Message from BraeJager - TX in Front And Center #activism

2017-11-04 06:28:53 UTC  

Good night!

2017-11-04 06:29:03 UTC  

Good work my dude

2017-11-04 06:29:13 UTC  

I think I'll stick to 3M glue spray

2017-11-04 06:29:21 UTC  

Easy cheesy

2017-11-04 06:29:47 UTC  

Also, bring a lighter, instant flamethrower for self defense.

2017-11-04 07:19:27 UTC  

@Teddybroski Hey man, happy you're back and safe. Let us know about your activism and we can promote it.

@Norman "America: Conquered Not Stolen"

@Smiter-IL Great work. Awesome. Keep an eye out for upset and reactions. Will post pics when @Josh OH can edit the 3-4 poster pics he likes most.

2017-11-04 19:15:10 UTC  

@NDO Eric - TX we're up front number 18

2017-11-05 06:11:35 UTC

2017-11-05 14:38:30 UTC  


2017-11-05 23:52:19 UTC  
2017-11-05 23:53:36 UTC  

I'll try to make it but I may be helping Florida with some activism. I'll let you know though brother.

2017-11-06 00:08:33 UTC  

Gotcha, thank you.

2017-11-06 00:09:10 UTC  

I'll be on my commute from work. So ill listen in but I travel back forest roads so cant promise anything.

2017-11-06 01:16:43 UTC  

I’ll be on. Went to throw up some posters at a community college just now but was almost immediately chased out by campus police

2017-11-06 01:17:09 UTC  

Gonna give it another shot later this week

2017-11-06 01:51:23 UTC  

Ashrob, how did they spot you? Were you just being pretty brazen, or were they patrolling quite actively?

2017-11-06 01:55:54 UTC  
2017-11-06 01:58:46 UTC  

I was just driving around. Parked for a second near some cameras. I didn’t see anyone patrolling until I realized they were behind me. They didn’t put on their lights or anything, but they pretty much followed me to the exit. I thought about going back but the place was so deserted I thought that would be really suspicious

2017-11-06 01:59:03 UTC  

Ahh ok.

2017-11-06 01:59:19 UTC  

Might be best to park offset and walk in. Good luck next time brother.

2017-11-06 02:02:28 UTC  

Thanks man. I’ll give that a shot next time. Looks like it probably won’t be too hard if there are at least a few other people around.

2017-11-07 23:33:15 UTC  

Rip chat

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2017-11-08 00:36:40 UTC  

Awesome @Smiter-IL

2017-11-08 00:36:46 UTC

2017-11-08 00:36:50 UTC  

Great photos @Smiter-IL

2017-11-08 00:37:01 UTC

2017-11-08 00:37:09 UTC  

You gotta get the materials together for a banner and do that next. Will get some media attention.

2017-11-08 00:37:10 UTC

2017-11-08 00:37:52 UTC  

City kinda looks pretty in those pics.

2017-11-08 00:38:50 UTC  

Yes i am planning a banner drop soon. I would like to flyer a couple more times, and really get a bunch out there, and then do a drop.
Dont get me wrong, Chicago is beautiful. It was built by us, for us. Sadly, it is occupied by the enemy now.

2017-11-08 00:39:36 UTC  

Its pretty cold up here. I was thinking, im going to have to get a Patriot Front worthy winter coat.

2017-11-08 01:05:31 UTC  

I'm not finding any tweets on your flyers

2017-11-08 01:05:39 UTC  

Looks great though

2017-11-08 01:06:28 UTC  

Are there any other names for these areas?

2017-11-08 01:19:50 UTC  

No, I mean Michigan Avenue is where most of these were.