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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I just wanted to let everyone know that even though I did have a semi negative experience that isn’t going to stop me from spreading the word.

It was a learning experience in every aspect. Now I know to be a bit more tactical when it comes to my outreach within the community.

@Skynet in the area I was postering a few months ago a few Ika”international knights of America” or KKK was there handing out literature causing a bit of a stir within the town. The cops were on edge from that point on. They did take my name and Info all while I was disarmed and cuffed.

Different chapters go by different names to fit their agenda

One was Hispanic one was white.

Every town within a 50 mile radius’s is a factory town the majority people make their living working in the factories hear that being said there is a large illegal immigrant population here that work in the factories as well

Lol no cop cars just planters and poles

What’s the current relationship between vanguard and PF ?

Where can I buy/make one of these banners ?

Anyone in FL know what’s going on with the Richard spencer speech ?

I have a old gf i follow on Twitter who is a self proclaimed “SJW”. She’s attempting to organize a protest the day of the event.

Chances are the police with be there to make sure there is no antifa activity

Those cops in cville pumped the breaks last min allowing for chaos to happen though. FL governor will probably have the national guard on speed dial

Starting to lay down plans with a few of my buds that I hope will take the step into joining the movement. I plan to hit Danville IL with postering. Danville’s demographics are in the minority’s favor. That being said I know the white community there is fed up with the plague of crime and drugs the minority’s have brought in. Im thinking about printing out about a dozen copies of the manifesto to hand out to people that I think have potential.

@Thomas Ryan why is the website down ?

10-4 that worked

Will anyone going to the spencer event do some live broadcast via periscope?

Okay guys I have been gone due to family and medical issues but I’m back in the fight !!

All is well and that what isn’t is on the mend. I have heard nothing but crap about things kicking off tomorrow

Antifas nov 4 purge nonsense

My wife has been nagging me to get rid of the massive amounts of 223. I have laying around lol

I just can’t picture antifa being dumb enough to start even a small scale protest where there is any real opposing force. I feel that if anything is done by the left it will be done with the safety of police and cameras

@Goodest_Boy thanks but no thanks it will just give me a excuse to buy a 50 round drum

Anyone here who is interested in rifles they need to research 80% lowers and how easy it is to build your dream rifle from scratch

@Goodest_Boy with super cold weather approaching IN i am going to be chucking brass next decently warm day I have

Alrighty guys I’m off for the night. I just wanted to check in and touch base with a few of the brothers.

28 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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