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^^ thats a very large plus

Imo id say its around a 75-25% chance of it being real but I havent looked into it in depth DS mentioned in one article I read yesterday that (((they))) promote people who they can blackmail and have control over them as a last resort of someone goes rouge

Yeah I wouldnt be supprised if it was proven to be false but also wouldnt be supprised if it was true. I have not been lucky enough to be around for that long xD so yeah probably then.

Never heard of that.

There is alot of similarites on the surface

Think it started with hillarys email leaks and refering to spending an exorbinant amount of money on "pizza"

Past that I dont know xD

And its "sources" or lack of im assuming

Libel and slander laws?


Can you mail money directly to somewhere for the flags?

okay thanks.


I dont think so

Thomas can I reserve a polo and a armband? Then send you a money order for an amount over the cost of the polo and you donate the rest to the suidlanders charity event?

Also is there an address I can send the money order to?

Okay thank thomas 😃 @Thomas Ryan

I had no idea a Polo came with buisness cards was an amazing suprise 😄

Is it on the 12th or the 14th?

Theyre all savages though

^ Or just "disappear"

are they just chimping out and killing people on the farm?

assuming the people there cant defend themselves and likely dont have guns?

@Thomas Ryan Any donations that you get to VA are forwarded to Suidlanders correct?

Im licensed to commercially fly said drones (I dont have one lol D:)

@Kevin FL You need a license if youre being compensated in anyway for it and theres some more specific regs on where you can fly privately that if we ever record anything from one in public most of those things should be looked into as its a very good chance if we miss something someone will find it and then its a smallish fine or worse.

which livestream?

I think some VA guys are infront of the guy from baked alaskas stream (its not him)

Ah yeah theres a clump of VA guys infront of this guy not sure if its all of them or what

Azzmador was with them

but his stream ripped once he got in a van


Baked alaska is just walking atm so I agree with nathan

baked alaska stream guy*

So did paul ryan apperently

Theres a helicopter I think on the RT one

police line on RT

baked alaska is about to end his stream, getting close to him leaving somehow

"They want us to shut it off but I dont roll like that"

spencer tweeted a rant

apperently he got maced by militarized police

which stream?


has a stream I think

on his twitter

Think they got there and now there just not staying still

richard is just following a very large police line

the police line looks like it means buisness


I think they arrested spencer and he live streamed it

"unlawfully assembling"

he was infront of a police line and they said "disperse or we will arrest you"

The guys over in the alt right discord

think that the person driving it was black

the black woman hit some people, but it might've been because her car was hit from behind


the black woman hit some people, but it might've been because her car was hit from behind


that didnt copy

Anyway to just run the two pictures

through a program thatll determine if its the same person?



As of this saturday ill be ~8 hours away for the forseeable future

Anyone know if DS is up anywhere?

Alright thanks. The shutting down is just the last struggle

Is there any reason being put forth other than "EVIL NAZIS" for them shutting down DS continuously?

.ru was working

then it died and is it just me or is TRS down too

can someone put me into the FL or GA chat again? as I was in there but probably got booted for inactivity

Oh yeah forgot that was today, and yeah Im here. Okay that would make more sense as the link I was given thinks theres a channel but it wont let me load messages.

Alright can you keep me updated? or is there a stream that you know of I can watch?


Ohh that makes sense



Are there any black and white posters?

Where could I find posters?

Where can I get my hands on that practical activism guide? and instead of hitting a college is a public area acceptable for postering?

Okay I am just rather nervious being alone for it I dont want to go into a "more diverse" part of town and get jumped by some ferral negros.

I was planning on driving

Alright so is parking a good distance away a bad idea to avoid/know if anyone is following me?

Okay I should be able to pull that off is the best way to afix them with tape?

Okay scotch or duct tape?


rained for the first time here in like a month

Cant say it out loud

as my roommate is here

Im going to scout it out thursday and then go either friday night or morning and downtown

I have a printer

gotta go Ill keep you guys informed

Just printed out posters for a postering saturday morning

Is about 3:30-4:00 a good time to poster?

Alright thanks planning on using light posts and large selfstanding atms as places also

Report: The place I was going to poster the central area was conned off and there were multiple security cars in the central area so I had to go for plan d and hit a lightpost, If someone is bored today could they please monitor the Macon GA area for any activity (I will post a picture after I go to a few hour long meeting, why I cant watch online for any activity). If anyone does Thanks in advance 😃

Poster was a money does not rule you.

I did just do one I had planned on more but the area was blocked off and there was a security car with its lights on where I wanted to put the other ones

Was a shopping plaza

I was floored when they had cones blocking things off and security there

I did its on my phone though Ill post it later going to go do calc hw with a friend right now

This is the picture I got its a drive by so not really detailed but its there

Yeah that seems like a way better idea

Guys I need to vent a little to someone that understands sorry, So my "friend" (almost in past tense). He is half russian half (((tribal))) and a while ago he got drunk and there was this female who was not (((tribal))) that was very handsy and drunk. The (((Tribal))) one was enjoying it a little to much (Yeah totally out of the blue for everyone except fucking me, BECAUSE HES A FUCKING KIKE). There were a few people that wanted to fight him for that (was intervened and stopped before it escilated). This time He is using one of my friends as a pawn (lets call him joe) joe has this idea of taking around 12 people to go to a cabin in the woods and get totally drunk for a weekend. The ((((tribal))) one influenced joe to make it arounbd 4 guys and 8 girls, I happened to be hearing this conversation and it was very clear to me that the (((tribal))) one wanted nothing other than the chance to have sex with one of the 8 females (Who will also be totally drunk pretty much the entire time). No one is planning on staying sober to prevent any (((impulses))). They also do not know most of the females well at all.

Oh yes I forgot the (((tribal one))) has "found" me listening to the daily shoah once and I maintained plausible deniability however, I feel I can hold my ground if he tries to pull that over.

Yeah... Im currently undergoing the phase that the outer layer hes been "hidding behind" that let me tollerate him is pelling off. Thanks 😃

@Smiter-IL I cant spend the night but I think thats a good idea I was toying with it

Yeah that too Im going to try to do that asap

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