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Hello kameraden, I have arrived

I have never used Discord before, total n00b

Who are you in our Twitter DM?

Oh, nvm. PDX I presume?

I sent an invite to 1488, hopefully we'll see him join us soon...

All the chat history seems to have disappeared for me...

Ok wtf it's back, nvm

Welcome, leuk


Sure, I don't see why not. I'd feel good if they came in with a least a little self-introduction as the rest of us here are already well acquainted...


1488, you doing an impression of r/TheDonald? I totally got that. Lmwao

Welcome @Siegurd. Good to see you here @cos/sin-WA

I see @Marcus in the house as well, excellent!

As it stands, we have a regular meeting every second Saturday in Grants Pass for the Southern Counties (Jackson, Josephine, Coos, Curry, and Douglas).

Who is datgoy?

Explain yourself

Just curious, are u in from the Portland area Stormer Book Club contingent?


Datgoy confirmed as good goy

Our Discord is best Discord

Jimmy's not here to shill it himself, so I will. He's throwing a Hitler's Birthday get together on Saturday the 22nd; hope you all can attend

You can thank Uber for that...
Who is @Gammadio ?

@Eviee_PNW if we don't know you from another forum or group DM pls give us a brief introduction and present participant who can vouch, thanks.

Same goes for @Gammadio

Awesome. Thank you. And welcome!

I'm unofficially bird dogging the participants here ๐Ÿ˜‰

You on a smartphone? If so slide the chat to the right, 'click' on the gear icon in the lower right corner, it's under account


@beornmod will you post a link to that webpage of non-Kiked movies in <#301458920990572546> ?

Or maybe we need a #whitepills section, which I can't seem to figure out how to do... hrmmm

Ah, copy that. thanks for poasting ๐Ÿ™ƒ

@everyone Jimmy's seeking some feedback on if anyone is planning to join us at his house on the afternoon of Saturday, the 22nd for a casual Hitler's bday get together. Please advise if you intend on attending. Ty

On G St in Springfield, across from Willamalane Park

Ok cool. I'll let him know the shoomers will be in attendance ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Excellent. Thank you, ma'am

Copy that. Ty

Welcome bro, glad you're here!

Also welcome @WadeAW

And <@242852726248046592> , just noticed you're here...

Beer + running = kinda fun tho

I don't think I should be considered the official organizer for the Southern Region; Justin or Uber should really step up into that role. Consider me part of the Southern contingent tho, our days in Eugene are limited and we'll be moving back to Douglas County first chance we get...

Closer to what?

It's the next County north from Jackson & Josephine

Will do.

We want to recruit those who've already had their racial consciousness awakened, but we aren't interested in acting as an "outreach" program, so to speak. As such, activism is not prohibited but neither is it on our priority list. Our focus assumes a collapse of the System and thus we prioritize preparedness and training for that eventuality.

Then you are in the right place (joining APB). Part of the appeal of the centurion is that his battle-ready uniform meant something because it was backed by the organization it represented. If there weren't a hundred other soldiers wearing the same gear, the presence of a centurion means nothing. Without that, you're just a based stick man...

So do I. But people are magnetized by strength, and strength is projected through uniformity. Without the backing of organizations and the outer trappings of such, it's easy to dismiss a group of people as simply rabble, imo

I can swing it, depending on the week and how much lead time I have to schedule that

@WadeAW and <@242852726248046592> are in WA

Also @seapea

2017-04-18 23:17:16 UTC [Cascadian Coffee Company #rules]  

1. If it is not already clear who you are and why you are here (e.g. everyone is not already familiar with you from a Book Club or the Twitter DM) you must provide a brief introduction and have an extant member vouch for you.

2017-04-18 23:25:50 UTC [Cascadian Coffee Company #rules]  

2. No discussions around illegal activities, not even in a joking fashion. If the topic can be used in any way to implicate your fellow chat members on conspiracy or other charges, it is not allowed.

I would suggest splitting between Southern, Central, and Northern @s
@Australopithecus Jordan @DatGoy @Eviee_PNW and myself would all be Central.

So is @Leuk

@Gammadio is actually in NorCal, so...

@Siegurd is also Northern

Sorry @Siegurd that's what I meant

I think the specific region indicators are a good idea, helps people know who they can connect w locally

Oh shit, Jimmy Marr in da house

A fine addition to the <@&304040059231797261>

The color? The icon is everyone's default avi...

Just got back from a walk around town, 12 "jews and fags pack your bags" placed in the Whit, and 3 enemy pieces (see photo) torn down.

Had a great time in the rain tonight (see <#300814538519871488>). Happy Birthday mein Fuhrer!

Thanks! I hope the ink holds up, it's raining hard af right now... part of why I brought the enemy's handiwork home, figured I can take the sheaths and feel the extra schadenfreude knowing they're partially funding my ops lel

Congrats to Chad and Jimmy on today's successful operation:


@Happy Gerry is in Southern Or

@Uberhat didn't you do a crowdfunding attempt at purchasing Tiller OR? How successful was it?



@seapea you should come behave yourself w us, the jewrnalist will not be there...

It's my fave... nice and quiet

I imagine it will get more action once we get lonewolf over here...

Uh oh guise, it looks like @WadeAW has gone full AWD...


You're thinking of Slavros, head of Ironmarch

afaik Mike (Odin on IM) is totally huWhite

It's hard to maneuver on IM w out Christians sperging out on you constantly, but I visit occasionally

Same. And it's how I came into contact w SIEGE, one of the best/most influential movement books I've ever read.

Yeah, the home of Common Filth etc

Me too

Kike or no, he wastes his energy on small-time activity, when he could use his minor celebrity to accomplish bigger things. Reminds me of Sineade, just punches right for the sake of it, taking pleasure in making enemies.

My 2c on the shirt issue: grey button down Red Kap shirt is official AF/APB uniform attire. Looks good w black pants

Chad, charcoal grey

Same; and I'm happy we finally had a good cross-pollination of North, Central, and South

Just finished "Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International" biography by Kevin Coogan. Who's reading what rn?


I think we should get there at 6:30 and secure the sidewalks across the street tbh

Me, Chad, probably Jake... I just called Clint and he sounds like a yes

I still say we take the ground on the parking lot side. Clint is talking open carry w ARs

Some of us would have to do no guns for legal reasons, there are two ARs I can donate to the cause for those who can

Then maybe we take the park; forces them to be afraid of a retaliation from the rear while they attempt to focus on Jimmy's house

The ARs will have to be picked up in Roseburg on the way up. I gave Clint your number so y'all can carpool/coordinate

Also have a mini 14 to contribute

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