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I'll coming from North Alabama I59 -> I24 -> I75 -> I81. Can do a changeover in SE TN as I have family there. I'd like to either join a pool or take some people. I'll have a clean, reliable sedan that can comfortably seat four. I intend to arrive in Charlottesville late Friday and leave Saturday afternoon after the conclusion of the main events (could also do Sunday)

I've been face-to-face with Nashville Antifa. They're pretty pathetic.

I have photos/video of them up close and in action. LMK if they would be useful.

Sure, will continue discussion in DM

I make homemade torches with lengths of aluminum tubing. Does anyone know if it would be illegal to carry those in the rally and/or if it's legal to wield it in self-defense?

One month everybody. Get excited! HAIL VICTORY!!!

"Get the AltRight package, with your edgy favorites like RebelMedia and Gateway Pundit!"

Well that's why our happy asses are marching. Once we get power we won't have to speculate about who's doing what πŸ˜ƒ

And you definitely don't want them to feel like they're owed something


I am conflicted

oh wait n/m

The lyrics are pretty based

Someone on the TRS forums is claiming that Wes Bellamy is calling for the police to stand down at the event:

I'm still looking for the facebook link

tagging @Caerulus_Rex since he has direct contact with the city police

Legal Aid requested six specific actions. The two which strike me as most relevant to the event are:

2) Pass a resolution calling on law enforcement to plan for de-escalation of tension and the least aggressive means for maintaining safety at the August 12th β€œUnite the Right” rally. Flowing from this resolution should be a clearly articulated plan for August 12th that protects the rights of counter-demonstrators and provides detailed de-escalation procedures for law enforcement.

5) Set conditions on the use of private security personnel by any individuals or groups seeking permits to use public facilities that ensure that the role of such personnel is carefully delineated and the scope of their authority is understood by them and by CPD and carefully and effectively communicated to the public.

>tfw 6 trillion isn't an exaggeration for once

That's before you factor in opportunity cost

I am licensed for concealed carry and have firearms training. I will *not* be bringing a firearm to the event.

If we didn't have highly-coordinated security I would bring a firearm to the event. But I'm placing my trust in our team.

I think you should carry if it makes you feel safe.

It's not my decision whatsoever what anyone else does πŸ˜ƒ

just giving my two cents

Great reply. PBs are a harvesting ground.

@WISIS I think I know the one in the middle wearing olive...

@WhiteTrash reason 1) constant content

2) It's the only news outlet besides Jew-centric ones to tell the truth

3) The quality of the content is outstanding. There's genuinely insightful stuff amongst all the triggers and lolz

@WhiteTrash I've had some off and on. All but one has tried to extract money from me somehow.

That's usually the end of the relationship

@FashyPolack "They're gonna build them ovens!"

"Mmmmm hmmmm"

"They're gonna fly those there helicopters way up high and drop em out!"

"Thas Rite!"

Current forecast models around the time of the event are showing lower chance of precipitation and at-or-below-normal temps

>implying NOAA is accurate period

Only if the union janitor is working that day and cleans it

@Spaceman (DSB) way too early to know if it's going to rain or not but the current models are showing below-normal precipitation for the period around the event

Would it be worthwhile to reach out to those who were planning to attend 1Team1Fight who might be sympathetic to our cause?

Surely some non-zero portion of that group would be on-board.

In any of these groups there is bound to be a contingent who aren't aware of our movement and would be sympathetic

Right. I will. Just thinking out loud.

Arbeit Macht Annoyed

"How many genders will I find myself surrounded by?"

Maximum concern trolling

Right below that it says "explore America's history of racial injustice"

>ending slavery

>affirmative action

>trillions of dollars burned on trying to move blacks ahead of everyone else

yeah okay

The EJI is bad news

they're getting massive amounts of jewbucks

worse if you factor in the Pope

I heard Azzmador was a Jew.

I'm trying to derail the drama by taking it to a ridiculous extreme.

We're all so pumped up and ready that we sperg out on each other while we're waiting for the actual event.

Hopefully they'll find a way to work Azzmador in.

Perhaps he could be an alternate.

Is he still going to show up?

Check out this blatant, shameless anti-White garbage that was on NPR today:

@Gray Dude you're merciless with these people. I love it.

Are you guys trolling Tindr or JSwipe?

Got two seats available. I'm starting from Cleveland, TN.

Interesting tweet storm by an apparent turncoat Jew with ~34K followers:

@here watch the stream

it got real in there

Fucking niggers put hands on the people trying to get in the event. Now the cops are blocking Whites from getting in the event. Unbelievable

now it's a chimpout outside with Mexicans

rohowa when, dammit

bunch of giant apes just came to start shit

Isn't there an AirBnB alternative out there?

we will make them understand

for those of you who've talked to people that changed their mind about going--what was the reason they gave? I'm curious.

My only concern is that the law will come down on us in the event we legitimately protect ourselves

Definitely not going to antagonize the popo in any way.

Can't imagine any of us doing that.

I don't recognize the pattern.

If anyone's feeling shaky or discouraged after reading about the hordes of people coming to protest us, AirBnB's bullshit, businesses flaking out on us, and the problems with the permit, remember: it's never easy being the tip of the spear. We are the start of something really big, and our courage will always be remembered when we win. We have *the best* people coming from all over the country for this. Don't despair, don't even worry. We are built to fight and persevere. Prepare and come ready to win big. Hail victory.

@everyone Every good thing you heard about the march was true. Absolutely incredible. We're here fam.

@are you serious?!

@antifa is in the park

@Tiwaz#1862 my brother is a police officer. I just told him "I'm glad two of you died. Enjoy your retirement."

Today I learned that pepper spray doesn't break down in the digestive system. 😫

@andrewanglin what are the chances you can get back the .com in the future?


@Chef Goyardee Did insurance cover it? Perhaps the deductible was too high...

infostormer got hit

is a good hosting/DNS provider for our efforts going forward?

Is anyone actually going to the event in Boston this weekend?

so what's the straight dope on the UtR account? Do we know it's a hack?

Kessler seemed to have his head on straight earlier today.

There's no excuse for tweeting out total retardation though. I'm suspecting sabotage at this point.


I agree

scroll up a ways

n/m it's gone

Yeah it totally happened

it said "Kill All Niggers"

Kessler needs to take a six-month vacation to some small Asian country

let us sort out this mess

I've never seen Mayweather turtle up like this. I'm wondering if he's just playing possum

That was James Toney's tactic in his later years

Conor is using his reach very effectively

This open stance that Conor is using is surprising. He's very relaxed

I don't normally watch MMA. Is McGregor normally this relaxed in MMA?

Mayweather is adjusting to the reach advantage.

@Gray who do you give round 4?

Very strange fight

In a good way. It's quite compelling.

Mayweather is very frustrated. I've never seen him like this.

LMAO push after the bell

he's shook

Never seen him this uncomposed


Mayweather can adjust midflight very well

I think Victor Ortiz would have beat himj though


McGregor had him turned around and turtling


You can tell McGregor just wanted to do a takedown at that point. Must be tough not to revert to training

McGregor taunting him

hands behind back πŸ˜„

wow what a finish to the round

round 6 CMcG

I have 5-1 CMcG

it's crazy

He's using his reach advantage


I've never seen him not be in control of a ring

announcer scorecard is garbage

Mayweather is doing much better this round

Oh crap better gas up the time machine

Gray's is up

Yeah, Mayweather has found his stride unfortunately

we'll see

this is pretty surreal though. Mayweather is legit all-time top 10 and McGregor is giving him one of his toughest fights

not much of a precedent for this in sports overall

yeah, the later rounds of a boxing match are hell

McGregor is gassed. Yikes

not in a good spot


he survived the round

he wasn't ready for the full twelve

ref called it

very good effort by CMcG

yeah his legs gave out in round 8 it looked like

he lost his form in round 6 though. Boxing is a different kind of cardio.

put Mayweather in the octagon. Then you'll see the other side of the coin

it wouldn't go more than thirty seconds

Anyone got any good chimpout/looting links?

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