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2017-06-26 23:44:35 UTC  

I'm tempted to burn one of the flags at the rally

2017-06-26 23:44:45 UTC  

Do it!

2017-06-26 23:46:14 UTC  

Maybe sharpie a few anti-sodomy bible verses on the flags and leave them up

2017-06-26 23:53:45 UTC  

@MadDimension We should absolutely arrange a big ol' flag/book burning after the rally

2017-06-26 23:55:08 UTC  

@HipToTheJQ This will be for the NatSoc after party

2017-06-27 00:04:51 UTC  


2017-06-27 00:31:22 UTC  

Book burning is a given at the after party.

2017-06-27 00:32:15 UTC  

It’s not Saturday if I’m not burning books tbh

2017-06-27 00:33:07 UTC  

I'm bringing a copy of siege, atlas shrugged, and some random erotic shit from the thrift store in case there are multiple book burnings over the weekend

2017-06-27 00:36:55 UTC  

Is dj khaled going to be there

2017-06-27 00:39:38 UTC  

The guy who looks like the trainer for grooming gangs?

2017-06-27 00:40:03 UTC  


2017-06-27 01:03:44 UTC  

Why siege?

2017-06-27 01:24:06 UTC  

I'll take it off your hands

2017-06-27 01:25:45 UTC  

Burn siege, we burn you

2017-06-27 01:27:36 UTC  

Should I bring a Nazi flag???

2017-06-27 01:27:46 UTC  

Thats not even a question

2017-06-27 01:27:49 UTC  


2017-06-27 01:27:49 UTC  

Bring 3

2017-06-27 01:28:36 UTC  

Bring *88*

2017-06-27 01:35:53 UTC  

We will be minus one participant if someone attempts to burn Siege.

2017-06-27 01:53:51 UTC  

@Goldstein Riots nice find. That's the first one I had seen. Don't know if I want to read the replies.....

2017-06-27 01:54:53 UTC  

Nevermind- I looked and I loved them πŸ˜‚

2017-06-27 02:15:34 UTC  

88 isn't enough. 1,488 would be perfect. @HipToTheJQ

2017-06-27 02:33:58 UTC  

Wow, you're original

2017-06-27 02:47:56 UTC  

Fixed it

2017-06-27 02:53:20 UTC  


2017-06-27 02:56:44 UTC  


2017-06-27 03:01:24 UTC  

Since she's always out with us for dinner and what not with Jason, we had already dubbed her the 'littlest nazi'

2017-06-27 03:03:14 UTC  


2017-06-27 03:03:47 UTC  

Leave it up to the media to think something as beautiful as a white mother and child is "heartbreaking"

2017-06-27 03:20:30 UTC  

@ManWithTheHand showed some friends your pic and got this one back hahaha

2017-06-27 03:20:35 UTC

2017-06-27 03:32:20 UTC  

Hitler youth, eh?

2017-06-27 03:34:19 UTC  


2017-06-27 03:41:25 UTC  


2017-06-27 06:55:31 UTC

2017-06-27 06:55:46 UTC  

this will never not be funny to me

2017-06-27 07:04:19 UTC  

Read siege, burn your house down, move to Belize

2017-06-27 16:08:07 UTC  

Weren't you just advocating to burn siege πŸ€”

2017-06-27 16:11:47 UTC  

This may sound odd.. But my CDL class group is a mixed bag of white, black, mexican. I never really innitiate much but as their conversations turn political and religious, Im always dropping NS red pills lol theres 2 ex-military.. One white guy one black guy. This gets interesting bc they all just sit and listen to me.