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Is this the jewish support group? My rabbi sent me the invite code.

Your right goyim, Israel does need more diversity. I will have to tell rabbi babycockstein about your insightful wisdom

Back to my original handle

Fourteen Eight Eight

Kushner's office looking at muh gassed babies pics. Crying with Ivanka.

They would have cured cancer if not for the Russians and Assad!

Some of those babies were part of the human expansion project, destined to colonize planets of nearby stars. F

As social media is becoming more restrictive of common sense speech, it is important that we up our IRL activity now. We already have a solid group to do this, so that is a white pill.

Do you guys mind if invite my Based Mexican friend. His name is Jose. He's so based. He's legal and doesn't like illegals. (insert squeaking toy noises). You guys are civic nationals right?

Proper response: No way Jose.

I could not guess because race is social derp a duuuur *fart* construct. See guys we are all the same. (squeaking noises)

that's one happy merchant

Feel free to post whatever meet ups you have. Will be attending various functions.

Dat Goy willkommen bruder

Non kiked muuuuvies??? Wow. How to?

Jimmy and I are going to U of O on 420. I think blackhat too. Anyone else wants to can get more info from us. Happy Birthday unsere fuhrur

It's the kikes lol

DatGoy has a good point that chats need to keep yo same discipline as online and IRL. Keep your hands clean, no silly jokes that could be interpreted as threats.

Will be there on 22nd.

DatGoy, the levels of goyim knowing are reaching 1933 status.

Also welcome volk.

Alcohol and lifting don't mix.

Yes the organization factor needs to be improved. We should be oriented for civic protection duties of the normie fash lite crowd. We must own the street to own the culture. No masks no gay shit. Just proud boys who defend our elderly, young, women, and weak.

I have proposed we do a monthly conference meeting to hash out details and ideals. Get organized and everyone on the same page. Not sure where we are on that yet but I can make a date, place, time.

We must stay along the lines of "Good Samaritan" civil protection. With our speech. We are not seeking violence but protecting those who may be unable to protect themselves.

Yes. We roughly have PDX organizing in North, Blackhat in South, and myself as a central liaison.

Our words must be chosen with legality in focus. Discipline. BH knows all the South volk so I put him in that group. I know he is more focused on AF organization, which has a different focus than activism.

I'll be back, in a bit

BH. Bring me a patch on the 22nd goy.

Wehrmacht, I'm not the AF expert but from what BH tells me, it does not seem their focus is recruitment or winning over the normies, more is in group preparation rather than activism. Correct me if wrong BH

Organization is key. Also, when normies are being cucked by commie fags and a group of WN steps up to help them...the result is normies who feel indebted to WN. We can sieg heil and all that good fashy stuff, just dressed nicely and presenting ourselves well.

The thought will occur to the normies: fashy gud - commie bad.

Let's do a group meet for all sections at How many will make the drive? I'm thinking a Wednesday night may be good. Around 6 to meet.

See my post in operations.

Flyer operation going off this Sunday. Print out your rarest White Nationalist pepes and hit your local campus.

We should do it while at Jimmys on Saturday. 3pm. Just an idea.

Private meeting at my shooting club in a private bay. Should have nearly the whole complex to ourselves, no staff around. Can say we are the Corvallis Gun Club or some gay shit if anyone asks, which they won't because shooters mind their own business.

Go to to see location and what I'm talking about.

Getting ready to celebrate 4/20.

Movie: metropolis is gud. 1927 German. Woke Nazis made it.

You may not like it but this is what peak Judaism looks like.

Movie: Patton is gud. He has high respect for Germany. Nazis not made out to be "holocausters". Says, we've been fighting wrong enemies after Germany defeated. Wants to kill Bolsheviks. Strong White male warrior.

Post images in supplies for weekend flyercaust mission

Good work BH, thanks men. Today was good. The fire rises.

(((We're the victims!!))) the idiots responses are all predictable. We will come up with a play book on how to shut down their every assault. I learned a lot from the mission on how to do that.

See you guys at Jimmy's tomorrow.

Thanks DG, I used my hologram to portray 6 gorillion Nazis on campus. High tech stuff. Project blue book. Area 52.

Changing subject. I think White shirts and either black or khaki color pants is a good standard uniform. Black shoes. White for purity and righteousness. The trad workers used that them and they looked good.

Another option is White shirts with army green pants or army green shirts with black pants. All with black shoes.

I think green could be nice for Oregon.

White would be easiest to distinguish from enemafa

Nordic resistance doesn't get a monopoly on White shirts lol. In that case niggers already monopolized muh white tee. Lol

I do like the gray and black look, my concern is that we need to be distinguished in a conflict.

I don't want fight my own team.

I like OD green better than tan for sure. Gray and black is my original thought as well, I just want to be sure it will be different enough from gaylords.

Grey shirts with green pants may be cool. I'll try it out today, see how it feels.

I think black shirts is not preferable because in conflict you will be focused mostly on upper body of opponents. Too likely for confusion.

I think boots or shoes is personal choice

I like vans sk8 high pro series shoes. Lots of ankle support, lightweight, good for fighting, all around very supportive.

Ties are for cucks, it is literally a leash.

Those steel toe? That's the advantage I see of boots vs shoes. If you are a kicker. I'm not big into kicking.

You look good but as far as combative resistance, the tie is a huge gamble and disadvantage.

If we did a surprise march expecting no resistance people could choose to wear a tie, I still would not.

A nice button up tucked in does the job. We will look like perfect gentlemen.

The past is good for learning. We must seek to become even greater than any previous generation. Idealistic maximum. I am Chad.

Plaid Nationalism is always a good look. We would do solid colors for group activism. Hard to get everyone with the same plaid pattern.

A bunch of lumberjack looking men would be aesthetically good though LOL

Most of us probably already have a grey button up and black pants and shoes, also why I like that idea.

dang did not show up. anyways, ultimate warrior did the arm bands right LOL

Showing your face means you are right and you are the good guys.

If you feel the need to cover your face that is a personal choice. Not to be condemned.

Gay. Lesbian. Tranny. Lol

Yeah that is a bitch

Those of us who can show our faces will do it for those who can not. I will be your face.

My life belongs to my people. That is where I am at in this.

We are a self defense oriented people. Wearing masks fits into self defense.

Another option is to go softer with our message, more normie optics. I am not a big fan of the half way approach though. We want to spark the natural instinct of self preservation in our people, not be republicans LOL

BH, I see grey, light grey, silver and charcoal offered. Which is the specific grey? I like the shirts. Short sleeve order lang

It's a work shirt but a little more dress up than dickies per say.

Good meeting with new people today. Very much enjoyed your company fam.

Dat Goy and I just got through with a solid flyercaust at OSU. About 200 or more pieces put out.

Cucks were triggered immediately at our desire to "build a White community". Lol, good times.

Apocalypse Chad no read, only eat tendies and drink Red Bull.

Lol, im reading a stack of legal documents about high level jewry.

Top Cuck. #1

>mixed race goy here. You all need to be mixed races because non mixed race is genetically inferior. Whites must die out. I am superior.
-cucks actually applaud a fat mixed race faggot with a nose ring claiming supremacy. Wow just wow.

But overall, Whites are winning the real debate. Hooray for Whites! "We're fucking awesome" -Spencer.

Hit him up, he'll pay you to bang his wife while dressed in an SS uniform.

We can just show up and use it?

They are so brainwashed after watching their "men" watch sports during every major holiday their entire lives. We did that to ourselves, now only an iron fist will bring them back in line.

>muh daddy is a lawyer. Sue them, arrest them. Such pathetic people.

Also, the scared fags saying "this will create antifa". Like antifa are actually scary. Lol, beta to a beta = zeta male.

Joel is a Priest, he is /ourguy/

? What is quote from ?

For demonstration purposes we are looking towards using KEK and PEPE flags. They can be had on eBay. Just as good as swastika but more fun for der jungen (youth)

It's crazy how people actually equate Whites speaking out against genocide as SUPREEEEMACY! Jews really got their minds warped.

Niiiice. I was going to suggest this is a good recruiting method.

Black sun is good with me personally. My aim is to coordinate marches/demonstrations that are OK for normie work placed in case of doxing. But masks are ok also. Want more people to be able to participate.

Want to show up to campuses with 10 guys, march in columns chanting loudly, make a lap around campus. Maybe hang out for a bit in the quad and then leave. Blitz.

Also, freeway overpasses.

"La Raza" brown supremacy is ok because not reached full equality yet...LOL. These colleges are injecting cancer in these children.

Conference site for organizing our ideas.

I'll be there.

Are you guys going to mask up?

Based ball bats?

I have 3 extra pair of safety glasses from shooting. Would not stop all mace but 90%

Open carry would be a good deterrent. You guys call it. We could do no guns and brawl it out, or open carry and keep it peaceful.

Personally I kind of like the idea of them attacking us and us defending ourselves ferociously.

But I enjoy fighting and pain. I know most do not.

The ground on the parking lot side leaves them the entire park to gather/surround. May not be ideal position. On Jimmy's side they could not surround us. They would be relegated to skreiking from across the street.

They may throw rocks so we should have rocks of our own.

If they do throw rocks we should rush them and beat their asses. No mercy. Total kreig

.22 gets the job done despite what most "internet experts" say. Most people killed by firearms are by .22. So don't take it lightly. It's not a pellet gun.

Yes, if we have 5 guys we probably can't take the park. If we have a few more we can. We can always start out at park and then adapt as things develop.

So is it open carry then?

Open carry it is. I'll be armed

Everyone should dress in button ups tucked in with black pants/shoes. Look nice, optics.

Just look presentable. Contrast their degeneracy.

Dividing our numbers not good. Leaving those without guns to fight alone not good. We either all fight or we all stay safe with armed individuals.

Those without guns should be moved to the core of group.

I'll be outside. I want to look these faggots in the eye. Let them see what they are up against in this holy war.

We will use this as an opportunity to false flag with slogans like, "All whites must die" lol. Show their propaganda for what it really is. "Genocide all Whites worldwide". That will red pill the normie frat boys.

You guys keep changing the program. If we cancel open carry then be ready for a brawl. They will advance if/when they have numbers.

So we will either need to carry to prevent that or be ready to make a hasty grab for guns or just brawl it out.

Felons could be on Jimmy's property. Non felons with open carry across the street. Option.

Call the jew lol

Free speech for press nah, free speech for individuals a little more flexible but not total free.


I wanted to bring my NS standard flag and SS.

Masks are fine for this operation imo.

I probably will not mask up unless I feel a mace situation imminent.

It would be kind if f hilarious to throw milk cartons at them if they throw rocks. But also if they throw rocks I assert that is an attack and we should charge them in force. I'm not trying to stand around while assholes throw rocks at me. We will discuss when there.

Yes they certainly can be.

Agreed. Self defense, to stop a threat. Once threat is stopped we stop defense. I know BH meant figuratively not literally.

Agreed rule #2

Prepare mentally for the worst. An unfair fight in which you will be tested to your self preservation tenacity.

It may just be mostly women and a few fags so don't be afraid, not trying to rattle anyone. We will win if they attack.

Should we let police know the situation and that we are only here as a defensive force in suspected terror attack? May give us the benefit of the doubt to state our position.

Jimmy we will be there at 6 and will help out.

Jimmy you can just hang out inside and drink tee during this situation, get some reading done, relax.

Jimmy you decide if you want to alert ZOG troops.

I'm not expecting ZOG to do anything, just letting them know our stance is purely defensive and we will not instigate violence. Maybe it will weigh into their actions if they decide to take action.

Just trying to cover all bases.

Just trying to cover all bases.

I have a bunch of both.

I'll bring a few, biting sticks to zip tie them on if you have them.

We should hide out at park and film/photo their license plates. Seems like they are planning to park in that lot.

No ZOG love, but when I destroy several attackers it may be nice to have it (((on record))) that we we've standing in self defense from the start.

If these faggots get violent I plan on going full wiking berzerker rage. My violence will be on a level which they have never seen or understood is possible. I will breath blood. I will not stop until they are all either gone or on the ground in need of assistance.

I will bathe in their blood. Male, female, old, young. There will be no mercy.

*If they initiate violence.

Purely self defense.

Their eyes will be red from smoking herbal Jew. Lol

Artair, please read rules section. Your enthusiasm is good but needs to be utilized properly. Your pics with the knives are not helping. Cool it with that.

Reporters are shit. Stupid kikes can't get anything right even when you spell it out for them and they take notes. We must get our message directly to the people.

Good job yesterday muh Nazis, it was a pleasure to stand with you men. Hail Victory.

Anyone with desire or time should troll our articles with sayings like, "Why is criticizing Jews not allowed." Or other mild red pills. We shall help to own our content and narrative. Thanks

Attempting to do vnn post. Can't find where to start a new post though. Fug

Thanks, posted a report.

Nice, we're getting more mileage out of those high posts. Yeah I have your phone. What time do you want me to bring it by?

It's in Jimmy's thread.

I can't find it lol

Movie: Cheaper By The Dozen. A strong patriarchal husband and wife have 12 White kids, tell planned parenthood jews to fuck off. Good to watch with the wife, chick flick night. Minimal jewry.

Need to rewatch that one

Jew lies matter

Fucking baaaaaasssed

I know we are handsome and all but I have noticed the teevee jews are really slick about not showing any of our signs. Maybe we should have signs with jew naming on them next time so they are forced to print "da goyim know" etc.

Can someone get the info for [REDACTED] Retard [REDACTED] from the faceberg live stream, also report his comments. This cock boy basically threatened us all with death. We should keep tabs on him.

On may 13th Antifa are doing a public violence training at a park in Washington. We need to show up and make it difficult/impossible to get their training done. Megaphone would help. Someone be who has the FB post please share.

Ignore the *be

Self Defense Supplies List:
1) chemical resistant goggles ($10-20)
2) hard knuckles tactical gloves ($15-20)
3) chemical mask/painters mask/face mask (pick your option)
4) helmet
5) based stick/flag pole ($5)
6) Shield or forearm guard for blocking
7) shoes with good grip on all surfaces

Just a short supply list for operations bag/things to heavily consider buying now. If you have duplicates of anything bring it for your brothers. Feel free to add items to consider.

Gut gemacht

Heil baaaaaased red coat

I'll meet you there bruder

Signage ideas:
1) free speech
2) protect the environment
3) end class warfare
4) end jewish supremacy
5) loving yourself is not hate
6) Love White babies
7) defend Americanism .
Subversive signs so media calls us Nazis and public thinks "hmmm those Nazis are baaaaaased".

8) da goyim know *now classic
9) end global war
10) being White is not a crime

@blackhat 16 if you can make it up to Corvallis I'll get us to Portland.

No human is illegal goy. It's 2017

@cos/sin-WA dat goy and I will be there tomorrow. What is the word on opposition? Are they organizing as well?

Will probably be meeting at the park. We will be there a little closer to 10. I looked it up on google. It should be relatively easy to find you guys.

I saw that, will look for the RWSS

Baseballs helmets are $25. Get one that offers maximum jaw protection. I found Nike and Easton to work well for that.

Small soccer shin guards fit nicely under a long sleeve and will be good for blocking. These sportcraft ones were $7. Another pair I got were $10. These are light and will not restrict movement or fatigue you.

I posted some things in supplies that may be pertinent for tomorrow. Things you can get at K-Mart, which is open late.

Right wingers don't get to have their words seen. Cool it with the jew naming goy.

KEK is a religion of peace!


Awesome!!!!!!! jews rule!!!

Chad Goldstein is baaaaaaaaased lol

Those guys know how to do a rally!

Getting White Nationalism associated with Trump normies was our best work today. Thanks Willamette Week

Yes, praise KEK

Update: after doing a review of guy who was trying to provoke me at the last rally I am 100% sure he was a FED. They were anticipating me and us being there. They are monitoring us. He said he would wrap me up...lingo for add to my wrap sheet. He also acted like he knew all about me. He said his grandfather fought in the battle of bulge AND his grandparents were gassed in Auschowitz (trademark). When he couldn't get me upset he then tried to get the Trump people to fight me. There is no way he recognized me from the articles with my helmet and glasses on. He also claimed I am in American Front. He was a plant. Know this moving forward. They are watching.

The guy who really off my alarm was a different guy. There were also 2 undercover cops I exposed when I was there.

The guy pictured on the right was an event organizer, probably a FED also. The gov is playing both sides. They want the conflict. That is why I say stop engaging Antifa altogether.

The guy in the picture was one that "recognized" me as well.

I'm done fueling the fire of republican vs democrat. It's everyone vs jewry or I'm not interested.

Not that I recall. He was 5'6" with a grey stubble beard, a brand new leather jacket, Levi's and boots (never worn before lol). He had a red white and blue themed scarf on most of the day. He looked like he was Antifa if he wanted then put his scarf on to be patriotic. Very out of place character.

I think he had a black beanie on as well.

In future I will take pictures of these types.

Based Nationalism = best Nationalism

We started pumpkin suit on his final decent. Feels good man.

"Make sure you guys disavow anyone who is actually serious about building a wall and deporting them all" -Trump Cuck

Trump's new twitter avatar is quite telling. He hates us. It's just like that movie Wall Street when the big league jew jews over the young guy. It's all about the shekels baby.

Heartless and totally corrupt


They are boring. Nice that you have a solid neighbor.

Their recap is so jewy. In the video you can see people with Antifa patches lol...but they were not Antifa. Kikes are mentally ill. They have no shame.

Note: I'm sure [REDACTED] was the driver who aided in the theft of Jimmy's camera. I said see you later to him at U of O and he said, "yeah you'll be seeing me later." He sounded sincere. I'm sure he was involved based on his level of triggering and that statement.

Plus the witness account.


Do you have taxi service if i drive to Eugene?

Yeah, the FEDs are shipping these cucks around the country now. Just like they do for BLM and Antifa. We respond by outnumbering them at events and/or holding our own events where they are not welcome, neither is their free speech. Either 14W or get the fuck outta town must be the new creed. @KommieKillinKowboy is right, they have sided against us, no hope for converting federal agents (unless we can offer to replace their salary lulz).

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