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level 26 shitlord, Nazi focus, reporting for duty



Chad said the bad goyim hang out here

Likewise. That's one word for it

the kikes and their minions can hear anything they really want to

look at these faggots licking their wounds

they're all being heavyhanded since we started winning the culture war

pretty sure Corvallis will be there

I have never seen a Jew that nervous in my life

Just told the archJew AG that the goyim know

good luck, buddy

don't give them their pound of flesh

even the cucks on imgur and reddit were cheering that antifa whore getting laid out

The pepes shall flow

definitely work greater israel in there somehow

Have fun tomorrow Jimmy!

wish I could be there

Two main things: public and temporary

they can get you with a misdemeanor if it's on private property

vandalism if it's "permanent"

mainly means no wheat paste or spray paint

I don't think Oregon has any hyperkike laws banning flyering as "littering"

nice work

they have those fucking things up here too

I think the local churches are distributing them


I can't believe an actual rabbi showed up

search "university of oregon nazis" on faceberg

so much kvetching

good operation chad and jimmy

seems like the majority of people viewing these photos think it's far more than two people involved

huwhite is right

good contrast with antifa too

they just really don't like white shirts?

would khakis and black shirts with armband be enough?

I'm with Chad on the tie, but don't let that stop you

would be a good meme if we get 10+ of us together

oy vey, a natzee!

they could damage me rather severely

even once I get this Bill of Rights passed

fortunately, most of them are completely fucking incompetent

and I have built a nice Godwin's Law shield

I can do anything up to the big bad swastika

it's easy to support white nationalism with fairly uncontroversial facts, but holohoax revisionism is an entirely different ballgame

"Shoutout to the girl that called me and my friend "faggots" for walking. Stay classy Oregon State."

>I'll give a steam game to whoever tears down the most of these

>Mokim Mohammad Elmoussaoui You are just as bad, that is he or her's right of expression

@Australopithecus Jordan we've got plenty of white guys speaking up for this under their real names

mainly the women

>Hsuan Chen It's Not the first case, no one get arrested or sued yet?

Jews of Asia at it again

holy shit, Joel Priest is 100% on board

>Ok. Imma check outta this because I really don't give AF. But "diversity" is literally white genocide. It's actually mass genocide.

I know several of these faggots

7 women, 2 faggots, 1 sandnigger, and one white liked that cuckpost

I'm making a list of people to contact

A $20 key deposit is required. Rental fees: schools and community groups, no charge. Small private groups, $20.

and perhaps last but certainly not least: "[REDACTED] If it wasn't for diversity white people would have no culture."

okay, what is the deal with guns and flags

and do we know where these cucks are drawing from?

do they cover corvallis?

just thinking about how thoroughly to conceal identity

my jacket is easily distinguishable to anyone I've taught

but won't help random antifa

I'll just be safe about it

I'll leave us with this for the night:

I'll give it a crack tonight

@Australopithecus Jordan one of our letter-sized posters on Monroe is still up

and I think I left my phone in your glovebox

No rush, tomorrow would be fine

I'll be at work until 2100

Causa, Oregon's immigrant rights organization, is calling for hundreds of people to march for the liberty and lives of immigrant families during its annual May Day event. A rally will be held Monday, May 1 on the Capitol steps in Salem at 11:30 am, followed by a march that will end by 2:00 pm.

BASED Joel doesn't live in Oregon anymore, but I directed him to the nearest Book Club

goy from the OSU faceberg

the illegals and jobless leeches are also holding a rally on monday

ZOG agents made us ditch the signs

because wood

and a 10' metal pole


lmao they did it

There is a lot of video on twitter, I bet he's on there at least once

<@&304040059231797261> Spring Family Weekend at OSU coming up


fake news

only nine arrested for mischief

@Australopithecus Jordan we aren't the only ones dealing with this cuck shit

I have an outline to flesh out but I've been lazy

last week was busy

also, none of those kikebook normies were recruitable


good to know that they're mostly harmless, Jimmy

probably that neurotic wench from a few blocks away

"my black son"

you can't make this shit up

I'll supply Cascadia, Confederate, and KEK

oy vey

I think these folks could stand to learn about the Jew

I'm subscribed to their newsletter

they seem more focused on the slightly raycizz militia movement than our sort

everyone knows if you teach brown people about 18th century theories of government, they'll magically stop being savages

I was thinking signs: Jews are the 1% ; Free Palestine ; End Jewish Supremacy ; No more wars for Israel ; etc

Pretty easy to pretend to be BDS

Comes naturally to us

Totally kosher cause at the university, too!

Boycott, divest, sanctions

But I just met you goys on a BDS subreddit!

I like the street sign, Jimmy


just look at those lovely margins

The Whites you hate are Jews

that one's golden enough that a Jew would shave it

@Jimmy Marr The hat was a big hit on campus

nazi cowboys on the prowl

couple of niggers looked at me like I was wearing a white hood

Here's to many more shit lists in our future!

I like it

<@&304040059231797261> Leave it to the social justice faggots to mess up the date of their own event

Saturday, May 20th

@Jimmy Marr 12:30 is correct

if the weather forecast is wrong, they have a different plan in mind

we'd do noon in that case

one side of the park is bordered by Monroe, lots of parking, but it's right across the street from the library so usually busy

they'll probably park there to unload stuff for their fair

I think there's more public parking on the other side as well, there's a church and a gallery or something on that side, but no continuous street

I'll scout today to check time limits or restrictions

Reliable sources say niggers are next! 👤

There are a few great spots along Monroe at the northern end of the park

no rules on weekends

Fash overload

@Wehrmacht I like the blue field, green cross, white trim motif

That would do him in for sure

Right Wing Death Gifs


The black sun rising over a field of blood

You plan to sew that standard up yourself, General Marr?

Right you are

TC got a mention in the Eugene Weekly in an article about ROP(e)

We aren't the only ones. Web archive is having trouble.

These are some fine fucking flags, gentlemen

@Wehrmacht definitely black trim / white cross with the sonnenrad, and do some detailing prior to placing an order

I think my KEK flag has @Uberhat blood on it

The one and only

*mighty girth!

Great success

General Marr launched a frontal assault against a lying Jew-Arab and gassed him where he stood

"Judaism believes and practices, they would technically be uncircumcising people"

That article is incredible. Not only did we get the lead image, but the photos of the fair show a ghost town.

Those first three paragraphs

More than 50% of the article was explicitly about us

@Jimmy Marr Is Memorial Day too soon?

Very fitting for a Liberty remembrance

I wonder if this was Mr MECHANIZED DEATH

What does (((Tried to Stop))) mean?

This sounds like another El Pollo situation to me.

Why did the muzzies bail and not stick around for the ZOG agents?

>out for an evening run


>whitesharia.bat executed


>could hear a pin drop in the party's yard

Infamous WHITE SHARIA street preacher Chad "No Kraut; Choke Her Out" Goldstein would be proud

I live in Oregon and despite our very liberal reputation most of Oregon is rural and there is a lot of conflict. And I live in a rural Part of Oregon. From more then a few people I have heard individuals say that he was within his right to say what he wants and those men Tried to silence him deserved what they got. Self Defense.

So proud of Gondor

Ushering in a new age of tolerance after so many decades of colonial oppression

The amount of publicity at this event is almost too good to pass up

Whatever form a showing might take

Haven didn't see the two young women— one of them a Muslim—who police said the suspect was targeting. He did, however, see two of the men who stepped in to defend them. Before long, Haven said the suspect, Jeremy Christian, was surrounded.
He was boxed in,” said Haven. “He was trying to get out, this way and that way but he couldn’t, then he pulled out his knife.

ooooooy vey

Yes, the banners are excellent Jimmy

Thanks for putting them together so quickly

moslems and commies just threatened violence against the board of trustees


trying to drink away his PTSD from confronting a bunch of literal Nazis

Threat to Evergreen College: ‘I am going to execute as many people as I can'

They recently made it a priority to import niggers

As well as scooping up as many as they could from Seattle area

"Evergreen so white"

You had a natural distribution of niggers back in those days

Nobody tell Jimmy!

@Wehrmacht Morrakiu needs to make that parody

I'm free for shenanigans this weekend, and Portland is a juicy target at the moment

I'm not sure he would be a good addition for possible conflict anyway

If these faggots are going to be doing the disavow meme, I'm sure as hell not showing up to tacitly support their cuckoldry.

Let them get their shit stomped in by antifa.

I'd rather just do Jimmy's banners in a different part of the city. Co-opt their event in the media coverage without even being present.

Also, wew

A. It is unlawful for any person to knowingly possess or carry a firearm, in or upon a public place, including while in a vehicle in a public place, recklessly having failed to remove all the ammunition from the firearm.

B. It is unlawful for any person to knowingly possess or carry a firearm and that firearm’s clip or magazine, in or upon a public place, including while in a vehicle in a public place, recklessly having failed to remove all the ammunition from the clip or magazine.

I had no idea you guys were already living in a communist state up there!

shitskin got memed on

There is a nigger chimping in front of the Memorial Union

I wonder if our ancestors would have changed their ways if they could glimpse into this dystopian future.

Flexibility is good. Amidst chaos there is always opportunity.

@Australopithecus Jordan We're heading up there with the banner, not to take part in the cuck rally.

so are the dancing mossad



The center of the eclipse will be slightly north of Corvallis

You would have gone Hollywood Nazi on them at this one, Chad.

The cucking is real

Shame that the police kept them from fighting like they really wanted to

Discord confirmed transphobic

I will complain to Mr Yael Goldblatt at the SPLC immediately

It's usually far more productive to just heil in their face and be done with it.

You should have seen Jimmy's vicious rape of a young corrupted Aryan girl named Freya

Chad and I were engaging her in polite conversation about the true nature of the Jew, when Jimmy jumps in with GTK;RWN

She would never recover

Tactical mandarins

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