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That's sharp Yankee!

We marched last time with no permits in 2 rows down the sidewalk with runners in safety vests stopping traffic long enough for us to cross.

@Hand Banana you were in Charlottesville 1?

That was beautiful!

What Wintrich and Cernovich and the others accused Spencer of is good enough reason to behead them. It shows they are out of ammo and this was their last attempt to dethrone us. They must be dragged to the death while they are faltering.

Solution : invite Hotep, have them burn it.

His *BEST* skit

Hahaa the best

She protested NPI last year and confronted Spencer and Youcis outside a restaurant

She and her gay friends had a "dance-off" as protest

This is her

@MadDimension ^^^ her at NPI last November

Jason has given comprehensive and well delivered interviews multiple times, he *is* the media and understands them.

I think they will write what they want and edit how they want but I still say Jason is highly qualified and we aren't hiding anyway, we are *normal*

@Athena Marie haha agreed!

What was done to Megyn was brilliant. 😄

@MadDimension will do👌

With a huge platform

Hi could i get an invite for Elder Grim from The Alexandria Project?

<@&321389548984729600> ^^^


Paul Joseph Watson accepted a debate about the facts of the "so-called Holocaust"from Millenial Matt.

<@301398207781666816> Amen sister!! The best morning in a long time!

It's a good interview and im glad Jesse Peterson had him on

@ElderGrim yea it just disappeared

@MadDimension lord i hope so

Newsmax just said that "the heat" caused their feed to go out during Spencer's interview...

He didn't even believe it when he was saying it...he was trying his best to sell it. He even said "not exactly like sunspots"...wut?

Cornel West famously said
"Tenderness is what love looks like in private.
Justice is what it looks like in public"
I feel like we could co opt these words for us.

@Illegal Aryan hey! I have my own room, she can stay with me. ☝

@Valkyrie_Sister on Twitter

@Fabulous Gordon that Instagram account is following and being followed by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. (Supermodels with a big modelling/photography business in [REDACTED].) Probably family.

@OrwellHuxley i like that idea. Running the gauntlet and waiting for several hours only to be kicked out and setup by police and ending up in a Twitter moment for 24 hrs from the night rally, would really make it all worth while imho...(although i think it was worth while anyway)

@D'Marcus Liebowitz thank you for posting the NYC guide. I'll be going once a month and I wanted a *real* guide.

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