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What I said was more so a warning for others not what you said originally.

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@MadDimension make sure to ask NBC How Ben Rhodes got his job at such a young age?

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And ask about his brother David, you know their boss. Same question?

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lol they need a new graphics guy

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@MadDimension @ the Boston rally sam Hyde trolled the media saying he was an oath cuck in an interview but it didn't air because he was way too obvious but I was literally pissing my pants

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@MadDimension Simply ask "what kind of people require legislation to help combat hatred toward themselves? A people that have been exiled from 359 regions, municipalities and countries, which, by the way, is about twice the number of countries extant today. Was there something wrong with 359 different communities or just the one that kept getting thrown off of all those peoples' land across a great swath of space and time, thousands of years?"

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@everyone Thank you all for your feedback on the NBC ADL piece. Here is the statement I ended up giving them:

I’m thrilled to be included in the ADL’s hot list of top movers and shakers in the conservative and right-wing movement.

I’m happy to be the enemy of the ADL, an organization which was founded to support child rapist and child murderer Leo Frank simply because he was Jewish.

And finally I think it’s very hypocritical for the ADL to devote their lives to attacking uppity whites when they support the ethnostate of Israel which denies citizenship to non-Jews

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dude awesome

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short and quick.

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Special thanks to @wyatt for pointing out the ADL/Leo Frank connection

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Great job

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Well said

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Hail victory

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At least they used good photos this time.

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@MadDimension Pro-Tip: When talking to Jewish Media about Jews always attack. Always.

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Well done

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Thanks for naming the jew, good stuff.

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"That's a quote."

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Anybody from Louisiana on here?

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Not anymore.

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We purity spiraled and ethnically cleansed all of them.

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Fuck those swamp niggers. It was like anudda Katrina.

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I used to live in Metairie, LA, right outside of New Orleans. AKA the white part of New Orleans that Katrina didn't harm much hehe. "Ooga booga, we wuz Katrina victums n sheeeeit!"

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The III%er rally is scheduled for Darden Towe Park and called the "1Team1Fight Unity" rally. However, it looks like it could be totally off now. The woman putting it on goes by Chevy Love. It was originally scheduled for August 12th in Greenville, SC. She moved it to Charlottesville to capitalize on the publicity and threw up a GoFundMe asking for $10,000 for expenses. She looks a little bit like Laura Southern. However, she sounds like a hoodrat when she talks. Some sort of long triangle was exposed online. Leaders were disavowed. Scandalous "sexting" was posted online. Chevy Love appears to have deleted her Facebook account. Chevy Love's GoFundMe page for the rally is still up:

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Would it be worthwhile to reach out to those who were planning to attend 1Team1Fight who might be sympathetic to our cause?

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@Sallie I'm from Louisiana

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Surely some non-zero portion of that group would be on-board.

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@AshBrighton - AL Sure, I guess some cucks might want to come hang out and not counter signal. Reach out to them and see what happens

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In any of these groups there is bound to be a contingent who aren't aware of our movement and would be sympathetic

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So reach out to them. Nothing ventured nothing gained

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Right. I will. Just thinking out loud.