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Hello everyone

Ill be heading to bed soon be back on tomorrow glad to be among you all Hail Victory

@Thomas Ryan got the rest of the pics sent to you

morning everyone

how ya doin this morning

yeah its pretty chilly here this morning but its been a super hot summer so im kinda enjoying right now haha

its prob mid 40s here

I would like 70 all year round that would be perfect to me

looks good

they are in fear of it look at all the energy they are putting into stopping our rise

they know the old right is done

nice im gona do some more this weekend as well

spot on

this is why activism is important no one can tell us who we are or do they wish to be honest it must come from our mouths

this is true

people that think little boys in makeup before puberty are ok to fuck

morning all

haha yes

bach bazi

or however its spelled

u a vet

I was with 3-71 cav


i was wondering if we have any anti drug flyers i feel this would be very effective in my area

anybody here like paddy Tarleton or folkish music in general

hell yeah same here u play any instruments

banjo and drums

the ballad of Charlottesville? that's the newest i heard and yeah its awesome

have u heard mr bond he usually does rap parodies but he has a song called good ol nationalist which is really good

whered you go and good ol nationalist is really good by him

im not big on rap lol but mr liqz is good the stromer even had a article on him and he was a guest on the shoah

is anyone else having issues with gab right now?

love johnny rebel we use to sing his songs on the school bus loud as fuck haha

yes sir

so just saw the nigger that shot up the church had a note about Dylan roof and it being revenge in his car but hmmmm no major news stories

u not hear about that

i agree its so bad here in Appalachia

exactly get them clean get them in and give them a community

imagine the impact that will have on parents of teenage whites if we did that

will do

i agree

there was an idea i made real quick didn't mean to add in the s

those are way better

i like the 3rd one with the guy od that's a strong one

yeah i think one of your pics and my typed message would look good

come home white man your family is (calling) or (waiting)

which ever sounds better

yeah i thought that would be good to get the attention

im so glad your clean your now

that's great to hear brother

even if it doesn't help an addict at all it will show we are against it and gain us support from others against it which will bring people in which does lead to beating the biggest threat

at best it helps sober our people at worst its favorable optics its a win win

oh wow that's close to me lol and yes im putting a lot of my free time into fly posting i really think we can make Appalachia a strong hold

its prob an hour and a half from my place to Buckhannon


im extremely in favor of PF leadership putting out a anti drug flyer and hope to see one soon


i agree it was put together amazingly

ive never seen it when did u start usin it

ill have to give it a try

is anyone having trouble with gab today

it gets in your feels

the old jacked would make you piss hot

c4 never made me piss hot that's what i used all thru the army as well

have yall heard Nazi by the rapper mr liqz

yeah the music scene aspect is starting to boom

rap, metal, folk

its the only way

to the guys in Austin im not sure how caught up you are on this it could be old news to yall but refuse fascism has Austin listed as a nov 4 city

i figured as much, im wondering if they will keep with it like they are saying

i think itll be a flop

they could maybe get a occupy type event to happen for awhile but they are not gona be able to just start rioting and continue to riot

lol nike is about to take a big loss

nov 4th free air jordans day

wez stole dez jo'dans cause trump gots to go

antifa is suppose to start the "revolution" nov 4th lol

they said they are planning to start protests/civil unrest and continue it

i hope they go batshit crazy

they just keep pushing the window more rightward

nov 4th gibs me dat day should be the meme pushed lmao

Nazi hunter hahah they will look so cool and tough at the take it in the ass workshop

gab isn't working for me i cant sign in

i keep getting 500.

im sorry to hear that

morning all

hey sorry im still only able to get online while at school we move into out new house today so after all that's paid for ill be getting a new phone

but its going good did some more fliers this week trying to find out if any antifa events are happening close so I can get some stuff up the morning of the 4th

just sitting at school listening to the new shoah waiting for class to start

how has everyones week been

@Thomas Ryan ill have some pics for you this weekend

hey how is everyone sorry ive been gone been busy moving into new house and getting ready for finals saw the news about the demo great work guys!

@Thomas Ryan speech was great

should be moved into new house by Monday then will have my internet connected by end of week

@Thomas Ryan hey sorry I just was able to get online to see this I look forward to this my internet will be on in two weeks at my new house switched to frontier so I had to set an appointment

I can use phone till my internet is turned on to attend the meeting

@Thomas Ryan no problem I hate that I haven't had regular access

I'll be here

So anyone thought about hitting some department stores the night before Black Friday or just this week in general since this is the big shopping week

That's my plan this week

I think it would be a great place to poster for some media attention

So next Saturday correct

Ok sounds good

I will be doing some fly posting this week so will have new pics

The area I moved to will prob be way more sympathetic to the group so looking to post weekly

Got some more coming tomorrow

I'll be there

I think this is a good idea

welcome roma

opsec is important

and we just cant feel like its personal

hopefully one day we will all be able to attend a event together

the best part of UTR in my opinion was us getting to meet so many friends for the first time

hopefully summer time we can get more rallies in better chosen states

well I mean we are seen as a real physical threat now for one

i think it also made both sides more fanatical and dedicated also

personally i think it made me realize what was under attack even more so and how real this threat is

i think the flash mobs are the right way forward

we can do more of them quicker and less risk for arrest

we can kinda control the narrative with flash mobs

its a deff win win situation

i think the flash mobs have been a big part of the idenitarian success of groups overseas

success of idenitrain

did yall see the article in a texas state student newspaper calling whites an abomination and all that shit

I figured yall had but just wanted to make sure

Yeah requesting in sure if it had been a white guy writing about kikes or niggers there would be no requesting to step down he would be immediately expelled

Without whites footing the bill and working for their gibs the liberation they speak of will be reverting to tribal life living in their own shit

Anyone up

Y'all know about Kessler trying to get a permit for a utr anniversary event

Will be there @Thomas Ryan what you think about just leaving some flyers in the VA hospital tomorrow got an appointment was thinking bout just leaving some around magazine stacks

Stopped by krogers and threw some flyers up quickly

Had workers coming so couldn't get tape on the bottom of the last one

I know they arnt social media good but just wanted pics

Had them in the car and had to stop so figured might as well get some up

I wanted to go and get a bunch up before finals but fiancé had to keep the car

I haven't hit the same spot twice yet I've been trying to just scatter them around the greater city area

Also give the appearance of a greater presence since I've done a 50 mile radius

Meeting isn't till another hour correct

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