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2018-02-11 21:20:41 UTC  

They got trolled into oblivion and they know it

2018-02-11 21:27:03 UTC  

Also it's important to recognize that women tend to follow, antifa and the left is mostly women or emasculated men.

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2018-02-11 21:49:27 UTC  

Enoch has been giving PF props for our stuff for a while now

2018-02-11 21:49:52 UTC  

Oh shit Enoch said that, thought it was some random lol

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@SonderSchutz TX It was for a new video, don't be mad.

2018-02-11 22:03:50 UTC  

I know haha

2018-02-11 22:03:54 UTC  

I never go to Reddit.
Now I am reminded of why I never go to reddit

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You know this person didn't look it up because it's a rental.

2018-02-11 22:12:00 UTC  

Good luck firebombing Enterprise

2018-02-11 22:16:22 UTC  

DC video when?

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Action Report 2 coming soon. @FASHRABBIT

2018-02-11 22:26:41 UTC  

Is Paul Nehlens Twitter suspended? I can't check cause mine is suspended too but I heard it's gone

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2018-02-11 23:05:27 UTC  

That thing about MAGA fags beating up antifa earlier? It actually happened.

2018-02-11 23:06:32 UTC  

Yeah they bullied the fuck out of those guys.

2018-02-11 23:06:49 UTC  

I wish the commies in Austin were as big of pussies as that leftist crowd is.

2018-02-11 23:07:50 UTC  

They always bring girls and trannys to fight

2018-02-11 23:08:36 UTC  

The enemy is the enemy, no mercy.

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2018-02-11 23:09:25 UTC  

20 of us got beat mercifully by 5 racists

2018-02-11 23:09:34 UTC  

Our local enemy is just a bit more radical and aggressive than that crowd.

2018-02-11 23:09:52 UTC  

In that regards, I have to give them ***some*** respect.

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2018-02-11 23:10:20 UTC  

I mean yeah. It's just hilarious when I see a 90 lb girl on the front lines against fascism haha

2018-02-11 23:10:29 UTC  

They aren't afraid to fight police on the capitol grounds or beat up on 3%'ers in front of APD

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2018-02-11 23:11:49 UTC  

I mean they'll take a few swipes but if we got in a serious knock down drag out fight it'd be a bloodbath