Message from 502ssOtto in Front And Center #activism

2017-11-23 13:56:02 UTC  

Update: UTSA president issues personal statement

2017-11-23 13:57:02 UTC  

UTSA deploys more cameras and patrols, consults FBI

2017-11-23 14:20:11 UTC  

Sounds like they need a visit. Another torch rally when?

2017-11-23 14:22:54 UTC  

Fucking hell

2017-11-23 14:26:01 UTC  

@joe TX making me wanna do a banner

2017-11-23 17:21:35 UTC  

You got the FBI called because of you fucking based!

2017-11-23 17:22:35 UTC  

Let's do a torch demo at the utsa prez crib

2017-11-23 17:23:17 UTC  

We want his neighbors to know he's a cuck and if they're non white they're missing out on his wife

2017-11-23 17:26:17 UTC  

Looking forward to getting a bunch of suits at my door to investigate.

2017-11-23 17:26:30 UTC  

This is why I don't want y'alls personal info of any kind. 😂

2017-11-23 17:28:13 UTC

2017-11-23 17:28:39 UTC  

They don't roll like that anymore

2017-11-23 17:29:22 UTC  

Enlighten us my dude

2017-11-23 17:29:39 UTC  

The Feds document and investigate

2017-11-23 17:29:42 UTC  

My death threats have yet to get me a visit

2017-11-23 17:29:49 UTC  

But without interviewing you

2017-11-23 17:30:47 UTC  

If they want an interview voluntarily it is most likely the end of a type five assessment

2017-11-23 17:31:45 UTC  

A type five assessment is your potential as a CHS. That's a Confidential Human Source

2017-11-23 17:32:41 UTC  

Well I think we've all been through that one

2017-11-23 17:32:46 UTC  

The Feds don't snatch you off the street or blow your door off unless their case is already airtight

2017-11-23 17:33:26 UTC  

I'll post the policy manual on type five assessments and running CHS's

2017-11-24 09:05:20 UTC

2017-11-24 09:06:29 UTC  


2017-11-24 09:10:06 UTC  

Holy shit! Fucking baste

2017-11-24 09:17:49 UTC  

That's defientley on the edgy side of thing😂

2017-11-24 09:30:09 UTC  

Might've doxxed myself doing it. We'll see.

2017-11-24 11:10:51 UTC  

I hope not. Were you not wearing a mask?

2017-11-24 11:11:25 UTC  

Yes and no. It's complicated.

2017-11-24 11:11:54 UTC  

I was in range before putting it on.

2017-11-24 11:14:50 UTC  

Happy Holidays. Just hit up Santa Monica shopping center.🎅

2017-11-24 11:17:00 UTC  


2017-11-24 13:40:16 UTC

2017-11-24 13:40:45 UTC  

Me at a BLM protest a couple weekends ago

2017-11-24 13:41:11 UTC  


2017-11-24 13:45:06 UTC  

This is the fat ass on the welfare queen that organizes all the BLM shit in Memphis. That’s a lot of Cheetos and grape soda.

2017-11-24 13:46:39 UTC  

Ableist communist.

2017-11-24 18:14:55 UTC  

Go @Dustin !

2017-11-24 21:54:49 UTC  

LOL. love it when the libs tear down their own lib administration

2017-11-24 23:50:04 UTC  

What is the cheapest option for bulk color printing ? Is there some shitty online place where I can order a few boxes that will be cheaper than the local Fed ex office ?

2017-11-24 23:51:08 UTC  

Also some tips on creating and hanging banners for overpasses or things like that .