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I'd like a shirt to wear as well, can pay for it anytime.

Those helmets are nice. I was about to show up looking like a LARPer with my motorcycle helmet lol

Hail Victory

Well goys I got "suspended" today for safety reasons after being doxxed and people calling my employer apparently some fags are supposed to gather today in the parking lot to protest me making burritos

The media is really to blame the labels they throw at us are to intentionally encourage hatred against us

Commies are having a rally against me

Did you try to call the number yet?

Not sure what to make of this one.

Maybe she's pro white sharia

Where at? I don't see a place anywhere just the date and time.. @Thomas Ryan

Ohh I gotcha yes I'll be available

That's a nice looking banner @Patrick MI

Anyone else watching this Jew boomer on Warski?

@ThatGoy he's so sloppy. Looks like Larry the Cable Guy

They're gonna block tanks?

He says the alt right is all about gas the kikes race war now though. Typical boomer

Yeah I feel like he was using that to say we aren't doing thing in real life. Ethnostate in Montana when tho?

He just knows Jews don't live in Montana lol


My sister has a Rockwell sticker on her locker that I gave her. People prob just think it's a guy smoking a pipe though lol

My next target is Dalton State college

That last line......

College is still pretty white. There is hope

There are all kinds of small towns like this in the Southeast. Sad!

My city has black gangs but they stay in the ghetto

That's the way I'm thinking

If I could find where this cuck mayor of Dalton lives that would be glorious.

He wears a pink bow tie for fuck sake...


Postering I did today at Dalton State College

I'm new this I will be available, do I just need to be online and join a meeting room in the voice channel? @Thomas Ryan

I heard he is gassing all the penguins in Antarctica in order to establish an artic Aryan homeland.


Wtf baked alaska has Jared Taylor on debating KNGR Tariq

China is white supremacy n shheeit

Who could it be though?

I heard Tariq has a wife that is half Jewish

Must be how he was about to right his hit book


Tariq's people prob think Taylor is getting owned. It's hilarious how oblivious they are

Muh dick

He couldn't even figure out how to get to stream right on his own channel and gave up lol

Look like a good mic he's just retarded

He's probably stealing Wi-Fi

Das rite

Respecc huwhite man

Holy shit


"anyone who attacks a black man is an honorary huwhite man" Jared Taylor 2018

Is Jared gonna join NSM?

I'm liking Tariq has some fans in the chat hahah makes it more entertaining

He can't give up hia narrative that's how he gets shekels

South Africa...


He loves it

Almost 5500

Enoch is supposed to debate some boomer neocon Jew on Warski soon that'll be good.

I also doubt Sargon will show but I really hope he does.

This wasn't me. I just saw it on the news

Vanguard guys must be in the area..

It truly is. I could do better and I'm terrible with graphics

Is it supposed to be blood?

The reaction to this is hilarious but they aren't going to win anyone over with those posters

I started using photo paper so my posters are niiiiice

I bet everyone who shows up to this will be a white hipster ..

I think it might mean they don't like naggers


Postering I did with Oberon at Riverpark Chattanooga TN

We would have done more but it's pouring rain here

The one I did is with clear tape.. ;)

We only did the bathroom cause everything is drenched. Just wanted him to get a few up anyway


Baked is gonna make Sargon cry and run off

Sargon is done


Home of the New Right

It's not stuck to anything

It's hard paper just resting there..

@Thomas Ryan went back and fixed it

Is Paul Nehlens Twitter suspended? I can't check cause mine is suspended too but I heard it's gone

They always bring girls and trannys to fight

I mean yeah. It's just hilarious when I see a 90 lb girl on the front lines against fascism haha

No way this is legit..

Why would the leader of a WN group talk to the fucking A D L???

The memes are way too cringey makes me think feds

If this group is legit they are tards from the top down


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