen that new movie?

Resources are scarce

You only get to live based on your SAT score

Watch as three kids fight the system

This fall

On your Talmud century Fox

Not listening to Forndom in the gym


It's like being a druid

I listen to it driving in the mountains of CA

And now when I go innawoods on weekends


My parents live in LA

And I still go in the mountains when I visit them

Idk where in Cali you live but it's not too difficult usually


How does that stop you from driving 40 minutes on a subday


Oh fuck


Do this

Write your name and say done by or completed by on everything you actually do

I did a whole project once

No one else did the work

And I literally handsigned every slide

Doesn't matter it's an amazing troll

It embaresses the fuck out of your colleagues

And your teacher can't get mad because you are just taking ownership of everything you did

You do it for yourself

Not because anything changes

I hate group projects

I have a vetting process

Are you racist

Can you squat 400?

Can you shoot past 800 yards

TFW cycling convos entire race


Im talking to a Polish Cutie from Warsaw dude

Batushka is the ultimate form of bad ass Slav music

Orthodox Chanting



In symphony

Literally god tier

If you like metal but hate the satanic shit

This will blow your fucking mind

Do you listen to NattFogg?


We lost the sea is for you then convo

Nike because you listen to MF too much

Anything with an instrument is blasphemy to you

I listen to literally everything

I don't even save music

I used to and I had over 1 tb

Like it's fucking stupid

Make sure they aren't Africanized archer

They will sting you into oblivion

You can have honey bees with African behavior

It's not screeching there is like literal Chanting

Listen to DeafHeaven

The album sunbather

Idk who that is

Oh cool

I listen to way too much music to learn about any one band

Again like I said I had over a TB saved before I was 13

TFW saw batushka live in paris

They were all wearing orthodox clothes

@Convo what about we lost the sea

I love Spotify lol

Batushka is my workout music

It's so good

Dude listen to Nattfog - path of the white wolves

That gets me amped as fuck

It's a race war tune

Has the comfy rainy mood background

Your doing it wrong

You need to listen to like "epic hero avenger savior movie remix #3"

Those are the fucking best

Convo, what matters is that I am beyond capable of killing you in combat without hesitation.

You are too weak of mind and have never watched anyone die

You will only kill during the race war when you are forced too

And I applaud you for not being a broken psychopath

TFW convo doesn't know what I've been thru.

I watched an 8 year old burn to death in a barn as his father screamed in an agony that pierces my sleep to this day

Noah - car accidents are brutal. Saw a dudes skull cave in

Yes convo

Otherwise I wouldn't lose sleep

Thinking I could ever care about niggers

Dude EMS makes you see some sick shit

I was

I mean I had lots of private sector training

But not military

I have no comment on Jayoh

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