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I'm here guys

Here I am!

anyone get video footage?

Anyone wanting to beat a few Antifa senseless today?

I know I am.

hey dude!

I say someone (Jimmy, seeing as he is already ousted) should make a very large sign in his front yard naming off, oh, say, a couple thousand Jews as media executives, hedge fund managers, high ranking faggs, etc.

I'll ask Austin if he can do this.

Hey snow nigga, your not allowed to breed.

Do we have any Roseburg members yet?

Who is this Fluxis fellow?

I'm calling Jew here...

I double that.

Actually, can we have a bible burning?

And a torah burning?

@Fluxis Do you know where we can only get the old testament?

Also, I did some checking, under rule 14, section 88, I can indeed call someone a Jew in the discord chat, if they have been a member for under less than nine day's.

Why do we have a gaming channel?

Did the street march accomplish anything?

Well, the internet is the only place where I can talk to like minded individuals.

I was unaware of that.

Weren't Ron Mcvan's poems published there as well?

seapea, I thought you died on us.

ah, that explains it.

seapea, who are you?

uh, that's fair i suppose.

uh, name, address, mothers maiden name, social security number, under wear size, last time you visited the doctor.

Here is the coolest picture.


My blond hair, Nordic nose, and pure blue eyes make me racially superior to everyone of you.

Right, for reals though.


Heading down to grants pass everyone.

I have perfect features, as you saw when we last met 😉

If he's Scandi, then he isn't.

Do we have any Grants Pass Goys?

Hmm, It depends, will it be during school hours so I can sneak out of my parents house? And can I do background checks on each one of you so I know I won't be shot in the back.

Thinking of moving to Minnesota guys, this shithole (Cascadia) is lost.

uhh, I think I say what is on everyone elses mind.

Oh yeah, well, I'll stay here until I make my mind up, it's a big choice but I don't even like going into town any more...

I hate 99% of the individuals in this god forsaken wasteland.

Fucking fatasses.


I was!

oh lol, I love it when you talk in rpgspeak.

What else do

I call the references and metaphors you make?

I have known you long enough to take a guess.

Besides, I'm planning on moving based on the consistent browning of the area I'm in.

Scorpios make good liars btw.

I would hardly say easier, I'm seeing several more syllables.


You know I'm a consistent downer.

well, on a happier(?) subject, it's my birthday tomorrow!

meh, I don't really care for it actually lol.

Not getting anything worthwhile.

So I'm not actually looking forward to I just realized.

Yeah, I'm turning twenty and I still can't buy myself booze... 😦

Well, you have people who will buy you the booze.


Hey guys, not necessarily leaving the chat, but I won't be talking on here for probably a very long time (here or the twitter chat). I'm not doing any good regardlessly.

Right, well, we don't have anywhere left, it's over.

Right, delete me if you want then.

I'll think on it, maybe take some of the anti depressants I should have been taking.

It's hard for me because my parents (who I live with), are cucks and there is no way I could manage that. I have no friends locally, and haven't met a national socialist for months.

Have her eat lots of Cashews.

Cashews contain natural chemicals that can stimulate happiness and reduce irritation.

So... to answer your question... never...

Ah man guys I'm sorry, talking like this isn't good for if the chat gets busted.

Also maybe she shouldn't be drinking soy if she is?

I have had these diagnosed to me before to help with my depression, they have many benefits that have visible effects.

Yeah, I downed some less than an hour ago, there finally taking affect.

If cashews are too expensive, cashew milk has the same effects.

Not to mention more can be done with them/

Done with the milk*

I don't know much about pregnancy, other than a good friend of mine is about to give birth to my god son... I can ask her about it.

Alright, she says have sex with your wife more.

That's weird looking haha.

But yes, you need to have more sex for sure.

If she is too sore for normal sex, then just... Just help her without putting your dick in there.

Also ask her if she wants help, and let her know she's attractive.

Earlier when I said they were taking effect, I meant towards my depression, not my bitch tits.

Is the OP taking note of all this?

Well, can someone relay this to him? I've got all of this from a very reliable source, a pregnant woman.

"Just tell him to talk to her and offer her help that's the sure fire way.
Women need to feel wanted and appreciated.
They want to feel like they're attractive and a lot of women struggle feeling attractive while they're pregnant. Today even I feel like a fatty haha"

But yes, for non Freuding babble, have her down some cashews to balance out her hormones.

I don't take misery in other peoples suffering, I just feel good when I'm helping them.

Actually it's just the Cashews, I do have a bit of a hormonal imbalance that causes me to feel severely depressed and apathetic, I was actually prescribed to eat them for that very reason. I don't want to talk about it either.

Once again though, keep her away from soy products, soy contains severe amounts of estrogen, which may be causing her to be a moody bitch.

Cashew milk should perhaps be given to her instead of regular milk, because lord knows that is done to that.

Is this too much information?

Well, the advice is sound and I'm good evidence of that.

I meant TMI as in, "Dear gods, I didn't need to know that Ian."

I used to take knife drills, you can get a lot of information on youtube.

Also, professor Blackwood, who is a blackbelt in several forms of martial arts, could really help you if you actually went to college.

You lazy SOB, take some initiative, you shouldn't need to ask for help! 😉

I'm just being salty 😃

Pick up a Sparring knife bro (Sportsman warehouse, or just make one yourself), and watch the videos that are already on youtube, and practice with T.

Also, practicing with a heavier knife is an obvious way to get started.

I know that all sounds like bullshit, but I couldn't offer any better advice.

Practice basic stances, move your entire body around, most of all use your left hand plenty.

Hold the knife in your left hand in a reverse grip, and stab/chop through a descent sized tree trunk, circling around the trunk while you do so.

Once finished, do the same with your right hand.

Doesn't have to be a tree, just use anything laying around that's in great supply.

I know that sounds like bad advice, but I actually got that from a friend who used to be an officer in the Australian police force.

That's sort of just the bare bones minimum, but it's better than nothing.

uhh, Did I say something wrong guys? Room just got really silent.

No problem, just get a really heavy knife so the training is twice as hard as the actual thing.

My Bowie weighs over a pound, and I frequently do that exercise. Now picture, what happens if I do (for self defense) have to stab someone with my glock, which weighs twice as much?

Also Austin, your switchblade is shit for combat I'm afraid.

Well, it's a liner lock, if you stab someone you risk transmitting too much force into the tang of the blade, causing the lock to fold, possibly injuring yourself.

No, just get a fixed blade knife.

Or a normal priced knife with a lockback.

I've studied it quite in depth.

I've also trained in depth, very carefully from the fairbairn sykes methods.

I'm not allowed to travel up to Eugene lol.

Study up on Fairbairn... And also the stuff written about his unpublished manuscript by Cassidy...
Footwork - smallsword type of hold - cut and double cut drills... Union jack target on the chest...

Oh yes, and no one deserves that more than Anti-fa.

yeah, tell me about it.

You should get a fixed blade knife bro for EDC.

Just a small one about 4" or under.

Kabars are great, but your extending into questionable legal territory.

Oh yeah, can't go wrong with that, but I have a better solution...

Just a sec

The third edge makes it a perfect fighting knife!

It's a REALLY good knife because of the insane geometric design it has, absolutely brilliant. Cutting limitations put even on double edged blade are shoved aside, that has a 3/16's long blade on the tip that can cut arteries very quickly.

The besh wedge is made by grinding only a single face of either edge, giving it superior strength as well, preventing breakage if you have to stab something.

I have handled a slightly longer version before, works great in practice...


But if you want to prevent too much blood from getting on you?

I have a way to freeze the wound immediately, and instantly kill your assailant, like if they were on drugs and continued attacking you.

Deadliest knife ever made.

Pull the button after stabbing, and enough Co2 to inflate a basket ball is released, freezing the wound completely.

There is a tube leading through to the tip, so you have to stab, but for a one time use... It's all you need to neutralize any target, no matter how drugged up.

It's a dive knife used to kill sharks and freeze the wound, preventing blood from attracting other sharks.

I say this advisedly of course, in theory that you were attacked or were in an apocolyptic event.

For any use however, if you are willing to spare one grand, get the Jagdkommando Tri dagger.

Oh shit.

I just realized I sperged out and wasted all this time talking about knives.

I'm terribly sorry.

This does not require knoweledge of edge geometry, slash or slit with this any way you want.

Never forget these!

Expandable batons.

Morning guys!

No, unfortunately Tor is no longer secure, it's been broken heavily.

At first (((They))) could only find your traffic using entrance/exit vector statistics, but now they are using their own servers as TOR nodes, allowing them to intercept large amounts of traffic.

Are you kidding me?

I don't use TOR personally, is that a requirement for being here?

haha lol

Wow, you guys can really use me as an example for the healing power of cashews.

Just yesterday I was DM'ing Austin Discussing suicide, ate a few handfuls of Cashews, drank some cashew milk, and It's all better.

Hey guys, can you check my question on <#300407039065194497> ?

You know, this was all in my cisco certification course.

And aside from everything Austin just said, and more, TOR is just not that secure.

It's for the autistic kids at school who like to pretend their being cool.

seapea, can you type any faster?

It's passed along in UDP and TCP packets.

I use windows 10 because I like to be able to play game every now and then.

Well you must have a very good computer!

I don't lol

I've done this all before for a friend, it's really not that hard guys.

Wow, I feel bad because my computer is unsecured.

Buy a cisco ios router.

I have to go now, please DM anything important guys!

Sorry for the autism goys.

wowee cuck.


Sorry, not you guys.

maybe we should have a separate channel for cyber security?


Wow, what did I walk into?

I fucking hate the oath keepers.

What does their name even mean?

Oh wow that's really cucked.

So I'm not the only one here who hates America?

14/88, you can spend a very long time typing.

Very well said!

"All these opinions have this common feature and failing: that they are not grounded in a recognition of the profound truth that the capacity for creating cultural values is essentially based on the racial element and that, in accordance with this fact, the paramount purpose of the State is to preserve and improve the race; for this is an indispensable condition of all progress in human civilization. "


Frankly the name America actually annoys me.

wow, no one agrees with this cuck, it gives me hope.


Thanks Jimmy!

No, no, it's true.

I seem to some people to be manic-depressive, but it's just inconsistent medication.

haha 😃

It's a confirmed medical fact that cashews contain the same chemicals as actual anti depressant medicines.

Raw generally.

What have I started?

No nuts!

We've had heat for the last few days.

We're sperging out on the PSAS channel, we should stop.

I don't think so, that's what's generals for.

I can not give out tech advice, despite having multiple terms of CIS experience under my belt, because I can not dox him...

ahh, thanks bro 😃

How much jewish blood do you have again? 15%?

You called yourself racially mixed lol...

There is nothing wrong with being blackpilled people.

How much outside work have you done?

Woah, it says Ironmarch, I'm not touching it.

you didn't post what?

I love to see pictures of drowning/drowned invaders.

I did not break the rules by saying that, did I?

Well my birthdays here...

Twenty, still not old enough to drink myself to death.


Watered the six thousand square foot garden, watered the 15 walnut trees, cleaned paint out of several 5 gallon buckets...

And a bunch of other stuff...


haha, didn't know they had flag reactions.

yeah, it sucks

I'm just sitting here all alone...

oh yeah!

Anyone feel like talking? none of my friends are on FB at the moment.

Ironmarch was founded by a mongolian.

Got a new phone for my brithday, I will be available more often.

Mates hopeless. Rule #1, don't marry, just get them pregnant.

I am speechless...

Teh edginess...

The song is excellent though, very good choice.

oh man that suck bro!

Love it!

We need a health channel!

Yeah, i wish i could go....

Oh gods, my parents would never forgive me.

Well, training for that is impossible for me.

I love the sound of it though!

I have never tried that either, and my picture skills are substandard.

I can do some basic graphics.

Does anyone have any skin clearing hints? I ate a bunch of cereal with gluten, and now my visage is unbearable.

Is there anything i can do?


I would do whatever I can with stock images!

No, its not. My face breaks out and i bleed internally.

Yeah, the bleeding is only in the lowermost section of my intestine.

So yeah

Holy shit.

There is many many times the amount of gluten in wheat today than twenty years ago.

Not to mention other changes made.

But in short, i won't be meeting anyone of you for the next five days atleast.

nah, those won't help with this, though I should pick some up, feeling pretty shitty right now.

alright, make sure to eat a few handfuls of non roasted.

please tell me someone else is on, I'm lonely.

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