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That's what they always do to me too

Oy vey this is the own borders for Israel group, I think your rabbi was confused


Happened to key too beorn

Jfc I'm autistic everywhere

Everyone rocket off location for new goys

Jackson Co.

Heard that shout out. Keg @Uberhat


He is on the @WokeFolk and has his own now

I love how this has been set up

Someone set up the chats just ad I would have

Ill buy Uber a beer when he returns

Since we're close.geographically

Other links?

Court in ashland tomorrow. Wish me luck. 🐸

Everyone's so quiet

Another protest in Medford we really need to do something

All I ever really get to do is yell sound bites like build a wall Deport them all

Or hail Trump hail victory

Do we need to have like a response team that at a moment's notice Jobs and Family of course taken into consideration can show up at these events to counter signal them

I propose we stage statewide anti war demonstrations


No masks. Suits or boots

If a place won't work, the voice chat here can bridge the distance between the northern and southern factions

But we do need more organization

As our numbers grow, we should elect people in each area to spearhead actions and recruiting

Southern, central and northern

Indeed. I like your focus on that

Is BH south or central?

He is Eugene

If this convoys continues lets move to operations

I think what AF very much along these lines

They are very different than they once were

Isn't Douglas closer?

Activism will bring people to WN

But I want to feel like a roman centurion

Agree Lol but. I still believe that being politically active is a good thing in some ways

My thoughts exactly, 14

Can you elaborate?

Haribo and his brother in here?

Just Washington and Oregon atm

Id do that Uber.

Noonish work for people? Maybe afternoon?



And its yellow


Oh of course

*hand rubbing intensifies*

How do we sperg in vc?


When the 2 medford goys arrive, we wont be

I would like to propose to the @southern Oregon Goys that we do the same at SOU

<@&304026039766482955> **

You're in

Holy shit really?

It will. With rye database being compiled ill be real actice



Working on Fashy armbands

White armband acquired

Fashy ethno dogwhistle

Omg that's genius!

Happy Easter kids, we must secure our existence

You gonna be present today?

Excellent! What's your Twitter? Ive lost track of who is who.

No white shirts. Too Nordic resistance

What about grey?

Grey shirts, black pants?

For urban, for forest tan or OD green?

The white shirts have turned off every normie I show the NRM to

They say it looks culty


Tan is awful for urban use

But I have all tan combat gear

OD green pants with Grey button down shirts

Tan is so...Nazi tho

Boots or shoes?

We could do all Grey with tan combat boots?

For action. Suit wise, Grey shirts, black pants and tie

I'm bad at this

Ties are fashy

Tuck them in

Go for a 1935 look

No. They are 670-1 compliant for mil use

Just durable as FUCK



Shit it didn't post the picture....

Whhaaaa? Screw it.

Grey with white armbands would be a good look and identifies


No ties for combat.

Ties for formal uniform

No ties for combat uniform

No biggie

Just like the oldschool tie tuck

Fashy af

Screams 1930s nationalist

Fun dogwhistle. But its not the 30s so I get it

We need to be practical

Chad's look was on point

I hate not being able to put Twitter handles to people

Jimmy is always on point lmao

No, you're both right

In heavily influenced by the NRM

With the urban attire, thoughts on White armbands? Someone other than me mentioned it too I think

A crass 15 minute attempt with a cup of coffee yielded this

Its mirrors so its on my left arm


Working on a better more durable one with velcro rather than ties

Exactly. Simple.

Do we really want to show our faces to leftist wannabe terrorists?

I mean, to what extent?


Want stop (((the media))) from putting your face all over the news as a nazi


Example: my job hunt has been extraneous

Someone last week said "hired!"

Never responded to me. 3 guesses why

Social media search my name and Nazi comes up

Even with all charges dropped

Let mine be a tale of caution but not one moving anyone to inaction

National action hid their faces until they couldn't anymore. Time will reveal who anyone behind a mask is. No matter what.

We must be willing to lose a lot.

Yeah. Barring the loss of my fiancée and son, my life is not my own. It belongs to my kith and kin

Yes, fuck them.

Red kap?

What's that?

Sorry I'm on the 5 heading north

Can bring anything today?

I'm not, but id like to read no campus for white men. Seems particularly relevant

What about a Kek styled flag with a black sun?



Wilderness training site?





Calling all Oregon GOYIM to check operations ASAP

American Front has notified us of an antifa demonstration 4/24. Details are there

Off the property?

If we can secure the walkway in front of your house we ought to be ok

How many people so far have committed to coming? Any apb or af?

I only have a .22 but ill carry that or anything else if that's the plan

Otherwise, I say with enough people we take jimmies sidewalk and the parking lot, depending on how packed it is

Its more long range though. That's all

Its for sharpshooting

So it'll look awkward. That's all

Its a LR with a rather large scope

Well, we can. If he brings those ARs, I guess that's the plan.

I always keep my gear on me so if the ARs go to people ill get my rifle out too

Good! Hes coming? Ill grab them on the way up

I don't have any button ups in my gear yet but ill do my best to adapt what I have

Anything is more presentable than that rag tag bunch of unwashed degenerates

Jokes aside I take this very seriously

They're fucking terrorists

I can be there as early as necessary. If anyone wants to meet early to coordinate or strategize I'm available

Any updates from the Facebook group planning this?

Divide our numbers. 4 in parking lot, 4 form the defensive line

I have a go pro I plan to use

Film it all for evidence

Nice! Defensive open carry on the line (private property)

Flank has to rely on fists and handheld items

Don't risk open carry on the street

With rifles

If police respond and I'm sure they will we only want them looking at antifa

If someone names a time, ill be there. Sooner the better, its lime 2 hours 36 minutes of driving lol

We could hang back inside until they actually show up and then funnel out of the house but we won't have the parking lot if we do that

Your right


We need a plant then

Someone pretending to be a libshit

However she said to expect "agitators"

So basically, antifa

Then lets cool it with the firearms. If police show (and with (((masked agitators))) they will)

We don't want them looking at us

At all.

We want all eyes on antifa and their crazy supporters

Bring batons and shields lol

That'll be triggering for any of them that visited berkeley

We know where they are gathering. And the time. When do we show?

Is post apocalyptic Chad coming?

Could request council from my attorney?

Just so we know for sure?

Ill ask. He's a good goy. Anti gun and kinda liberal, but a good goy.

Attorney said that its best if you keep felons away from people in possession of firearms

Its a liability, as "the felon may take control of the firearm", which is what the police might say before confiscating it

Or writing someone up

Or worse, to the person with the felony

Just his advice.

I don't want to endanger anybody so I agree.

And out of legal danger.

We HAVE to be perceived as the "good guys" to any onlooking normies

Pro free speech

So probably no Swazis on us. XD


Ofc not (((press)))

The constitution applies to individual people

*individual citizens

I would agree on masks. They will be photographing us

I couldn't find my gas mask so I'm a bit worried lol

I don't have my NS standard skull mask :(

Can't go full National action lmwao

I have my gadsden snake mask.

That'll dogwhistle to patriots

Rocks are a deadly weapon.

We should all stand there drinking milk

If we throw litter at them we can be charged

Unless it devolves into Berkeley 2.0 we should be ready for combat

But troll hard

Bring out the pepes

Channel keg through you XD


We shouldn't be joking about potentially harming people in a grave manner that might require body bags.

I know theyre jokes, but we shouldn't just to be safe. Plenty of people would gladly remove the context

Rule #2

I know that too. But if someone got hold of the chat log (((somehow)))...

Should we actually expect a large turnout?

On their end...

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