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Hey, this is mike from the pdx stormers

Trust fund commies off our streets

Is there video or pics of him?

Happy one thousand four hundered and eighty eight to you too fellow goy

Why dont they show mug shots of 3 people? Minors?

The war has always been between gentile and jew.
This cuck chose his side, and there will be no shortage of rope in the near future.

Good to hear

@Australopithecus Jordan the whites you hate are jews
Need to keep pressing this; jews aren't white.

I had an idea for a google maps plug in that would mark kike owned businesses with a star of david so white nationalists could avoid them

Id promote it as a way to find kosher friendly places to visit to keep the normies off the trail

Best news ive heard in a while.

Itd be cool if it could break 'white' down to region

Yeah i got it, slowly

I think theyre making race specific weapons

Weaponize TB and cropdust africa. Shoot anything that tries to leave for 10 years.
World hunger solved

@My Name Is Hate we'll dig drywells for heritage coin tossing ceremonies.
White people getting together to set jew traps. Sounds like a good time to me.

Dont drink the water you might get infected

'Is that the best you got?'
*chimp-mode activated*

I like andrew's article;
In Portland this week, a group of antifa were on "niggerpatrol," marching against "niggerdom and the proliferation of niggerism," when they came upon a wild, roaming nigger.

22 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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