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Original channel was Shoah'd. Building the new one up.

@Erika I can take care of booking. See what you can find for us.

@Erika Alright, we can get a 15 person passenger van from Enterprise for $625 for 4 days (Thursday the 10th—Monday the 14th). Even if we only have 10 people on board, the cost per rider would be around $75 if you include gas, insurance for multiple drivers, and taxes.

All you have to do is drop it off with a full tank.

It comes out to $130/day

Yeah, I agree.

10 people with 3/4 insured drivers.

When you have insurance, you can do whatever you want

Looks great

@Erika warms my bowl

Which days are we thinking about being gone? I'm a wage Cuck and have to ask off sooner than later @TheFash @WhiteTrash

And yes @Athena Marie , we might even have two hate buses .

Sounds good. I'll let Guy Fieri know. So August 11-13th then?

Dear God, these people are pathetic.

Only White people carrying BLM signs

They really aren't. They're just based anti-White niggers who slightly understand the JQ

A few of the organizers on that page

This is what we're up against.
Nazis, watch out. . .

Well said

Tactical BowlCut 2017-07-29 07:13:55 [Anticom #general]

The Bowl is strong in here.

We will keep on winning

This is fucking ridiculous

Hail victory

The Gators are 15 minutes away. Need specifics on parking.


Should we bring our helmets, or unnecessary?

Hey, the Gators are still missing a brother by the name of Zach Vandal. Was peppered sprayed badly and we can't locate him.

Not him. We've spoken to police. Just heard he Was released from the emergency center 20 minutes ago. Looking for him still on campus

Were you even there?

He's been located. Back to the bunker to celebrate.

See y'all tomorrow

Any idea who he was? Which group he was with?

@Skrrt yeah. Antifa drove around our motel writing down license plates.

Did they attack Kessler?

Police did nothing, I assume

Holy shit

Tactical BowlCut 2017-08-28 23:50:38 [Anticom #general]

When I read pidgin on BBC

@Eli Mosley coming to FL next month?

@Eli Mosley see you there, Bowl.

If you need a spot to crash, let a Bowl know.

He's been bowled

Bowl Allsup

Was bowled in a Cville motel room. Vic can confirm.

LOL! Sacco called in on some cuck's show and rest him.

>not being a BowlCutist



Did you know? Charleston is known as the Holy City.


If you want to build a blazing fire. You'll need an accelerant.

Lol niggerstink as Eliot Rogers

@Belligerent Ship look at the moon. It's a waxing gibbous bowl moon tonight

Khazar Milkers

Post the digits

When your Bowl is activated

Night, bowl.

"You Jew muddafucka, you!"

They hate our obesity

The lowest point was when Spencer told her that if she and others kept up their fight to rid the state of Confederate monuments, “I cant guarantee you won’t be met with torches but something a lot more definitive.” Later, removing any doubt, he said the people who want the statues gone “will go missing in the Okefenokee,” referring to a swamp and national wildlife refuge near his home town. “To many necks they are red around here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

He'll yeah bowlthers

Sup Lauritz

Does anyone know when his preliminary hearing is?

I think it's in oct

Sounds about right.

Who you be, my bowl?

Nah, I deactivated after Cville. Might come back soon. @Adrien Arcand

My bowl 20 years ago.

@Adrien Arcand somewhere online. I can't remember.



Bowl Moon Rising

Sandy 2.0

I hear it too @FascistFather

He's right

You see her in a video before the crash sitting in the van. Notice how every picture of the accident the van is empty.

then you see her fat ass laying on the hood of that van

She was just sitting there, way before antifa marched down the street

He is jewish

(((Fischer))) right?

Get in the chat, nigger

Blacks vs Blacks on tv drinking $10 beers
Who wins?

SF needs another 1906

Without blacks and white women, everyone in Houston would have died

Who has more T?

Dat nigga hung


This was degenerate in the 50's

The sun hates Michael

Trudeau's wife looks more manly than him.

She bad.

"Without a doubt, Michael is the first First Gentleman in history, aside her gay, transhumance girlfriend nigger-bot

The video of him visiting Kenya

Michael was a top


Where r u

Day of the Bowl when?

How did Baked Alaska regress into such a fag? What did they spray him with?

Seriously, the first time he gets a mild injury he cucks out

Lol progressterone

Sorry to disappoint you faggot, but you're not welcome.

Toke's gets the oven too.


@WhiteTrash be Kike af

Richard getting Bowled before he comes down to the swamp.

I guess UF has been postponed

Gators offering to take him out to dinner in Sanford.



I'm out, Bowl. Real hurricane hours.

Every time

Night, Bowl.

The Bowl is the anti-virus

Hurricane Dylann is coming straight towards me.

Lol good

@WhiteTrash you think we're getting hit?

If it turns into a 5, I might head north


I hope it wipes Haiti off the map then


I'm right on the Atlantic in FL

Anything south of Orlando is Cuba.

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