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2017-04-25 15:10:02 UTC  

anyone get video footage?

2017-04-25 16:01:30 UTC  

Clint's footage, he said you have to be FB friends in order to see it tho.

2017-04-25 16:34:30 UTC  

Reporters are shit. Stupid kikes can't get anything right even when you spell it out for them and they take notes. We must get our message directly to the people.

2017-04-25 16:38:42 UTC  

Good job yesterday muh Nazis, it was a pleasure to stand with you men. Hail Victory.

2017-04-25 16:41:22 UTC  

A pleasure and an honor, Sir.
Hail Victory!

2017-04-25 17:34:09 UTC  

For those in attendance last night, it might be worth writing up your version of the events and posting it over at the The Daily Stormer BBS.

2017-04-25 17:37:13 UTC  

When Jimmy got arrested last fall at the last protest on his doorstep, I wrote up a counter narrative to the anti-White one and posted it on VNN. Surprisingly, some media outlets took my version and added it to their story, so the usual anti-White slant wasn't as apparent.

2017-04-25 17:44:49 UTC  

@DatGoy, maybe you'd be willing to take a stab at that since you come to us from the Stormer crowd?

2017-04-25 17:54:45 UTC  

the sooner, the better. News cycles are short and fast.

2017-04-25 18:29:28 UTC  

Attempting to do vnn post. Can't find where to start a new post though. Fug

2017-04-25 18:35:21 UTC  

try posting on Jimmy's thread

2017-04-25 18:35:49 UTC  

it was at his house, so it's fairly appropriate.

2017-04-25 19:00:20 UTC  

Thanks, posted a report.

2017-04-25 19:01:23 UTC  

got a link?

2017-04-25 19:48:29 UTC  

It's in Jimmy's thread.

2017-04-25 19:50:37 UTC  

I can't find it lol

2017-04-25 19:58:57 UTC  

interesting, I would have thought it would show up at the end but all I see is a reply from Jimmy. Jimmy appears to have seen it.

2017-04-25 19:59:29 UTC  

I wonder if we're running into caching issues with CloudFlare. I see VNN is now using it.

2017-04-25 20:01:29 UTC  

It may be that I can see it since I'm a moderator. Sometimes a newbie's posts first few posts don't show until they're approved.

2017-04-25 20:05:02 UTC  

approve it man!

2017-04-26 03:03:12 UTC  

Hey, this is mike from the pdx stormers

2017-04-26 03:22:48 UTC  

hey dude!

2017-04-26 03:25:06 UTC  

@KommieKillinKowboy Nice at!

2017-04-26 04:41:03 UTC  

Causa, Oregon's immigrant rights organization, is calling for hundreds of people to march for the liberty and lives of immigrant families during its annual May Day event. A rally will be held Monday, May 1 on the Capitol steps in Salem at 11:30 am, followed by a march that will end by 2:00 pm.

2017-04-26 16:17:16 UTC  

I know we are handsome and all but I have noticed the teevee jews are really slick about not showing any of our signs. Maybe we should have signs with jew naming on them next time so they are forced to print "da goyim know" etc.

2017-04-26 16:38:33 UTC  

I say someone (Jimmy, seeing as he is already ousted) should make a very large sign in his front yard naming off, oh, say, a couple thousand Jews as media executives, hedge fund managers, high ranking faggs, etc.

2017-04-26 17:08:44 UTC  

On may 13th Antifa are doing a public violence training at a park in Washington. We need to show up and make it difficult/impossible to get their training done. Megaphone would help. Someone be who has the FB post please share.

2017-04-26 17:09:18 UTC  

Ignore the *be

2017-04-26 17:19:19 UTC  

Can someone proved the ROAR action network post about the protest at jimmies?

2017-04-26 20:48:55 UTC  

a park in WA huh? That could be fun.

2017-04-26 21:10:38 UTC  

Did anyone catch the names of the friendlies who joined us on Monday, specifically red sweatshirt and his tall friend in the black shirt?

2017-04-26 22:22:55 UTC  


2017-04-26 22:23:14 UTC  

It's on my autist station at home

2017-04-27 03:20:30 UTC  

No names for Red Coat and black shirt, but I'll keep an eye out for them in the hood. Black shirt reminds me of the guy who was standing in his front yard and witnessed my throw down of Cucky Red Beard a few weeks back. I did a drive by of that house this evening, but didn't see anyone around.

2017-04-27 03:22:52 UTC  

Bradco was doxed by people on Facebook see the Twitter thread