Message from Springbok in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #off-topic

2019-07-17 15:25:40 UTC  

Yeah that makes sense, those I saw were a M2 browning crew that I believe were indeed parabats

2019-07-29 06:44:58 UTC  

@everyone Are there any good 4k wallpapers of SANDF in operations. I know its a stretch but I just cant find any on google.

2019-07-29 16:02:31 UTC  

dont believe so

2019-07-29 19:37:00 UTC  


2019-08-02 05:48:26 UTC

2019-08-03 23:43:29 UTC  

@Kooijpolloi interesting they still have some nutria helmet covers in use

2019-08-11 12:30:14 UTC  

@Highly Suspect Are you looking for SANDF or SADF?

2019-08-11 12:53:59 UTC

2019-08-11 12:54:30 UTC

2019-08-11 12:54:31 UTC

2019-08-11 12:54:33 UTC

2019-08-11 12:54:35 UTC

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2019-08-12 16:45:28 UTC  

@everyone is there anyone of you that play insurgency sandstorm if you do i have setup up a server but it is not yet completely setup but if you want to join the servers name is WM Insurgency Sandstorm Server

2019-08-12 16:55:43 UTC  

Too poor

2019-08-12 16:55:47 UTC  

Sorry man

2019-08-12 17:10:34 UTC  


2019-08-18 23:32:06 UTC  

Please support my friend with his boer war game development. Like & Subscribe.

2019-08-18 23:32:38 UTC  

2019-08-31 02:54:51 UTC  

anyone here play World War Z

2019-08-31 09:00:01 UTC  

I do not

2019-08-31 09:26:34 UTC  

I used to but lost intrest

2019-08-31 10:39:30 UTC  

O okay yea i got it because its was on special now

2019-08-31 10:44:02 UTC  

Yeah its the same as what ww3 was where it died down but picked up again now and again

2019-08-31 10:47:03 UTC  

but looks fun its way better than WW3

2019-08-31 10:47:26 UTC  


2019-08-31 10:48:07 UTC  

WW3 have gotten better but i think the game will be a lot better after they redo the animation system

2019-08-31 10:49:16 UTC  

Haven't played since earlier in july

2019-08-31 10:57:51 UTC  

do you play The Division 2

2019-08-31 11:21:46 UTC  

Played number one but did not really want to Play to number two looks to complex😂

2019-08-31 11:22:18 UTC  

its fun

2019-08-31 11:23:08 UTC  

Well ill see when i get back maybe ill get it then

2019-08-31 11:23:51 UTC  


2019-08-31 14:05:46 UTC  

@everyone hay anyone up for some modded maps gameplay on my server WM Squad South Africa - Modded Server, We are 3 players so far, Under Customs Server Browser

2019-08-31 14:46:00 UTC  

gan jy join Stevo

2019-08-31 14:46:22 UTC  

Hoping on to check it out in a bit

2019-08-31 14:52:58 UTC  

@warmaster2143 if you want to arrange mod events on squad, you could ask, Trama in RM, we just finished an event series few weeks back an no one if planning anything at the moment. maybe you could get some Rm guys to join your modded events then. just a thought.

2019-08-31 14:58:41 UTC  

yea could maybe i just want to see hoe many players my server can take so i only have it on 25 players at this moment

2019-08-31 15:16:37 UTC  

On my way